Help – My BF’s Dad Caught Us Having Sex! Now What?!

The next time you see him, just act like nothing weird happened. Keeping things light instead of avoiding or ignoring him is going to relieve some of the tension. Say hi and act respectful and polite. Don’t bring up the situation unless you know he’s really mad about it – in that case, a simple apology might be in order. But if he doesn’t bring it up and he doesn’t seem mad at you and your boyfriend, then that probably means he wants to forget it just as much as you guys do.

Honestly, the first few times you see him will probably feel totally uncomfortable. But like I said before, things will get better as time goes by. Eventually, it’ll be like it never happened – and it will also make a pretty funny story you can share with your girlfriends!

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This girl’s brother walked in on her and her BF hooking up – naked!

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  • Marissa

    Once my bf caught me getting dressed after taking a shower and we just said we were bf and gf and we havent even had sex yet! I was so embarrassed bscause I was in a towel and when I was walking back to my room he pulled my towel down pulled me on his lap, took his shirt off and his pant and started hummping me and said wanna hve sex or not? So I said sure and so I stil had a bra and under wear on so he riped those off and he ripped his clothes off and his dad walked in and said what are you doing? And he said having sex with my babe and his dad said ok then carry on so we did until I fell off the bed and he said sit at the end of the bed and I said why? And he said do you want me to suck your tits and your dic or not.? So I just said have me and now I have sex with him almost everyday and when we are by the lockers he will push me aginst my locker and humps and kisses me

  • Marie

    Why should anyone have to justify the reason for having sex. First it was woman had to be married. Now it’s fine you don’t have to be married, as long as you love them. This is so wrong. I personally think this is just a way for society to tell woman what to do, how to act, and keep us “in our place”. You will be judged and slut shamed for having sex by the way you dress, if you’re married or not, or if you love the person or not. Maybe I am totally wrong and taking everything out of proportion but I still think this is just another double standard and way to persecute women.

  • KatelynK

    Me and my boyfriend are 16 and we got caught having sex and his mother told us we can only stay downstairs from now on. Honestly it makes me pretty pissed off, if two people love eachother OBVIOUSLY they are going to have sex. It just sucks that his parents are anti-sex and my parents would just tell us to be very protected in situations like that. Yeah its embarrasing and all but dont over react about it and watch our every move. I hate asshole parents like that.

  • Misia

    I’m 19 and a virgin. I’m not really religious. I’m not going to say that premarital sex is wrong for others, but I’m going to wait. I’m in college and surrounded by people who drink, have sex, smoke weed, and party. Some of my friends have had sex, but none of this phases me. Id rather my husband be my first. It’s okay to be a virgin, it’s okay to have sex. Be you and do what you want. Don’t worry about other people.

  • Olivia

    I don’t think Premarital sex is right either and not just because it goes against my beliefs but because what if you and the person u r dating break up and u find that u don’t actually love them. Then what? I’m only 15 and I could be wrong but shouldn’t sex be between a husband and wife as a way to show how much they love one another and to express their marital bond. Also, what if you end up getting pregnant because your precautions didn’t work. Then the kid grows up not having both parents, not knowing who their actual parents are (if they r adopted), end up being killed (if the parents decide to abort it), or has a hard life because the parents were too young wen they had it and didn’t know how to keep the baby financially supported. Not only would u ruin your lives but everyone else’s too. Is it worth it? Ali, Kayla, It wasn’t right for u to “jump down ElfMaiden’s throat” like Bmblb said. She was just expressing her opinion. She has just as much right to say what’s on her mind as u do.

    • Hannah

      I’m 15 and I believe the same things! I so waiting for my husband!!! and i really hope he is too!

    • Maxx Campbell

      Well, I’m fourteen and i don’t think sex has to have anything to do with love, it can be better if love is involved but a lot of the time people just do it for fun and because it feels good, it can be an amazing stress relief. Hopefully, people will just be smart enough to learn about safety, previous to the intercourse

  • ElfMaiden

    You shouldn’t have been having premarital sex in the first place, but our society views this mistake in lack of moral judgement as acceptable, these days.

    • Kayla

      Who are you to judge who and when people should be having sex? How fucking dare you have the nerve to extend that by forcing your morals down other people’s throats.

    • Ali

      Stop preaching to other people what I assume to be your religious beliefs. If you don’t agree with premarital sex, then don’t have it. It’s like being on a diet and being mad at someone else for eating a donut. I have no problem with your beliefs, but there is absolutely NO need for you to tell someone that they shouldn’t have been doing what they were doing. People may do what they please, it’s their perogative.

      • Graci

        Yes! Thank you! Someone had to say it…

    • Bmblb

      Honestly, I agree with you, premarital sex is wrong, but the only person you have to worry about is you. So what if Janie has premarital sex with John? As long as you’re not Janie, you have nothing to worry about. Let other people live their lives. And Kayla and Ali? I understand you disagree, but that doesn’t mean you can use harsh words and jump down her throat for expressing her own beliefs. How would you feel if I had come screaming at you about this? Not very good, so next time you think about jumping down someone’s throat, just consider their feelings.