Smoking Weed: Just The Facts About Marijuana


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Pot. Grass. Weed. Mary Jane. Ganja.

You’ve probably heard a ton about marijuana, not only recently, but in general. Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart and a slew more celebs (oh, hey Snoop Dogg) are pretty open with their appreciation of the drug. These famous faces, plus movies like Pineapple Express, can make it seem like everyone is smoking it. Truth is, a lot of people use marijuana–though more people don’t use marijuana.

We’re not here to scare you here or run your life, but you deserve to make informed decisions about what and whether you inhale. Know the risks before you do anything!

*Smoking pot without a medical prescription is illegal in the U.S.–you and your friends could get in mega trouble if you get caught.

Rihanna blunt

Rihanna got caught smoking marijuana in Hawaii. | Source:

*You already know cigarettes are terrible for you. Turns out, smoking weed is too — maybe even worse. It can contain 50% to 70% more carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals) than tobacco smoke does.

*Smoking marijuana can pose a lot of the same health risks as cigarette smokers, including coughing, wheezing, and sometimes more chest colds.

*Heavy use of marijuana can mess with your menstrual cycle and make your period irregular. Yikes!

*Medical marijuana has proven beneficial for some ailments, but it can have lots of negative side effects on the developing brain–and if you’re reading this, chances are your brain is still developing! It doesn’t finish completely til you’re 25. Using marijuana at a young age can lead you to develop weakened verbal and communication skills, a shorter attention span, and lower learning capabilities.

*Marijuana use can negatively impact your short-term memory (making you forget your homework or accidentally flake on your pals).

Miley Cyrus dispensary

Miley Cyrus came under fire for calling herself a stoner. She said she was joking, then was captured here on film! Maybe it DOES make you forgetful. | Source:

*Marijuana can make driving more dangerous. It can affect your alertness, reaction time, and concentration, all of which you need in tip top shape to be behind the wheel. Smoking weed can also make your perception of space and distances skewed, which is really dangerous on the road.

*Traces of marijuana can linger in your body for close to three months after you use it–something to keep in mind since a lot of jobs require a drug test before they’ll hire you.

*The high users experience from marijuana use is a result of the drug releasing dopamine, a feel-good chemical in your brain. It can lead some users to want that feeling again and again, resulting in a psychological dependency on the drug.

*While smoking weed can make some users feel relaxed, it affects everyone differently. Some users experience anxiety, panic attacks, and depression when they use the drug.

*While opponents of marijuana refer to it as a gateway drug and claim that trying it can lead people to try other drugs, that may not be entirely true. Most people who try marijuana don’t use other drugs. However, most people who do use other drugs did try marijuana first.

Have you or a friend ever tried marijuana? Do you ever feel pressured to smoke pot? Let us know in the comments–and if you or a friend want help quitting marijuana, click here to find help near you.

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  • Jillian


  • devlyin

    Op can I punch you in the face. Your lying to people and this is why people have no clue wtf is real anymore. This entire blog page is wrong and you sir and or ma’am have no place in this line of work

  • Ashley Villa

    if this mj can affect the menstration cycle . i believe my pills and other western drug that i take i have heavy bleeding when i have this drugs i think its the way my body telling me to stop this toxic right away .. but that was a year ago my period is normal now . i dont know if it good to try this mj but i would like

  • tf is this?

    ok the only fact I can say is even slightly true is that is messes with girls hormones, other than that this article is full of bull and was probably made by someone in the govt. or a pot hater.

    • Cormac46

      oh like what MJ does to your respiratory system????? so my daughter smokes pot and every time she lights up i hear the coughing and choking. Oh wise one is that a sign that your body ( which is not the govt. or a pot hater) is telling you it that it is healthy??

      • Jillian

        It’s healthy in the retrospect that it is now curing cancer. Sure the smoke isn’t great for you, but pizza isn’t good for you but people eat in anyways.

  • Katrina

    Sites like these are the reason people are so misinformed about pot. Half of this information is FALSE. Instead of critiquing pot smokers how about lets give them a listen because trust me they ain’t gonna be lying about something we ALL want legalized. Pot isn’t for everyone…neither is alcohol, or smoking or even COFFEE(more addictive then pot). Stop believing lies and start educating yourselves on the TRUTH about weed.

  • Anthony

    You people commenting on this article are ridiculous I mean take it easy lol… I smoked pot for 20 years and probably spent over a hundred grand on pot… To say it’s not additive or harmful is absurd… What’s so great about not being able to function without weed…. I’ve been clean now for over a month and finally starting to feel normal… The first week was horrible and I felt like I was going to give up and smoke over a hundred times…. Is that normal to feel that way just because I didn’t smoke… All I can say is keep your negative comments to yourself because there are people who want to quit and dont need to read your bs comments… If your such a pot advocate then why the hell are you even on the thread…. Go back to your cloudy fogged out life because you can’t convince me anything that’s beneficial about pot

  • Kelsey Lynnee

    “Smoking weed isnt bad” “i reccomend it” you people make me sick! Marijuana is SO damn easy to get, my boyfriends 11 year old niece is smoking it! Go fry more braincells you fucking idiots.

    • Mae

      Oh, please. Don’t blame marijuana for the dumbasses (like your boyfriends family) who let it happen in the first place! Go educate yourself before you have a careless outburst like that again.

