Your Complete Guide To Surviving Rejection

Help! I Was Rejected From My Dream Job!
You send out a billion resumes a week, you kill it in your interviews, and you even send thank you notes afterwards. You are so qualified! But nobody’s responding to your resumes, or the places you interview with say that they “decided to go in another direction,” or that they’ll “keep your resume on file” (UGH). Or you get fired, laid off, downsized. Jobless.

REMEMBER: Just because you can’t get your dream job now doesn’t mean that you never will. We’re growing up in a brutal economy, and there just aren’t the same kind of opportunities there were before the economy tanked. Maybe you have to widen your search a little bit, look into something that’s not quite what you’d had in mind, but still in the same field. Don’t be afraid to ask around, either – many of my jobs (actually, maybe all of my jobs) have come about because I was recommended by a friend. And hey, if it’s a matter of just needing to make money, I’m a firm believer that there is no work above being done. Jobs I have had in my life include, but are not limited to: Blockbuster Video cashier, naked model for art school painting classes, teacher of small children, cookie decorator, magazine letter-to-the-editor answerer, hippie grocery store manager . . . you get the idea.

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  • Monzerrat

    So sad! I was rejected on the weirdest way. I have this friend who i started liking. He told my friends i was beautiful, and then he even told me i was incredibly pretty and perfect. Some weeks ago i decided to tell him the truth, that i like him, but im shy.mSo i just came in and said: hey, you wanna go out sometime? And he said: “yeah, actually that eould be great. How about some movies? I smiled and said “yeah, that sounds good. But then e said “lets judt invite other people so that we are not alone there… You know. I was confused. And then the next day he came to my locker, and asked for my friend’s number, and told her that he was hoing to call her. I feel so saaaad! Please help. Someone reply please, if anyone got time. Give me your opinions. Thankyou very much for reading.

    • Lauren

      Thats messed up i have no idea what happened there? Im confused too dont worry, i guess you should just talk to him, because thats the only way to really know what happened

  • Minoli

    Well it all started when I started liking this boy called Jack… We were friends and We talked a lot in school.. We share a lot of our classes together and I talk to his friends as well. We were really nice to each other and we sat relatively close in class. Bear in mind I liked this boy for 10 months, but kept it a secret from my friends for 6 months. Soon I told my friends…. they were saying awww soo sweet…. then somehow his friends found out as they kept on asking me questions and figured it was obvious.. His friends started texting me and telling me he likes me.. I didnt believe them at first, because I was shocked myself… I then started closely observing jack’s moves and I figured that he did actually like me.. But I didnt wanna believe it just yet as it was too good to be true… so then I decided the only way to find out if he likes me is too ask him out to prom… His friends were encouraging me to as they knew how much he liked me.. and they said he would say yes… but he was too shy and embarassed to ask me but this was a week before and I didnt wanna do it as I wasnt ready… so then I was too scared to ask him as I was too afraid of rejection… I didnt want to… I was tooo scared.. I pushed it back to a week later … 5 days before valentines…… Whenever I went up to him, I would want to say it but then I would be too shy and walk away… I did this quite a lot of times… which might have annoyed him and make him move on…. I dont really know if he liked me or not… so then finally I took up the courage to ask him but he said No… I was crying soo much that I had a lesson with his afterwards.. I was soooo sad…. My friends comforted me and told me to forget about him as he is not worth it… I should just move on….I should ignore him in schoool not talk to him as it would just make matters worse…. I did what I was told but it doesnt stop me from being hurt every time I see him ….. I dont know what to do… </3 <.3 xxxxxxxx

