Ask A Guy: What Do Guys Really Think About Padded Bras?

Padded Bra

Are dudes into the extra stuffing? | Source: Tribune

Dear Ethan,

I’ll be honest – I have small boobs. I hate it! I wear padded bras all the time because I want them to look bigger. But I want to know: how do guys really feel about padded bras? Is it a turnoff?

First of all, there’s no reason to hate your small boobs! Check out my previous post on what guys really think about breast size.

In addition to the fact that male physical preferences are completely subjective, you need to own those perky pals of yours because excessively padded bras can be an issue for guys. Half a cup size is generally no biggie if you’re looking for a little boost — lots of guys honestly can’t tell the difference between a large A and a small B. But it’s usually pretty obvious when a lady undresses and her imposter Cs are actually As. Imagine kissing a guy whose sexy moustache were to fall off when your mouths meet – it’d be pretty shocking, if not disappointing. However, more than anything, padded bras are frustrating not because a modest chest is so unattractive, but because deception is.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is gorgeous without the extra padding | Source:

Let’s be honest here: if the relationship develops, and you’re anything like most couples out there, he’s eventually going to uncover what you’re truly working with. You shouldn’t pretend to be athletic to impress a jock, or a natural swimmer to woo a lifeguard, right? Well, while it may not directly result in injury or drowning, the same goes for lying about your boobs!

When a girl changes her appearance too drastically to look the way she thinks she “should,” the lack of confidence can be a turn off to guys. Subtle enhancements are one thing — we can appreciate a glossy lip or some leg extending high heels now and then. But remember that too much deceit not only sets the wrong precedent, it reveals a needless insecurity much less appealing than your beautifully smaller boobs can ever be.

Good luck!

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  • James Thrash

    Typical woman’s website that’s just a bunch of rambling and nothing is actually accomplished except padding yourself’s on the back. Get that? That’s called a pun. I just taught all your readers something for once.

  • Joe

    I for one absolute luv padded bras on women. First of all there usually very pretty and when they help project a “pointy-ness” they look so cute under most tops. I sometimes wish they would never take them off!

  • karmap

    Deception is the major reason for willingness to abuse verbally. Guys are much more visual and sex is a”must”, as for women its more mental. Immagine if youd bee willing to sleep with one very sexy guy just for sex, you have thrown a glance on his bulge, that seems very interesting in size, but when it comes down to bed, he pulls out an silicon sex toy from his pants and you discover that he has a tiny friend that probably wont even doo the 1/10 of the things you have fantasized about, suddenly loses all his confidence and becomes very shy and silent. It would been a different story if hed been just small and without sex toy in his pants, wouldnt it?
    But in the end if all comes down to attitude. The worst part of small breasts is that women with flat chest are much more closed and full of complexes, wich is a major letdown in any relationship and even in every little flirt. Smarter guys have a smell for women with self confidence issues. but heres a thing, if you have no breasts, but huge self confidence then through small kink you can lure almost every man in your arms. For example, after you know each other a little, give him a glance, dont bee shy, make shure he notices it, directly on his bulge, then slowly approach him and whisper in his ear:”i would love to see you naked how your little friend bounces, when i own you with my strapon.” Then give him a smily kink look, turn arround and walk away. (It can bee any other kink aswell), but i assure you that the guy will bee left speechless and blown away by your confidence.
    Just get out that silent kinky but confident smile of yours and you will doo much more better in every day situations, and remember that you are not sheep that tries to jump in that “70 procent the same as others train”. I call those 70 proc a TRASH, and if trash flames you, then the least you can doo is just donate them some kinky smile and move on, because there is nothing worth for you in such people who judge, abuse and flame someone by their body features without knowing them more.
    As for myself i am very good looking guy in 30s, sometimes with more female attention than i can handle, with natural kinky smile 😉 and if the girl approaches me, then self confidence and trust is the major thing i look for, because i have been with girls of all shapes and sizes, even with DD and saddly, but in the end it all comes down to attitude and willingness to explore in bed and from my expirience, large breast size owners are the most booring (not saying that all are).
    And it is a myth that large sizes dont have confidence issues, they have sometimes even a lot more than smaller sizes, they think that they are fat, breasts sag, nipples too small or too large, wrong shape etc.. even if the parner trully belives that hers body it the sexiest on earth, she will still have issues and wont belive him. They just hide it better, because many guys glance at huge boob shapes.

  • Samantha Derrick

    No way! a girl with a big chest can pad all she wants or push up all she wants,her chest size wills till be big! same thing with makeup! a beautiful girl can wear makeup all she only enhances her beauty. To wear a push up, you have to have big boobs in the first place to push up!

  • Samantha Derrick

    No way! a girl with a big chest can pad all she wants or push up all she wants,her chest size wills till be big! same thing with makeup! a beautiful girl can wear makeup all she only enhances her beauty. To wear a push up, you have to have big boobs in the first place to push up!

