Funny (But True!) Things We Tell Our Moms


She said: Marc? He’s fine I guess. Whatever.












She said: Mrs. McCall TOTALLY has it out for me this semester! It’s like nothing I do will get me an A.











She said: But Daddy told me it was fine to use the car on Saturday–I asked him yesterday!












She said: Well I gotta go mom, I’m walking up to meet the girls!












She said: Um, my period is like, super random and irregular. Do you think going on birth control will help?











She said: Mommmyyyyyy…can I have some money? I know you just gave me some but I spent that $50 on a new graphing calculator!











She meant: I was going to buy a TI-84 but then I saw the sickestpair of neon skinnies and realized that I can always borrow Mandy’s calculator but I couldn’t live life without those pants!










What was the last half-truth you told your mom? What do you think you should never say to mom (even if you’re thinking it)? Tell me in the comments!

Need to have a serious talk with your mom? Here’s how!

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  • Katr4d

    so funny!:)

  • seawind

    I DONT LIE TO MY MOM it never gets me any where

  • FamilyForce5Fan

    Just one question…how can they be funny but TRUE, LIES? Just wondrin…

  • Tori.gurl

    last lie i texted my mom was “hey the girls are here g2g kk bye” and really mean “my bf is here and shut up i wanna go make out with him now:D” cuz well that what we did sowry mommy 🙁

    • Daneka

      Maybe u should juss tlk 2 hym about the kissing bcuz men/guys in general don’t take hints u need to b straight forward for them to get it or juss one day wen y’all r alone tell hym u have a secret 2 share then lean forward to his ear and whisper something soft and sweet then go for the kiss!! Best of luck gurlie!! =D

  • Krystal

    WOW way to make girls sound completely materialistic…..because we all love shopping and being rude to the person that is a mother or a mother figure to us…. News Flash those with no sense of moral right and are complete losers will agree with these statement….and this is why girls are looked at a mind manipulators and objects rather than people

    thanks for that

  • alexis

    no only 2 is right
    I DONT HAVE TO LIE WITH MY MOM AT ALL! My mom is kool thoug…she is like a friend how a mother is suppose to b

    only half of my grades is true
    half of wlkin to friends house
    on the phone is half true
    (i dont have my period even though i am 13 TG!)
    money matters is true

    • hot@teenz_22

      my bf is not even not ready to kiss me !! i am not saying that i want to have sex !! but still i just want a kiss from him but he gets scared whenever we kiss even on the cheek he’s behaving as if he is kissing someone else’s gf gosh i just want a kiss from him on my lips !!
      please guys help me 🙁

  • Mary

    My mom is pretty chill about things if i want to drink when we have like family bbqs and stuff she lets me same with my dad they would rather me do things and them know what’s going on then find out through like 5 different people. I’m straight forward with both my parents. they say if i want to drink they have no problem with it they know what it was like to be a teenager and they would rather me do it at home then go off and do it with my stupid friends and all my friends parents know that my house it the safe place to party cause my parents rules are if you drink you have to stay the night and they take the keys away just to be safe. they don’t care if you’re a guy or girl you must stay so you don’t go off and get into a car wreck.. my parents are awesome!!

    • Daneka

      Lolzzz Hahaha well lemme stay @ ur house!!

  • Marrie

    I almost never lie to my mom! Except for when I go to bed, I’ll tell yeah I turn of my light in 2 secs and then use my flashlight. Oh and I’ll tell her I’m doing homework but I’m just reading. lol

  • lizzie2958

    I half-truth my mom all the time. My most recent was “Can I sleep over at Stephanie’s? (aka the boyfriend’s sister) The family’s going to the beach and then we’re gonna watch a show that ends kinda late.” which translates to “I’m going to the South Beach with her brother then to a concert, but we’ll be out til 4 a.m. and I don’t want you to worry, so I’ll go back to his place afterwards.”
    Now I don’t feel so guilty though!

  • Cindy

    I don’t need to lie so mcuh with my mom, but sometimes is tricky with my homeworks,. I’m almost always lazy when I have homework and then there’s my mom like ”do you have homework” and i respond ‘no’but is totally a lie ‘casue I wanna forget about stupid school for sometime….thanks God Summer is coming!!! :))