Vampire Lovers: Are You Bella Swan, Sookie Stackhouse, or Buffy?

You love vampires. I get it. You love their style, their swagger, their sexy blood-thirsty ways. But your vampire love is unique. Are you curious and caring like Bella Swan? Rebellious and sassy like Sookie Stackhouse? Or are you more reluctantly passionate like Buffy? Find out with this fun vampire love quiz!

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Who do you think is the hottest vampire ever? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Violet_Rain

    Apparently I’m Buffy. No complaints, since I adore Spike 😉 Although I also have a bit of a thing for Benny from Supernatural…

    Really though, I think I’d prefer a vampire hunter to a vampire anyway. I think it’s way more badass and at least you’d know the person you’re with isn’t at all tempted to drink your blood.

  • Missfiction

    sooki def!