  • Victoria

    Wow! just fucking Wow .. I couldn’t find a more bull shit article if i tried , this should seriously be deleted seeing as it is Incredibly misleading and I am very dissapointed in Gurl for letting this be posted it may sound legit , but really this person doesn’t know wtf they’re talking about

  • Izzy

    I smoke pot everyday and I have a 4.0 gpa honors and all. Smoking pot isn’t bad. It depends on the type of person you are. If you’re responsible enough to handle smoking and taking care of your everyday responsibilities then by all means smoke away

  • holly

    Being someone who enjoys a good smoke once in a while, and who has smoked quite heavily off and on at times, I will say that I can definitely see how marijuana has affected my menstrual cycle. When I smoked heavily (like every day or at least every other) I averaged about 5 periods a year. When I quit for awhile or cut back drastically, boom, back to normal. When I was a younger I used to think I was just someone who happened to have an irregular cycle, and as I stopped smoking for the most part for a long time and my cycles evened out, I thought I was just growing out of it. Then over the past year I went through another phase where I began to smoke almost daily and I was back to easily missing every other month.
    I am definitely pro-weed, and was very reluctant to believe that it could affect my body this way, but unfortunately it does, and I think it’s important for other young girls to keep that in mind. Whether you like it or not, it could (key word) happen to you too! Better to be aware of it than to ignore it and possibly do some real damage. I’d rather cut back on smoking than not be able to have kids down the road.

  • WasAHeavyHeavyFemaleSmoker

    I use to smoke pot everyday all the time, everyday for over ten years. Litterally. A LOT. Well, just four weeks ago I quit, cold turkey, decided enough was enough and I wanted to see life through the mind of not being high. I can tell you as a female marijuana greatly changes your hormones. I went through what felt like menopause or something for a couple weeks. Hot flashes, mood swings, my face and skin broke out like I was a teen boy (still is but slowly going away). I got my period a week and a half early. Gained a little bit of weight. Was a wreck. So while I have nothing against pot what so ever and did this strictly for my own “fun”. I believe 90% of what was written is horse well…you know. Marijuana is not a bad drug by anymeans. However yes women, it will greatly mess with your hormones, that’s always been known.

  • boozoo

    i thought smoking weed was way better for you than smoking tobacco, i only do it very occasionally like 4 times in a year and i think its nice like its a calm thing to do n its fun, i personally dont find it addictive but i have friends that need it. drinking and smoking tobacco is worse for you, and you cant overdose on weed (you just throw up if you have to much but that happens when you drink too)

    • Billie

      To kill you, it only takes 5 times the amount of alcohol it takes to get drunk. On the other hand, you would have to smoke 10000 times the amount of marijuana it takes to get you high.

  • Jess

    As someone with anxiety disorder and migraines I can say that medical marijuana has changed my life for the better. Most of the medical “facts” above are all leftovers from the prohibition campaign put forth ages ago. It’s healthier for you than drinking, especially when used responsibly. It also keeps me off of more harmful legal medications, like Xanax, which is highly addictive and gives terrible withdrawal symptoms.

  • scorky30

    I can say that some of the facts above are true. I have smoked for years and only over the last 18 months have been having trouble with my periods. I went for every test possible and nothing wrong. I knew there was as having a period every 9months us not right. I quit just over 3 months ago and surprisingly everything has returned to normal. I am still not against smoking weed but over a long period of time it can effect you.

  • LesaLove

    Oh, Well I guess I won’t be smoking weed …… I’ve always wanted to just to know waht it felt like it.

    • michele

      These are scare tactics, its the least harmful thing out there…less than alcohol.. I’ve smoked since I was 15 and I’m 33 now

  • Heather

    All of this information is totally wrong … lol do research on your own people~! It has never killed ANYONE & can save lives….please do your own research!

  • Mailan

    I don’t smoke this stuff and even know it’s not bad. i know professional doctors who say people make these stupid assumptions and aren’t even true. What’s stupid is how the U.S. allow cigarettes because it gives tax money and they don’t care if it kills you as long as they get money, and weed is just illegal since people can grow it, get it for free, or sell it without tax.

    • Billie

      I wish I could upvote this, you are so right. Another problem is, who is funding these studies into the effects of smoking marijuana? Sometimes it is tobacco companies, who edit the results for their own bias, or the American government, who want to make us think drugs are bad.

      • Lisa

        I don’t know much about what studies the American government actually allows, but I do know that scientific research in this country has been difficult to say the least. More commonly, they flat out *refuse to acknowledge* that there are a vast number of studies disproving the “facts” in this very article.

        Reading the comments, it’s a relief to know people no longer blindly trust what they say.

  • LittleRedWolf

    What in the…? This is TOTAL bull! Yes, it can mess with short-term memory (while you’re high), and you shouldn’t drive, and you should be responsible… but the health risks mentioned are definitely crap. It’s not at all bad for you, definitely not WORSE than cigarettes. It’s actually less harmful to you than alcohol. Deaths caused as a direct result of smoking cigs (lung cancer) and drinking alcohol (liver disease) happen all the time. Deaths as a direct result of smoking pot? Sorry, I can’t give you that one, since they don’t happen.

  • a Stoner from Dallas Tx

    You dont know what you talking about.

  • LilOrange

    Ok, what about pot brownies? does it make a difference?