Help! How Can I Make My Boobs Bigger?

I Want Big Boobs

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Hey Heather,

I’m 15 and I would like to know… is there any way I can make my boobs grow faster? Or make them get bigger? I’m so flat-chested and I hate it!

Before I answer your question, let me just say this: you have no reason to hate being flat-chested! There’s nothing wrong with having smaller boobs. In fact, some of the most beautiful celebs ever (Lea Michele, Taylor Swift, etc.) are lacking in the breast department – and who could ever say anything bad about their looks?

I know you’re looking for some sort of miracle cure here, but despite any weird products or remedies you might see out there, there really isn’t one. That is, unless you want to drop a couple of thousand dollars on plastic surgery – and I don’t recommend that. It’s dangerous, risky and changes how you look forever. Plus, at 15-years-old, your body is still growing and changing. There’s a possibility that you could just be a little bit of a late bloomer, and end up growing bigger boobs on your own.

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However, I’m not promising that that will happen. If you feel super insecure about your smaller breasts, you can buy yourself a padded bra. They sell them all over, including one called the Miraculous at Victoria’s Secret that promises to make you look two cup sizes bigger. If you’re not into all of that stuffing, invest in a good push-up bra. This will enhance your assets without feeling uncomfortable.

But the main thing is this: you need to learn to be comfortable with your size boobs. I know you don’t want to hear that, but you can’t change how your body is, and wishing you could is only going to make you unhappy. Remember that with smaller boobs, you have tons of advantages. You can get away without wearing a bra, you can rock cute, low-cut tanks without showing off too much, and  you don’t to feel really paranoid in a bikini top.

Oh, and if you’re thinking dudes are only into girls with big breasts – you’re wrong (just check out what Ethan had to say about it)! What guys really like (what everyone likes) is confidence. Learn to love your small boobies instead of faking bigger ones, and I promise you’ll be much happier in the end.

take care,

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  • juliet

    My breast is small and it’s kinda sagging..wat shuld I do

  • Brian Friedopfer

    One of the natural and best way to make boob growing and bigger that is boob pop try use boob pop which is help you to make your boob growing and make them bigger naturally. I am also using that same product really i Love this!!! Have been taking this for a month now. I have 9 days left but within the first two weeks I noticed my breast were a little fuller. I’m a 32A.

    • juliet

      How. Do I get de Boob pop @brian

  • nefertiti

    I hate my boobys I want them biger

  • Anonymous

    I’d just like to point out that having small boobs (barely an A cup) actually makes me feel extremely paranoid in a bikini top with respect to the fact that when I go to swim or what have you, it feels like the water fills it more than my chest does. Not to mention most bikini tops won’t even fit properly on me. I get that there are some out there that do, it’s just frustrating. Not to mention not being able to fill in some article of clothing that’s really cute, but I digress- it is nice to chill out without a bra. Most of my friends are Ds or DDs (and I have one WAY beyond those) and at this point I’ve just come to terms with myself having “no boobs”.

  • katie

    look all you people out there. breast size is not an issue. yeh some guys like a lil boob action but honestly a real guy wont love you for just your body. so stop stressing and be yourself. love your body because its the one god gave you. strut your stuff because its yours, but please be age appropriate. im 15 and im a 32 C so what? size doesnt matter to me. if a guy doesnt like me for what i have then so what. hes not worth my time.

  • Annonomous

    I’m 14 and barely even fit into an A cup, I’m not even saying I want huge boobs because I don’t, especially as I do running a fair bit and big boobs wouldn’t be comfortable whilst running. All I really want is to just fit really nicely into an A cup, even better a B cup

  • Kim Young

    I am 14 and I wear size 32 A love what your breasts look like because I’m not

  • Bailey

    I’m 15 and wear a size 32 B // I know that’s average but two of my close friends are C’s and I want to know how to get there.

  • Jennifer

    Hi there im turning 14 but my breast is flap plz help every one at school laughs at me plz plz plz

  • Nelia

    Very interesting subject , thanks for putting up. “Not by age but by capacity is wisdom acquired.” by Titus Maccius Plautus.

  • jenifer

    im 20yr boobs are very small.plz say sme method to enlarge them.

    • Anonymous

      Them you will get big titts
      But do that everyday

  • Oromina

    Am a mother. Hw can I get my breast firm n my boobs big

    • Amanda Black

      Rubbing your boobs regularly (2-4 times a day) will make them firm and perky

    • Anonymous

      Excise your arm pits streach your back bone and your arms

  • alysha

    am 16 and i have some small ass boobs and i want them to grow in couple days…………………what are some exersize for that please

  • Rosiee

    Theres this excersize you can do thats like you pump the palms of your hands together. I dont really know how to explain it but just try to do that and once they start to kind of “move”(idrk?) in reply then youre doing it right. Ive been doing that since i was twelve back then i was a size A and two years later at fourteen im a size C. Also sleeping on your back so they dont get saggy is helpful. Plus eating chicken bevause of how poultry enhances hormones or whatever worked on my cousin. She ate a lot of chicken and in a year went from a B to a D….lucky bitch

  • nisha

    My boobs are very small i want big boobs please help me

  • lue


  • Egypt

    I’m only 12 and my boobs are tiny and they look like triangles I really need tips on how to grow them not people judging me on how old I am or I’m just trying to get attention even though the popular boys like me and the popular girls are always jealous of me I still want big boobs like the popular girls do. please help me guys I’m desperate!!!!!

    • Hannah

      You’re 12, and you’re worrying about your breast size… Why? If there are girls with larger breasts at your age, it’s because they’re early bloomers. From what it sounds like, you’re normal. Give it a rest, girl. You do not need big boobs to attract a guy, especially at your age. That attention is sexual attraction, dear, and it is not as positive as the media portrays it. It’s no ideal to strive for, as we women are not a man’s sex toy. It’s degrading and dehumanizing… I get tired of advances from men assuming that I want it when I don’t. It can become very uncomfortable in certain situations. I’m 19 years old – soon to be 20 in less than 4 months – so believe me when I say that your breasts will come. Growing up really sucks, anyways, in more ways than one. Middle school years are the toughest. Hang in there!

    • Hannah

      Plus, the boys already like you, so why worry? It’s probably for a real reason, too, like they think that you’re personality is awesome! Nothing compares to that inner beauty, man.

  • suthap klomrod

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  • Anonymous

    I ‘m 17years olds. But i have very small breast.i want big breast.