100 Years Of Girl Scouts In 2012–They’re More Than Just Cookies!

Juliette Gordon Low Founded The Girl Scouts who are having an anniversary in 2012

Juliette Gordon Low pins one of the earliest Girl Scouts. | Source: historicalchocolate.wordpress.com

A century ago, a deaf woman with a dirtbag cheating husband, Juliette Gordon Low, had her first meeting of 18 girls. She wanted to get them out of their houses and teach them survival skills–both for the wilderness and the workforce. She taught girls how to play basketball and fly planes before women were even allowed to vote!

The Girl Scouts celebrate their 100th anniversary today–they’ve been going strong from 1912 to 2012! While you probably already know about badges and baked goods, there’s a lot more to the organization than Tagalongs and cute sashes. Here are our favorite fun facts about Girl Scouts that you may not have known before!

*Girl Scouts were a big help in World War I. Scouts sold war bonds, worked in hospitals, and collected peach pits to use in gas mask filters for soldiers.

*Girl Scouts recognized other cultures within their organization. In the 1920s, a Native American Girl Scout troop was created with girls from the Onondaga Nation in New York, while in Houston, Texas a troop of Mexican American girls was formed.

Girl Scout cookies are still a hit in 2012

There's more to Girl Scouts than cookies--though they are delicious! | Source: Mahalo.com

*The Great Depression was a little less, well, depressing when Girl Scouts got involved. Girl Scouts collected clothing and food for the poor, made quilts, carved wooden toys, and helped out in hospitals.

*During World War II, Girl Scouts were taught how to comfort children in and deal with air raids and black outs, as well as collecting and donating 1.5 million pieces of clothing to donate to victims overseas!

*While the first Girl Scout troops were segregated (because that was the law at the time), they quickly showed their progressiveness and changed all that as soon as they were able. Martin Luther King, Jr. declared the Girl Scouts a “force of desegregation” in 1956. Gloria D. Scott, the first African-American Girl Scout President, was elected in 1975.

*A study conducted in 1990 reported that Girl Scouts are less likely to cheat on tests!

*In January, a Colorado Girl Scout troop came under scrutiny after allowing a seven-year-old transgender boy, Bobby Montoya, to join. A fellow Girl Scout from Ventura, California gained media attention when she tried organizing a cookie boycott to protest allowing a male in their ranks. Regardless of which side you’re on, you have to give credit to both for each standing their ground!

*Just last week, some feisty Girl Scouts kicked the behinds of some jerks who tried stealing their cookie money! (But girls, don’t try this at home.)

*Badges are for more than campfires and cookies. You can also earn them for comic art, car care, budgeting, web design, athletic coaching, and cooking for a dinner party! (Dude, sign us up.)

Girl Scout badges

These are for more than just campfires and sewing! | Source: embroideredideas.com

*Girl Scouts Founder Juliette Gordon Low once said that she didn’t mind being deaf–because it means she doesn’t have to take “no” for answer. We knew we liked her.

Are you in Girl Scouts? What badges have you earned? What did you learn from being a Girl Scout? Tell us in the comments!

Were you ever a Girl Scout, or are you in a troop now? Tell us about your favorite Scout memories in the comments!

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  • beth_wol

    im a girl scout, i dont tell my friends alot about it because everyone thinks of scouts as nerdy and boring but in all honestly, i really enjoy it, i’ve made friends there. We’re planning a camp abroad at the moment, its great fun spending some weekends with people you get along with

  • mark.girlbfree

    They most def are more than cookies. My little sister is a girl scout and it’s a great thing for her! I wish I was able to be a Girl Scout…but I think Im too old?

  • this chick

    I like the concept of girl scouts but i don’t think that most people know that some of the money they raise go to planned parenthood….and that they are the ones that fund abortions

  • Em

    I’ve been a girl scout for about 6/7 years. In that time I’ve gone to Peru, done robotics, , done countless leadership projects, run a newsletter, gone camping, learned to sail, crossed the golden gate bridge and much much more. Girl Scouts is incredible. I would highly reccomend their destinations program among other things.

  • Rowan

    We are sure as hell* more than cookies! (and 100 years was in 2010! well Canada at least…)
    *pardon the swear

  • Diana Jane

    I too is Girl Scout but from Philippines though..:) I really love being a Girl Scout with all the things we do and I really enjoy all of those a lot..:) I’m turning 16 this year and proud to say that I would continue to be a girl scout even as I enter college this June..:)

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  • Elizabeth

    I’ve been a Girl Scout for ten years now, and I’m so proud to admit that, even though I get laughed at when I say I’m a 15-year-old and still in Girl Scouts. My troop leader has taught me so much, and I’m not sure I’d be the same without having joined Girl Scouts all those years ago 🙂