Snow White And The Huntsman Looks Awesome: Who Should Play Other Disney Princesses?

Snow White and the Huntsman

We want Chris Hemsworth to save us, too. Pretty please? | Source

Snow White and the Huntsman isn’t your typical fairy tale movie.

First off, there’s no real damsel in distress. In fact, Kristen Stewart wears the shining armor that’s usually reserved for the knights sent to save girls in her position. Second, it’s dark. You see the truly evil queen actually being evil, as Charlize Theron literally sucks the life out of other girls to make herself beautiful. Third, we don’t see a prince anywhere, and here’s the kicker: we don’t even miss him!

This Snow White is pretty, sure, but we root for her for a different reason: she kicks ass, and in the movie isn’t just saving herself, but also commanding an entire freakin’ army. She’s almost a modern day Joan of Arc, except she’s got Chris Hemsworth helping her. Chris Hemsworth. He’s reason enough to watch anything. Check out the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman below!

With Snow White and the Huntsman and its tamer companion Mirror, Mirror both shaping up to be blockbusters, you can probably expect to see even more fairy tale adaptations in theaters soon. Here are our picks for the leading ladies to play our favorite Disney princesses!

Sleeping Beauty

Fashionista and Gossip Girl star Blake Lively would be the perfect live action Aurora. Her eclectic, chic style makes the color-changing dress (First it’s pink! Now it’s blue!) her dream come true. In addition, her cascading blonde hair and heavy-lidded eyes make her look the part, no cursed spindle required! Do you think Ryan Reynolds would volunteer for Prince Philip? I think a kiss from him could wake anybody up!

The Little Mermaid

Emma Stone, who we’ll see soon in The Amazing Spider-Man would perfectly capture Ariel–her curiosity, humor, and bright red hair are already part of the package! Seriously, can’t you just see her palling around with Flounder? Squeee!

Beauty and the Beast

Wouldn’t Nina Dobrev make a great Belle? Her delicate features, graceful demeanor, and elegant style pretty much make her a shoe-in. Plus, starring in The Vampire Diaries gives her experience with beasts who have good hearts deep down (even though in her case, those hearts may not necessarily be beating).

Are you looking forward to Snow White and the Huntsman? What’s your favorite fairy tale flick? Who’s your favorite princess? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Kristina

    I personally missed the big kiss in that movie. He only kisses her when she’s dead, and then she’s being crowned and all, and they just smile awkwardly to each other. Other than that, I didn’t really like Kristen in the role, because she doesn’t seem independent at all. Should’ve been Jennifer Lawrence, because she is that independent. Kristen would go great as the scared Snow White in the Disney version.

  • Amy

    Nooooooo! Nina would make an AWFUL belle! I Emma watsons would be perf!

  • Zombocalypse610

    No, no.either Amy Adams or Rachel madams for Ariel.

  • EmmyGween

    selena gomez for belle…and ariana grande for ariel…but yall picked amazing choices

  • Krystal

    Snow White and the huntsman is stupid……in any version of the story whether its Grimm, Disney, or anything else (Folklore)……..the hunts men does nothing more than take a job for the queen find snow white beautiful and kill a deer….thats it there was no crazy war in which snow white was the leader.

    People need to stop destroying classics and come up with something new.

  • Wendy

    i think Ariel should be played by Ariana Grande . . . Still love Emma .

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  • lila

    My Favored fairy tale flick is Jasmine and Arial!
    Nina would make a really nice Bella and Damon would make a great best!

  • Allie

    Belle has always been my favourite Princess, and Nina Dobrev would make a great Belle.
    Although I don’t think Kristen Stewart is good at all, what’s with her face? She shouldn’t make that. This is ruining Snow white *cry*

    • Missfiction

      kristen stewart may not be good with facial expressions but shes a good actor despite what some people say (SOME PEOPLE ARENT ACTORS AND THEY DONT KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO ACT)

  • Ann

    Bravo! good choices.

  • Lindsey Beaulieu

    I think that Selena Gomez would be a great Beauty and the Beast!!