“Lesbians Are Cool”–Just Not If You Mention Them On A T-Shirt?!

A lesbian pride shirt like this was banned from a Massachusetts high school

Actually, all the cool girls just dig free speech. | Source: cafepress.com

A Massachusetts high school recently attempted to block a student from wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with “All the cool girls are lesbians.” While dress codes are pretty irritating but usually understandable in general (we can see why booty shorts may be banned), lots of people, including me, think this move wasn’t cool.

The high school in question in Lynn, Massachusetts, has a Gay/Straight Alliance program. So why are they treating “lesbian” like it’s a swear word?

I think the student, who hasn’t been publicly identified, who wore the T-shirt has the right idea. Her teacher sent her to a vice principal’s office. When the vice principal made her cover up and promise not to wear the tee again, the outspoken and sassy student fired off a letter to the chairwoman of her local school committee. Apparently her vice principal told her not to wear the shirt “because it’s political and offensive to some people.”

The student addressed it as such: “Well, frankly I’m the one who feels offended. The word lesbian is not inappropriate. Saying it is, is calling homosexuality inappropriate.” She’s right that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the word lesbian or the very real people behind that word.

Additionally, nothing in the school’s dress code says that the student couldn’t don a shirt with the word “lesbians” on it. The school’s policy bans clothing featuring weapons, drugs, or alcohol (which are truly harmful to young minds), as well as anything considered “disruptive.” Nowhere in the dress code does it say that gender or LGBT issues are prohibited.

all the cool girls are lesbians

Is this offensive or disruptive just because you’re on a different team? | Source: nflshop.com

Then a mother opposed the shirt, but not because she’s homophobic–but because, well, she’s really sensitive. Blogger Jeanne Sager (hey, cool last name!) wrote, “I’m raising a kid in a pro-gay rights household. That means she’s learned that gay kids are just like her. They’re equal. What doesn’t it mean? That gay kids are ‘cooler’ than her any more than it means she’s cooler than the gay kids.” In my view, this isn’t that different than someone wearing a Patriots jersey crying over someone with a Giants hoodie on. I don’t agree with her, but I guess I can see her point–it is kind of stupid to say that any one group is cooler than another group. Putting down other people is never cool, even though I doubt that was this girl’s intention.

My thought? As long as the student’s shirt doesn’t violate her school policy, whoever doesn’t like what it says should probably just stop staring at her chest. But that’s a whole other issue.

Do you agree that the student should be forced to cover up for wearing an “all the cool girls are lesbians” t-shirt? What’s your school’s dress code like? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Jasmine M

    If this girl had come in with a tshirt on with something prejudiced about lesbians for example, ‘lesbians are ugly’, ‘lesbians should be shot’-would the tshirt have been banned? Food for thought.

  • Sharlee

    My only complaint with this post would be that she disagrees with the mother. I’m not against gay rights (and I still don’t understand why the heck it was/is ever as big a deal as it was/is) but yeah, that is rude to straight people when you think about it, and it kinda offended me. 😐 I don’t hate the shirt, but a message between the lines of it is insulting to straights, too. Like being straight isn’t “cool,” or it makes you a bad person because of your sexuality. Um, HELLO! That just turns the tables! Like back when they claimed you were “wrong” for being gay.
    :\ I just found it offensive. I know it’s meant to be a good shirt. But still.

  • Sweet Booty Mama

    dude, that shirt is awesome. as a lesbian i would totally wear that shirt if i were kinda officially out 😀

  • Cah

    Hey,omg omg i’ve just known my crush (who told me she’s gay) got a bf!!i know,i was like what the ****? i mean i’m kinda mad but i so don’t like her no more for lying ’bout her sexuality,it’s not like i’m not tklain’ to her anymore but ughhhhh,whatever!!anywayz 2moro is my BFF’s bday and students day around here,so i’m planning to tell her i’m bi ‘n even may be i like her too!but not on her bday i mean,the day after so pleaaaaase i just need some advice ’cause i’m still not sure ’bout itthanks a looooooooot!!!!!!! =P

    • Alli

      Please, dear commenter, review your grammar and save things like this for the board. This is not a relevant subject to ask advice on.

  • Lashawn

    Gay & Lesbian People should be able to do wthaever they wanna do.They Never done anything to anyone else!I’m Not For Gay Rights, And I’m Not Against it.I’m just saying , Hop Off Their Meat! (Mind your own business)

  • Papu

    I am totally in soruppt of same sex marriage rights, but I think a tattoo is kinda too permanent for this cause. I live in Canada where gay marriage was nationally legalized about 6 years ago, and I can see it’s slowly gaining momentum in the states. Perceptions and ideals will change, and I honestly believe that it will nationally be legalized in the states within the next decade at least. I’m just wondering how she will feel in 10 years about the tattoo. Yet kuddos for her sending out the love.

  • Payasa

    Gay & Lesbian People should be able to do weetavhr they wanna do.They Never done anything to anyone else!I’m Not For Gay Rights, And I’m Not Against it.I’m just saying , Hop Off Their Meat! (Mind your own business)

  • Jenny

    ,Hello ladies, I just watend to know if you guys had any advice for a girl who has come out to her siblings and friends but not her parents? I know that they may already have a hint of it and that they have an idea of me being queer but How can I try to get over this fear of coming out to them when every ten minutes they make a homophobic comment?

    • Claire

      I think I can help you out (sort of). I’m assuming you live in a homophobic household, I don’t and my parents are fine with me being a lesbian, so I don’t really know what you’re going through, but I’ll try to help in any way I can. If they say a homophobic comment, just ask them politely to stop or oppose that comment in some way. Maybe they’ll ask why and that could lead to something. Or, if you want to, just sit down with them one day and calmly tell them that you like girls instead of boys and say that they can disapprove all they want, but that it can’t change you because this is the way you are and maybe they’ll understand that you love them enough to let them know who you really are. If you want, you can even have your siblings or a friend there with you. Y’know. For moral support.

      Yep. That was pretty cheesy but I hope it helped out.

  • TeamBreezyGirl

    I think that’s ridiculous….. You teachers didn’t pay for it and u didnt wear it so why do you care???? Just let the student be who they wanna be 🙂

  • MissNoone

    Nadda Is Wrong With That…! Be Who You Are..! Don’t Let Anyone Take That Away from You && Dont Let Anyone Make You Feel Less B/c You Lesbian Or Bisexual…! :DDD

  • djswaggacitie

    i dont mind it but i think it would have distracted other students:)

    • Patel

      “well, in that case I’m quite sure I will never get married then” as in [you’ve got to do it yoresulf to get it done correctly kind a gir] not really true but that’s what I felt reading it. I dunno, maybe we’re just too progressive and don’t understand that everyone else want the world to stay the same as the last hundred/thousand years /bitter woman without a ring who still thinks we can change the world, maybe if we have a lot of money and wack out all those mindless tv reality shows with “winner gets a RING and a husband to take care of you”

  • Missfiction

    lets all wear this shirt cuz we can start a revolution!!!!!!!!!!! I think that being gay shouldnt matter! you were born this way and nobody can put you down for that!!!!! tell em they dont have control over (if its not really bad or anything) what you wear like that!!!!!!! and for all you mean people who dont care bout gays think about this: imgine the world was the opposite for a while. imagine you were a gurl and liked a boy. and lets pretend that wasnt “normal”. and that you were supposed to like gurls. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? RIGHT HORRIBLE YOU COUNLDNT BE WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVED/LIKED without people critizing you! well thats wat its like for gays.