  • EyeRoll

    It’s irritating when I go to try on bras and there is enough padding to reach China. I mean who are people trying to kid here. Why do they make these things? They are a joke and anyone who wears them is a joke. Don’t try and pose as someone you’re not i.e. a woman with large boobs. And any parents who goes out of their way to buy their daughter an extremely padded bra must want to become a grandparent at a young age. When a bra tag says “will add 2 cups sizes!” I laugh and feel bad for the guys who are going to fall for the dumb broad who ends up wearing it. BOOM! FACE! (No, but really double padded bras are for chumps.)

    • Samantha Derrick

      You sound very rude! padded bras are not deceptive no woman wears thin bras made of cheescloth. you need padding! its not deceptive. if youre a small chested will show! i have padded bras and im a g cup!

  • Happy Hubby

    I’m a happily married guy. My wife is well proportioned (I think she’s a B or C or something). Nevertheless, she’s been wearing padded bras more frequently lately. I don’t think these are the kind designed to make you look bigger (she’s never worn those), but the material is thick and padded, and the bras stand up on their own.

    I don’t like them because they don’t feel like breasts. When we hug, there are these firm bulges between us instead of soft, warm breasts. And if hands are involved, a thick bra in no way resembles the feel of a real breast. I much prefer the non-padded variety.

    I found this article because I was curious about what the deal is with padded bras nowadays. My wife says the thick padded ones are just really common now, and it’s harder to find quality, comfortable bras without padding than it used to be.

    (Just to clarify: None of this is an actual “issue” between my wife and I. It’s not a big deal or anything. We joke about her “breast armor” sometimes. Just thought I’d offer another perspective besides simply appearance!)

  • R

    Consider that usually a little bit of padding is required to cover the nipples from showing through your shirts. I prefer a slightly padded bra because I do not want my nipples being stared at!! Padded bras are so common, guys need to get used to them, unless it’s a ridiculous amount then it’s not that big of a deal…anyway all boobs look different when they’re not being held up by the bra.

  • Just a gurl

    Im 14 and dont even have a cup size AA… so wear paddes bras all the time but when it summer and wearing a bikini… well lets say my bikinis come from the child department. i hate this and id love to grow them a little. i mean, just a regular A should be do-able right? :$

  • Noko

    Wow 70% Of guys say that padded bras are A turn off but when a girl who has small boobs come along they always belittle her. And God forbid if she’s flat chested, she’ll get a lot of verbal abuse from most guys. But I do think wearing padded bras is stupid. You should be happy with who you are whether you are small chested or not. Have pride in yourself don’t let guys, or mean girls, tell you your self worth. Don’t worry not all guys are jackasses. There are still 30% Of dudes who will love a girl regardless of bra size.

    • Paul

      @Noko – “ALWAYS belittle her”, “she’ll get a lot of verbal abuse from MOST guys”, “There are still 30% Of dudes who will love a girl regardless of bra size”.

      You’re an idiot. If a man stuffs his pants to make it look like he’s hung then he’ll get more attention from the sluts who care more about sex than emotion. The same goes for faking large breasts and wearing clothes which present them: they’re more likely to attract guys who only care about large breasts. You can’t cover yourself in honey and then wonder why ants are following you.

      ‘But what about naturally large breasted women and hung men?, how do they keep the opposite sex from seeing them as sex toys?’ They dress modestly in a way that doesn’t put those features on display. Large breasted women get nice guys all the time, but not by going to night clubs in skimpy outfits.

      Also. “Don’t let guys, or mean girls…”? Why not call them “mean guys” too? Oh, because all guys are assholes, right? Grow up.

      You’re the female equivalent of the men you dislike.

      • Nicole

        This could double as a post justifying rape

      • countingbodieslikesheep

        Wear what you want as long as you feel comfortable. Don’t wear things to please other people, wear things that please you. If that is wearing padded bras, then so be it, if you don’t like padded bras don’t wear them. As for the whole “If a man stuffs his pants to make it look like he’s hung” thing, I think that there is a difference between pushing your boobs up so they look bigger and shoving a sock down your pants. At least when the bra comes off, there are still some boobs there, and not a pair of socks.
        And with the whole slut-shaming deal. No, not on, wanting to feel an look attractive is not the same as covering oneself in honey, people can want to look attractive or wear certain outfits and want their body to be respected by passers-by. None of this dressing modestly to keep creeps away, because that doesn’t work, a creep will creep. In fact, if you are saying that dressing in tight “skimpy” clothing is the only thing that will keep a man from groping or disrespecting a woman, then you are insulting men. Men are not uncontrollable wild dogs that will attack anything living after being starved for weeks, men actually have self-control. The fact that you think a woman must hide her body in order for you to not jizz your pants immediately reveals your lack of self-control, however.
        A large breasted lady can get a nice guy whilst wearing whatever outfit she wants (skimpy or otherwise) simply by listening to whether or not he talks about women as if they have to dress modestly, and if he is always commenting on “what a nice guy” he is. If he thinks women need to dress modestly in order to be respected, and that women who won’t have sex with him are sluts who only want assholes, then he is not a nice guy, and she can move on.
        Also, if you noticed, Noko did actually say that not all guys are like that, which they aren’t. You tried picking apart her reply because in one of her sentences she didn’t make sure to point out that all guys are not like that. And yes, guys who prefer large breasted women will always belittle a woman with smaller breasts, why are you so offended by her statement?