Don’t Want Private Pictures To Leak? Try Using Some Common Sense!

old man looking at private picturesI’m not saying you can’t be bad once in a while–heaven knows I’m not perfect–but don’t be a dummy about it. If you have something to say that you’d never want the world to know about? Say it in person or actually dial up the person you need to talk to and use your voice to tell them. If you want to be sexy and a little naughty, but would be mortified if say, your grandmother saw what you were doing? Do that in person too, or take a Polaroid if you really have to have a pic–physical photos are harder to spread around than digital ones! Same goes for crazy party pics. If you’d get in trouble for doing . . . whatever the heck it is you’re doing, DO NOT photograph it, post to Facebook about it, text anybody about it, or anything else!

Common sense, girls. Common sense.

Have you ever gotten in trouble because of something you had on your phone, texted, or put in Facebook? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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  • Sam

    Haha yes. No pictures but texts. They werent even that bad, however I am now the only sophomore without a phone. until the end of time. fml.

  • okass

    that is real an experience but common.

  • LuvBug98-12

    Ive Been Through That One !

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  • Dina James

    I think this is why its a good idea, if you have to use Facebook, to make sure that you use the privacy setting to prevent people you don’t trust from seeing your personal info. And don’t use Facebook when drunk because that’s when you post your drunk photos that show up at a job interview months later lol. Most online privacy issues can be prevented by common sense. Particularly problematic for many people is seeing how they post personal information on social media, neglect to use privacy settings, and are surprised when their personal information is stolen weeks later. While you can be careful about what you post about yourself, you can’t prevent other people from posting about you. Also problematic for people is how there are sites like where people post personal information about each that can’t be removed. With Google making all of this information widely available, being vigilant about seeing what people can find out you is critical to maintaining your online reputation. Facebook can do a bit more to prevent people from accidentally messing up their own lives by encouraging more sensible defaults, but in the end people have to be smart about what they post about themselves online, and this doesn’t solve all potential problems. I think that’s what you have to do to prevent people from stalking you online.