Ask A Guy: What Do Guys Really Think About Padded Bras?

Padded Bra

Are dudes into the extra stuffing? | Source: Tribune

Dear Ethan,

I’ll be honest – I have small boobs. I hate it! I wear padded bras all the time because I want them to look bigger. But I want to know: how do guys really feel about padded bras? Is it a turnoff?

First of all, there’s no reason to hate your small boobs! Check out my previous post on what guys really think about breast size.

In addition to the fact that male physical preferences are completely subjective, you need to own those perky pals of yours because excessively padded bras can be an issue for guys. Half a cup size is generally no biggie if you’re looking for a little boost — lots of guys honestly can’t tell the difference between a large A and a small B. But it’s usually pretty obvious when a lady undresses and her imposter Cs are actually As. Imagine kissing a guy whose sexy moustache were to fall off when your mouths meet – it’d be pretty shocking, if not disappointing. However, more than anything, padded bras are frustrating not because a modest chest is so unattractive, but because deception is.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is gorgeous without the extra padding | Source:

Let’s be honest here: if the relationship develops, and you’re anything like most couples out there, he’s eventually going to uncover what you’re truly working with. You shouldn’t pretend to be athletic to impress a jock, or a natural swimmer to woo a lifeguard, right? Well, while it may not directly result in injury or drowning, the same goes for lying about your boobs!

When a girl changes her appearance too drastically to look the way she thinks she “should,” the lack of confidence can be a turn off to guys. Subtle enhancements are one thing — we can appreciate a glossy lip or some leg extending high heels now and then. But remember that too much deceit not only sets the wrong precedent, it reveals a needless insecurity much less appealing than your beautifully smaller boobs can ever be.

Good luck!

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  1. avatarJust a gurl says:

    Im 14 and dont even have a cup size AA… so wear paddes bras all the time but when it summer and wearing a bikini… well lets say my bikinis come from the child department. i hate this and id love to grow them a little. i mean, just a regular A should be do-able right? :$

  2. avatarNoko says:

    Wow 70% Of guys say that padded bras are A turn off but when a girl who has small boobs come along they always belittle her. And God forbid if she’s flat chested, she’ll get a lot of verbal abuse from most guys. But I do think wearing padded bras is stupid. You should be happy with who you are whether you are small chested or not. Have pride in yourself don’t let guys, or mean girls, tell you your self worth. Don’t worry not all guys are jackasses. There are still 30% Of dudes who will love a girl regardless of bra size.

    • avatarPaul says:

      @Noko – “ALWAYS belittle her”, “she’ll get a lot of verbal abuse from MOST guys”, “There are still 30% Of dudes who will love a girl regardless of bra size”.

      You’re an idiot. If a man stuffs his pants to make it look like he’s hung then he’ll get more attention from the sluts who care more about sex than emotion. The same goes for faking large breasts and wearing clothes which present them: they’re more likely to attract guys who only care about large breasts. You can’t cover yourself in honey and then wonder why ants are following you.

      ‘But what about naturally large breasted women and hung men?, how do they keep the opposite sex from seeing them as sex toys?’ They dress modestly in a way that doesn’t put those features on display. Large breasted women get nice guys all the time, but not by going to night clubs in skimpy outfits.

      Also. “Don’t let guys, or mean girls…”? Why not call them “mean guys” too? Oh, because all guys are assholes, right? Grow up.

      You’re the female equivalent of the men you dislike.

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