Your Complete Guide To College Decisions

The Promise Of The Wait List
Somewhere between acceptance and rejection lies the limbo-world of the college admissions waitlist. And boy do wait lists make your college decisions more difficult. What do you do if you’ve been waitlisted at your top choice school, but have acceptance letters from other places? Do you hold out, or do you accept somewhere else? The numbers are, in general, not favorable to folks on the waitlist. And some schools don’t let you know whether you have a spot in the incoming class until, like, a few weeks before classes are going to start, which isn’t a whole lot of time to get ready. If you’ve got your heart absolutely set on this one place, then we here in internetland are in no position to tell you what to do. But if you’re feeling torn between a college that’s already accepted you and one that’s giving you a far away maybe, we’d encourage you to take a closer look at your options. How different are the programs? What about student life? The tuition? Financial aid options? If you’re staring down two places that are more or less the same, but one might have a slightly more exclusive admissions policy, we’d encourage you to look at the whole package and evaluate what makes the waitlist-place so great. And don’t be afraid to call their admissions office to see where you are on the list – this little number might help you make a better decision.

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  • Latoya

    i want to go to college next year just to get away from my unhappy life at home….i need your advise