Your Complete Guide To College Decisions

Social Life
College is a great time to try out all sorts of new things, and it’s important to know what sort of atmosphere you’re signing up for. Are you interested in sorority life? If not, you may not want to go to a place whose social life revolves around the Greek system. Are you into team sports, political activism, Frisbee, crafting, live music? While you’ll find similar things on a lot of different campuses, every college has its own campus culture. Some colleges rally for football games, others have an annual pillow fight. Schools with party school reputations tend to live up to them (even though lots of colleges have a fair amount of drinking, to be fair). There’s generally something for everyone anywhere you want to go, but talking to current students, visiting the campus, and getting a general feel for what your life will be like in the day-to-day is a really good start. And if there’s nothing exactly up your social alley at any schools, don’t be shy about starting your own thing once you’re there! It’s not shallow at all to base your college decisions around your social life–you won’t do well if you’re not happy!

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  • Latoya

    i want to go to college next year just to get away from my unhappy life at home….i need your advise