Party Up The Premiere Of The Hunger Games!

at your Hunger Games premiere party borrow this look from Katniss

Celebrate girl power and sisterhood with Katniss Everdeen! | Source:

The most highly anticipated movie of the year so far, The Hunger Games, premiered last night. Based on advanced ticket sales, we know you’re already stoked for the movie–it hits theaters on March 23 and is already expected to beat The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in box office clout!

Since we love The Hunger Games and all the girl power that comes with it, we were psyched to think of ways to throw an amazing Hunger Games party. Check out these Hunger Games-themed party ideas to get a head start before pondering the really hard stuff–you know, like Effie Trinket’s lipstick or Gale vs. Peeta!

*Make your invitations in the style of Panem lottery tickets.

*Show up in costume! Have each of your pals represent a different district. District 1 is luxury, so faux jewels could work, while District 12’s coal mining can be done with overalls and strategic smudging. Get creative, ladies!

*Use an inflatable or plastic kiddie pool to represent the lake in the arena (and to keep your sodas cold).

*Use white roses for centerpieces like President Snow did–pretty and eerie at the same time (they represent death)!

*It’ll be tough to find actual Mockingjays–since, you know, they’re genetically engineered and not real–but you can create your own with stuffed blue jays. Just put a ring on it!

*Have your party favors resemble tributes. Attach them to toy parachutes with a district number on it for each guest!

*Food is an important part of any party. Honor your boy Peeta with some nicely decorated cookies (also fun: give guests the supplies to decorate their own), and check out these awesome recipes for lamb stew with dried plums (Katniss’ favorite!), the chicken with creamy orange sauce that Cinna enjoys, the Mellark Bakery’s goat cheese and apple tarts, and District 11 bread. Thirsty? Sip on some Capitol orange juice, or pour sodas into bottles labeled “Sleeping Syrup.”

Hunger Games premiere

The recipe for District 11 bread is pretty easy! | Source:

*Use Nerf bows and arrows or squirt guns to play a mean game of Assassin (Here’s how!). Manhunt and Capture the Flag also capture the Capitol essence.

*What kind of Hunger Games party wouldn’t include a Training Days sesh?

Are you excited for The Hunger Games? Do you plan on seeing it opening night? How do you think the movie will compare with the book? Are you Team Gale or Team Peeta? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Davie Odair


  • littlebabydoll

    Read. The. Book. First. 🙂

    I can’t wait for this! I booked my tickets on Monday for a preview on the 22nd March.

  • Missfiction

    ive been dyng to read the books for like two years and what do ya know!!! the movie comes out! should i read the books first and go watch the movie? or the other way round?

    • dadadadora

      Definitely read the book first!

      • Tatyana

        I really eejoynd this first one in the series but despite having the other two books I haven’t managed to read them yet. I like the portrayal of a strong female character as well. It’s something that should be portrayed more in books. I’m glad that you finally read it and liked it. Hopefully you get to the next two in better time than I did. Lol.Darlene recently posted..

    • madhu

      read da book, first!

    • izzylalal\44e

      u should read book then watch movie