  • seedy

    I have two such stories. Once I was rejected by my best friend in college with whom I shared the best four years of my life. But after that rejection, I changed myself a bit. I started losing weight, I started giving myself some quality hours to look tidy. And by that process, I became more confident than I was before. After that many years passed by. Next massacre happened at my office few months before. A person started liking me, started intimate chatting with me, went out with me, and we got along pretty well despite of some differences we had. I gave him some gifts too. But after few months, he disclosed in front of all the colleague-group, that he could not develop any feelings for me, and he did all these things to me because he wanted to forget his previous love. People mocked at me. He humiliated me in public mails too stating that I look horrible etc. His ex-girlfriend told me to stop behaving like a beggar. (He and she are now together). I was shocked and traumatized! Silently I prayed to God that – “I’ve never harmed anyone, why did u do this to me?” After that, I decided not to open anyone’s mail in group. I used to delete all mails of them without even reading or replying. I removed myself from the whole scenario for few months, and became the utmost silent. I started devoting my hours in work and meditation. And fortunately I could get over it. Even though sometimes I say “hi” to him only when he says a “hi” to me, deep down I still hate him for the way he humiliated me and made my life a hell. I’m thankful to God that after every rejection or breakup, I keep on learning something.. Sometimes, I really feel lonely and rejected when I see myself alone dejected by all even at this age of 27.. but then I still feel.. may be, somewhere someday I’ll also find some sensitive soul to love me 🙂 And that’s how we all live.. with a positive hope 🙂

    • Lauren

      God gave you that experience, because he knew you were strong enough to handle it. Well done i need some confidence and quick!

  • Helley.

    I was rejected. I became friends with a boy who I thought who enjoy the same things I did. But I madly feel in love with him and he started to spread rumours about me, and that is when it got out of control. I was bullied for it, I felt out of place. A friend, who I trusted had mixed with the wrong crowd and made my life a living hell. Then ever since, I started to ignore him and do a little hellos whenever I saw him, but deep down I just hated him for what he has done, and deep down somewhere I still love him. And then I became friends with another boy, and I am determined not to fall in love with him and ruin my friendship like I did with the other, but fall in love with someone who actually loves me for once.

    • The Awakening

      I used a search engine, with these words, “i love someone and was rejected”…
      It works the other way too. Women reject men as well. That is the way it goes.

  • Sunnie

    i just told a guy i recently became friends with that i liked him && he said i was cool & a great person, but he didn’t like me in that way…i was a shocked, confused, & upset at first b.c i got the intentions that he did like me, but now i’m fine. this happened right before i went on spring break & over the break i found a cutie who i’ll be going on my second date w/ soon! 🙂 there are a ton of other guys out there! not every one of them will like you (it’s a fact of life) BUT there will be one guy that does like you just as much as you like him. life goes on & soon enough you’ll care less & less that you got rejected by one out of a million guys (like me) at least your not left wondering “what if?” you asked & got your answer 🙂

  • Rebecca

    I was rejected asking this guy to prom. I asked him about a month ago, he said probably not but he’ll think about it. Then last monday he told my friend he needed to talk to me but in person… So I freaked for a week. I asked him if it was a bad thing… and he said no. So I felt majorly reassured… Turns out he wanted to talk to me about how its a no for PROM… So I said its cool cuz he said probably not, anyhow. To which he responded… “OH WHOOPS…” So then I asked him how that wasn’t a bad thing… and he said “Well it’s whatever right…?” So yep.. worst day ever…

  • Mangajuicexd

    I was rejected by my BESTFRIEND!!! Once in Highschool, (which left me so confused, angry and hurt!!! What have I done to her? I enjoyed her company, I looked up to her because I thought she was the coolest girl there is in the campus! why would she call me something horrible like a “leech”? I just only wanted to be with her, and I think I wasn’t that clingy either… anyways, years have passed and I’m over it, and I still can’t get why she suddenly left me alone.)
    Then when I was in college, I had another best friend, then after our graduation, she changed… kept distance from me like I was the worst person she has ever met. Why? but this time, I knew how to cope up: I invited new friends into my life and felt better. NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO MAKE YOU FEEL INFERIOR. I’m not saying I’ve replaced her. You can never replace anyone, however, you can enrich this experience by opening up to the world around you. Yeah, after I lost my “BFF” I turned my energies to serving my community and church, and surprisingly, found new people to hang out with. 🙂

  • TrendyNerdLuvMB

    I know it does stinks to be rejected! Most gURLs get rejected by their crush most of the time! Not cool doodz!

    -Happy St. Patricks Day! 8^D

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