4 Kick Butt Love Lessons We Learned From Katy Perry


Recently I went through a breakup, a bad one (aren’t they all) and as I wallowed in misery and fried cheese sticks, I thought that things could not possibly get any worse. And then I thought about Katy Perry, who not only went through a split from Russell Brand, but a divorce–in public!

I suddenly sat up, peeled the congealed mozzarella off my face and thought that if Katy can move on graciously and gorgeously, so could I! Since then, I’ve been following her every move and using it as a template for my own newly-single self.

So imagine my delight when I hear that my girl K.Per has been smooching with Baptiste Giabaconi, the highest paid (and arguably hottest) male model in the world. I hear that he became smitten with her after they met at Paris fashion week. Who knows if their flirtation will stand the test of time, but it made me realize that I’ve learned quite a few love lessons from the “Firework” singer without even realizing it…

Love Lesson #1: Get a New Look

katy perry post-breakup look


Lots of girls dash off to the salon to get the infamous “break-up bob” after a sudden split, but Katy took it one step further with the blue break-up bob! There’s nothing like switching up your style to get a fresh perspective on yourself and your life. But before you go nuts with a packet of Kool-Aid, try subtle changes, like parting your hair on the other side, committing yourself to perfect posture for one week straight, or swapping your stand-by Converse for brightly colored flats.


Love Lesson #2: Bond With the Girls

katy perry and friends share love lessons together


Just like Katy, I split with my beau around Christmas time. But while I chose to drown my sorrows in sugar cookies and self-pity, Katy jetted off to Hawaii for some splashy fun with her girlfriends. Surely, they told her (in great detail) all the things they hated about Russell and why she’s much better off without him. Let your chicks cheer you up and whatever you do, steer clear of the cookie dough.


Love Lesson #3: Zip the Lip

katy perry had fun with her girlfriends after her breakup


When you’re heartbroken, you tell just about everyone caught standing still all the gory details. But it’s a bad idea. Yes, worse than the cookie dough. The more you talk, the more you look crazy and undateable to any potential true love and of course, it prevents you from moving on. A wound can’t heal if you’re constantly picking at it! Katy could have easily slammed Russell for a million different things (those leggings alone, yuck) but she kept it silent and classy.


Love Lesson #4: Find the Hottest, Richest Dude Out There And Make Out with Him. A Lot.

katy perry is dating male model Baptiste


Here’s a pic of Katy’s possible new BF, Baptiste. Sorry Russell, but if living well is the best revenge, then waking up next to this hottie is a very close second!
What do you think of how Katy’s handled her divorce? Do you love her as much as we do? Tell us in the comments!

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  • blazebabygurla

    Yes, I definitely agree! I love Katy Perry, her music always cheers me up. But seriously, somehow it seems to me that it would be easy to get over Russell. All the crap I’ve read about him seriously makes me shiver and get goosebumps. He’s so gross I want to barf!

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  • CupcakeMonster

    I totally agree, Katy Perry is an amazing idol for really, anything, STAY AWESOME 🙂

  • Missfiction

    not sure what you heard but katy also said russell will always be her very best friend and close companion and they both agreed they r going to be good friends still.