How To Talk To Your Mom And Get Birth Control

girl in underwear who has birth control pillsDo your research.
Your doctor will prescribe whatever BC pill is right for you but you should do your homework. Present your mom or dad with what you’ve learned about the pill and why it may be right for you. Show them that you’re taking your health and safety very seriously, and tell them you’ll still be using condoms to protect yourself from STDs–you just want to be extra protected! Your parent will be impressed. You’ll seem serious, more adult, and less childlike. Parents trust us more when it seems like we’re retaining some of the wisdom they try to give us.

Pick the turf and invite your most trusted parent.
Instead of just popping into the kitchen or meeting your mom in the laundry room, invite her into your bedroom. You say where and when. It well help you feel a little bit more in control of a potentially uncomfy situation and make the chat feel more official.

Address the elephant.
Feeling awkward? Tell her. Start off by saying, “Mom, I feel so nervous about this conversation.” She wiped your snotty nose and changed your poopy diapers. There’s no need to put up a pretense now.

Make your case.
Sounds hokey, but you can practice in advance what you’re going to say. Be clear, honest and succinct. Just put it out there: “Dad, I want to talk about birth control pills.” Once you just say the words you’ll feel so much better. Then you can really talk.

The real deal?
Your parents are not creatures from another planet. It may have been a million years ago, but they were your age once too; probably feeling everything you feel. At the end of the day, they may not express it well, but all of our parents want is what’s best for us. If your parents wig out, act actually scary, or are otherwise unavailable–talk to another trusted adult, like an aunt or guidance counselor.

Good luck! Just remember that you’re doing the right thing and being responsible–even if it takes your mom a little while to see that.

Have you had “the talk with your mom about birth control? How did it go? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Always a virgin

    I am a 19 year old virgin and I am embarrassed of it. I have had two serious boyfriends which I have dated for over a year at a time. I am now a sophomore in college and still have not had sex. I have however, done everything else. I feel as if I am practically undatable because I’ve never had sex. Now let me put this out there I have NEVER felt pressured to have sex nor will I sleep around I just need to know the best way to address the birth control as a precaution.

    My mom is very open in the sex talk but I am very shy when it comes to even talking about my peroid. HELP !

  • Ashley

    Yesterday I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend we’ve been together for 14 months. I’m 14 and he’s 16. I’m scared because we had sex unprotected but he pulled out. I wanted to ask my mom if I could have the pill but shell ask me why because I’m not allowed over his house and we just stay at my house in the living room. I don’t know how she’ll react and I think my sister had it at age 16 or 16? Please help:(