Angela Chase From My So Called Life: Mega Gurl Crush

angela chase and jordan catalano in a car my so called lifeBecause Angela narrates most of the episodes, we’re always clued in to her inner conflicts and concerns, from pimples, to love and sex, to musing on the secret lives of the people around her. And that first-hand view lets us see how much she struggles with who she is versus who she wants to be—something that some of us (by which I mean definitely me) never outgrow.

She dyes her hair and starts running with a different crowd, but eventually realizes that just because she’s changing doesn’t mean there isn’t room in her life for her old best friend. She starts to stay out late and go to sketchy parties, but when it doesn’t feel right, she leaves—even though she agonizes about how she’ll be seen by the cool kids when she does. Maybe that’s the thing we like most about Angela: She tries on all of these different identities, but never loses sight of who she is: a thoughtful, kinda shy, opinionated girl on the verge of . . . something.

And her on-again, off-again relationship with beautiful, dyslexic, emotionally constipated Jordan Catalano will resonate with everyone who’s ever had an inexplicably complicated romance. I mean, really: who hasn’t fallen in love with someone just because of how perfectly they lean against a wall?

Angela Chase is totally my TV soul sister–did you love My So Called Life, too? Who is your TV soul sister? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Jelena

    She’s my TV soul sister too! The most honest and genuine TV show I’ve ever come across when it comes to adolescence, and I wasn’t even alive yet when they aired it! Hope they didn’t have to cancel it, though. We need more TV shows like “My So-Called Life” to make everyone realize that we teenagers are not all materialistic and needy.