Pretty Little Liars–Who The Heck Is “A”?

Pretty Little Liars

Those 'A' texts won't be from unknown numbers much longer. | Source:

TV is no stranger to dramatic reveals. When all the death and drama in Dallas was just a dream, it shook the TV landscape. Kim took off her wig on Melrose Place and captivated the world. Mary Alice Young’s appearance in Bree’s hallucinations and Edie’s shocking (see what we did there?) death on Desperate Housewives (or, let’s be real, almost everything else on Desperate Housewives) kept the drama alive. The revelation that everyone on The Walking Dead is infected threw fans, walkers, and survivors for a major loop.

But none are going to be as big for us as the revelation of A’s identity on Pretty Little Liars! The mystery surrounding A drives the entire show, so it’s risky to reveal to begin with. But depending on who it is, there can be even more drama next season. Who could it be?

If the series follows the books, (spoiler alert for readers!) then Mona Vanderwall is the culprit. She has reasons to mess with the girls as well as with the deceased Alison, since Alison bullied her pretty much forever. (Seriously, if it weren’t for intimidation and blackmail, would Alison even be popular at all?) Thing is, do you think the TV show would risk being that predictable?

There are plenty of other potential culprits. Melissa Hastings could be an obvious choice. She’s already demonstrated to be a liar, a manipulator, and a generally shady character. But again, would writers go for someone obvious? And if so, wouldn’t have the Pretty Little Liars themselves figured her out already? She’s smart, sure, but perhaps not enough to keep a ruse up for this long with all of the girls.

A lot of the drama surrounding the girls started when Aria met Ezra Fitz. Coincidence? Plus, a teacher dating a student is shady to begin with, so he’s probably got at least a few other secrets up his sleeves–and this may explain why Aria gets the least amount of torment from the anonymous harasser.

Noel Kahn is a pretty sketchy character, too. His feelings for Aria may explain why she gets tortured the least, and his attempt to blackmail Ezra shows that he’s not above extortion.

Someone who expressed happiness at Alison’s death is sure to be a suspect, right? So what about Lucas Gottesman? Sure, they suspected him already, then were convinced he was a victim of circumstance–but there’s always a chance that will come back and bite the girls in the behinds.

Pretty Little Liars

Detective Wilden wanted the girls in orange for a long time. Could he be behind A? | Source:

What about Detective Wilden? If he’s enough of a jerk to out Emily, sleep with high schoolers, and is determined for the girls to go to jail, it may be because he has something serious to hide. Plus, don’t you just get a creep vibe from him?

Jason DiLaurentis has a lot to hide, a twisted family life, and was in a group with a Latin translation of “We see all.” Uh, hello?! He has a lot of reasons to blackmail the girls with their secrets: he needs to protect his own. Plus, he had the hots for Aria, which may explain why she hasn’t gotten the brunt of the trauma out of the group.

Jenna Marshall has two reasons to mess with the girls: her eyes. Alison made her go blind! If that’s not a motive, seriously, what is?

Will you be watching Pretty Little Liars tonight? Who is your top suspect for A? What’s your favorite theory on A’s identity? Sound off in the comments!

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  • __callitabeauty

    I Love Pretty Little Liars , But I Think Allison Is Still Alive * I Have A Feeling *

  • BM

    Alison isn’t dead. She had a twin sister named Courtney who had a mental issue. Courtney was always pretending to be alison. Courtney was pretending to be alison so they thought alison WA Courtney and sent her to a mental hospital. Courtney as alison then befriended aria Emily Spencer and hanna. The night that “alison” who was really Courtney dies alison was back from the hospital and killed her sister Courtney as revenge for pretending to be her. Alison then got shipped back to the mental hospital. Later when alison comes back again she tries to kill aria Spencer and Emily. There are two A’s throughout the books the first is mona vanderwall who dies in the 4th book the second is the real alison.

  • Taylor

    Ok, I am pretty sure Dr. Suvillen is not dead, and Jenna oh she is such a big person on the show. She got her eye done and everything thing so i think Jenna is A or Melissa… maybe Alison is not even dead! In THE BOOK, Courtney alison twin sister had to do with her death and this is all becoming a twist for all of us. But A will probaby be hiding for the rest of the show.
    Ps: When Spencer and Mona was in A’s room, Spencer should have trashed the place, A would be PISSED!

  • Tay !

    I think A is a team. Mona is not by herself.