Debate Club: Would You Wear A Padded Bra?

Padded Pra

This Victoria's Secret Miraculous bra promises 2 extra cup sizes! Would you wear it?

As much as we wish every girl was totally happy with the bod she was born with, we realize that some ladies would like to change certain things about themselves. One thing a lot of girls wish they could do is enhance is their breast size. For girls who are looking for bigger boobs and a quick fix, padded bras can kind of seem like a miracle. But at the same time, there are lots of people who think they’re totally stupid.

So we want to know: would you wear a padded bra? We’re not talking about push-up bras – we’re talking about cushiony bras that promise to make you appear a few sizes bigger. The editors over here at Gurl all seem to have different opinions, but we really want to know what you think. Read our thoughts and then tell us yours:


Padded Bra

Bring on the stuffing! | Source:

Julie Says: They’re Awesome!
I’m pro padded bras. I’m pretty well endowed in the boobal region. So, I’m not using padding to make my boobs look bigger. It’s more to keep them in place. One piece of fabric just isn’t sturdy enough. I need something that feels reinforced. My mom one time told me to think of my bra as a suspension bridge. I’m still not sure what she meant exactly, but I’m pretty sure suspension bridges are made out of more than just one sheet of silk. They’ve got some heft to them! So, I think that’s why I started with a thicker cup. After years of bulky bras, I feel naked whenever I try one that’s a single layer of fabric. I like a little distance between my boobs and the rest of the world, so bring on the padding!


Miley Cyrus No Bra

Emerald Says: No, For Personal Reasons
My boobs are big enough and bras are kinda weird to me (like obviously bras are not the most uncomfortable piece of clothing in the world!) never mind the padded ones. Though I do think it’s a personal choice, like, if you want to bulk up a bit or if you like the look of it. For me, bras are just weird enough as it is, I don’t want extra bra – if anything I want less bra, the least amount of bra please! I guess that would be NO BRA, but that’s like a totally different conversation.


Mila Kunis

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Jessica Says: No Way! They’re Weird
I have to admit, I get kind of freaked out about padded bras. I mean, first of all, those things are so stuffed full of padding that they make me feel uncomfortable just looking at them. Second of all, what do you do if you take off your shirt in front of a dude and he realizes your boobs are actually way smaller than he thought? How do you explain that? It’s so awkward! I just think you’re better off making the most of what you’ve got instead of looking kind of fake with a padded one.


Would you wear a padded bra? Who do you agree with? Tell us in the comments!


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  • anjali

    Padded bras can be a great support for a girl after she has stopped wearing a beginners bra and many girls who are not fond of the normal cotton bra or the wirefree bra choose to select sports bra for workouts and padded bra for normal day to day activities. and they can serve a great support and comfort to the breasts

  • Tony p

    With all of the Womans’ Empowerment, Womans’ Lib, and Equality statements these days, isn’t it a bit hypocritical for women to wear padding to enhance their chests? If women are against being sexualized, then a woman should not wear a padded bra, lipstick, makeup, revealing clothing. But I believe women still like to be sexualized and guys like it. That certainly makes life more interesting and provides a lot of economic return.

  • Jenny

    I wear padded bras and extra silicon pads I’m 34a and pad to 36c

  • lamingtongirl

    I wear padded bras everywhere, but if I was planingt o take one-step-further with the guy of my dreams, them I would go for natural, of course

  • Lysinne

    OH MY GOODNESS! I started puberty when I was ten and at the time all the girls thought it was weird. My breast were HUGE! compared to other girls so out of the blue all the girls in my class crowded around me and each took a turn trying to grab at my breast. WTF! was my reaction but then they said this “wow they are real” It felt great knowing now they wouldnt look down on me because my large breast (i would have thought i was stuffing my bra too)

  • missDangerous

    I’m perfectly fine with a padded bra. My breasts are too big to be comfterbly held by a normal bra, even though I haven’t finished puberty yet.

  • Jess

    The padded bar is my best friend, I wear one everyday.
    I know saying that some people may say that I’m trying to just show off, however that’s not the case at all.
    I first wearing padded bras because I felt that were was the extra layer kept me protected from cold days.
    Then as my chest got larger I not used that I was lop sided, and not just by a little bit.
    One side of my chest is TWO sizes smaller than the other.
    So that padding makes it where when I am wearing cloths less viable.
    Although I do have to say, some bra making companies go a bit over board on the padding.
    But if you find a design that you enjoy and makes you feel comfortable with your self, I say go for it!