Flashback: 20 Tech Toys We Heart From The ’90s

Technology kind of rules in today’s world – everything is all about electronics. I mean, the other day I saw my 5-year-old cousin playing with his very own iPad. Seriously?! It blew my mind. Remember when you were a kid, and the most technologically advanced thing you had was a fake cell phone? I do.

So we decided to get nostalgic here at Gurl and look back on the ’90s version of tech toys. Now, they might not be as hi-tech as the Apple products of today, but that doesn’t mean kids didn’t play with these things for hours on end. In fact, these old-school toys might even be better than an iPad…

Check ’em out, and then tell us your faves:

Hit Clips
Hit Clips
Before there were iPods, there were Hit Clips. Okay, so maybe you could only play 1 minute of your fave songs, but these things were still pretty awesome. And they were so tiny!


Password Journal
Password Journal
The original Password Journal was super popular back in the ’90s. I loved mine, but I’m not gonna lie… it usually took about a million times before it recognized my voice and password.


Nickelodeon Alarm Clock
Nickelodeon Alarm Clock
Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a Nickelodeon alarm clock? This screams ’90s.


Video Now

This was the original VideoNow player. It only played a 30 minute tape, but it didn’t matter because you could watch your favorite shows wherever you wanted. It was hard to imagine things could get much more hi-tech.


Tiger Electronics Games
Tiger Electronics Disney Game
The Tiger Electronics games were so much fun back then, even with it’s tiny screen and terrible resolution. And the Disney games ones ruled them all.


Dream Phone
Dream Phone
Only one of the most fun games in the entire world. Hot dudes answered the phone and gave you hints on who liked you – what could be better? “Hello hunks!”


The Talkboy
Talkboy Home Alone
Fun fact: the Talkboy was created especially for Home Alone 2, but it gained so much popularity from the movie that they had no choice but to make it a real toy. Might be the biggest voice recorder ever, but how much fun was this thing?!


Barbie Fashion Designer CD-Rom
Barbie Fashion Designer CD ROm
First of all: LOOK AT THAT COMPUTER. Second of all: dressing an electronic Barbie doll was so much better than dressing a real one – there were endless possibilities!


Clueless Hands-Free Phone
Clueless Hands Free Phone
I’m not entirely sure what this had to do with Clueless, but this hands-free phone was just plain awesome. The best part? You could press buttons to change the way your voice sounded.



You can’t have a ’90s roundup without a Tamagotchi. These little guys were so popular it was insane. Everyone wanted a tiny virtual pet who woke you up in the middle of the night to be fed. If you didn’t have one… I feel sad for you.


Yak Bak
Yak Bak Classic
Yak Bak’s were basically another version of the Talkboy, except tinier. Not sure what we did exactly with voice recorders when we were kids, but all I remember is that they were super entertaining.


Treasure Rocks
Treasure Rocks Game
This magical game allowed you to put ugly rocks in a machine… and get shiny, pretty jewels in return! What could be better?


Nintendo 64
Nintendo 64
One of the best video game consoles ever in the history of life. No question. Sorry Wii, PlayStation and XBox – you can only come in second place.


Skip It
Skip It
Skip-It’s might have first come out in the late ’80s, but they were updated in the ’90s with a counter, which obviously made them a million times cooler. Who else had skipping competitions with their friends?


Fantastic Flowers
Fantastic Flowers Game
Another magical game, this one transformed plain paper into beautiful flowers. Except you kind of had to put them together to create anything actually beautiful – and my tries were usually a fail. Still fun though!


Creepy Crawlers Bug Maker
Creepy Crawlers Bug Maker
I never liked the idea of this game, but my brother did. And he liked torturing me with his fake bug creations even more.


Game Boy
Nintendo Gameboy
True story: I wasn’t even that into video games and I HAD to have a Game Boy. It didn’t matter that the first ones didn’t come in color, or that you kind of had to squint to see the screen – these were pretty epic.


Apple iBook
Before Apple created MacBooks that weigh, like, 2 pounds and are as thin as a piece of cardboard, there were these. Huge iBooks that came in different colors and were totally amazing.


Barbie Super Talking Flip Phone
Barbie Talking Flip Phone
Who cared that Barbie was the only one who talked to you on this phone?! It was a cell phone!


Sega Game Gear
Sega Game Gear
Sega created their own answer to the Game Boy – and while it might not have been as eternally cool, it was still pretty awesome.


Which was your favorite? What did we miss? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Marie

    Tamagotchi’s…. ahhh good times <)

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  • saramsf

    … so much better than changing Barbies and sick monster high dolls… -_-

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  • Rhiannon

    I remember everything on this list, though I didn’t have everything like the hit clips but I wanted one!

  • Cat

    Before HitClips, there were Pocket Rockers in the 80s.

  • Carlie

    I don’t think the Video Now was in the 90’s though. I thought they came out in like the 2000’s.

    • Kaytie

      I agree, pretty sure video now came out in the 2000’s

  • Elementress

    omg i miss my video now actually it was my brothers and mine so we fouhgt constantly over what we want to watch….Drove my mom crazy

  • TrendyNerdLuvMB

    I remember most of these! I love the 90’s stuff… brings back so many memories!

    -TrendyNerdLuvMB Out! 8^D

  • JadeSkellington

    Oh dear, I so remember owning a Nintendo 64 (I still have it I think), a Gameboy, Hit Clips, and I think I owned a Password Journal? It was something like that at least. Ahh, such memories.

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  • Leilabeth

    i totally forgot about Yak Baks!i really wanted a password journal and tamagotchi but never had either… my grandma had a gameboy that she let me play with. i lucked out a bit having been born in ’97…

  • Lauren D

    i wanted a hit clip.i had a skip it so much fun w/ friends on that one. Who didnt have a 64.n.a gameboy, mario carts.zelda.sonic.best ever!!! but.the TAMAGOTCHI WAS MY F*** TOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT THING.IT DIED A LOT.BUT.MAN IT WAS AWESOME.but.i think u can stil order them online.n.some walmarts still carry them.

  • Hannah

    I LOVED my HitClip, Tamagotchi, Nickelodeon clock, Skip It, and Password Journal!

  • Amy

    I still have my HitClip which I love. I also wake up with the nickelodeon clock which I love! Then I still have a gameboy, Nintendo 64 and A skipit.

  • HerFace

    I freaked out at the Hit Clip. I had a see-through orange one with N-sync and a few other clips 😛 And my cousin had a Yak Bak she never let my sister and I see, and the skip-its were death traps if you skipped too close to someone else, aaand the Tamagotchi always died because we forgot to feed it 😛 Ah, and don’t even get me started on Nintendo…I miss those days, man.

  • Cara

    I am a late 90’s child, but never the less, a 90’s child. I had a video now, a tamagotchi and a hit clip. Man, I loved those things. Got me thinking bout my childhood. hmmm…

  • Chantelle

    I totally forgot about Hit Clips, Yak Baks, and Talkboys. I totally wanted a Hit Clip as a kid, but never had one, had a Tamagotchi though. It ended out dying on me after I dropped it after a million time.

    • nikole

      i so wanted a hit clips but never got one but i had tamagotchi it died and i was alittle hurt but ooh man i loved the 90s they had the best stuff

  • Missfiction

    im almost 15 so i remember this stuff. my brother…oh boy let me tell you…. he has: And Itouch and a laptop…..AND A FREAKIN PLAYSTATION. i never had any of that stuff when i was his age. I STILL DON’T HAVE THAT STUFF! i just got a laptop and hes had his since he was 5 and my itouch can only have music on it (2cnd generation) and i never nor will ever have a playstation. huh…