Poll: Tell Us About Your Crush

Your Crush

He loves me, he loves me not... | Source: TheForkster.com

Just thinking about your crush probably makes you smile. The way they laugh, the way their hair looks while you’re sitting behind them in class, the way they say your name… sigh. When crushes aren’t totally messing with your head, they can be so much fun.

Since we know you’ll take any chance to dish on the potential love of your life (you can admit it here, don’t worry), we want to know all about who’s stolen your heart. Why are you so into this person? What makes them so swoon-worthy? So take a few minutes out of your day to fill out this poll – and you’ll probably start smiling.


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  • Kayla

    I’m best friends with my crush, and we talk almost every day. I think he likes me back, I’m almost POSITIVE. He’s got brown hair, and brown eyes— he’s taller than me and we have a lot in common. I really wanna let him know how I feel… I’m just really shy and nervous. >_<

    • potato

      Just tell him

  • Diana Prince

    My crush has blue eyes, curly blond hair, great smile!! BUT he is one of my ex’s best friends. After my ex and i broke up (sadly, I broke his little heart) my crush and I started talking, we had 2 classes together. We laughed and flirted a little and we started texting but he turned down my invitation for coffee because my ex is a good friend of his. Its been 3 months since my ex and I have broken up and he has been dating his new gf for about 2 weeks now (good for him!) Should I try talking to my crush again?? Is it safe to bring up my ex and his new gf?? Should i try to be friends and get closer to him? I DONT KNOW. HELP 🙁

    • AnHonestLad

      You should definately try and talk to him . at the end of the day you have nothing to lose and a possible gain

  • Trickshot99

    I have this huge crush on a guy but I can never talk to him face to face. I always get nervous around him and I’m scared that I’ll say something weird or stupid. We text once and a while but it seems like he’s just responding because he wants to be polite(he’s SUPER nice).I also don’t want to be creepy and bug him everyday. Does anyone have any advice please?

    • Carra

      You need to get over your fear and talk to him in person. If you dont hew ill end up finding it weird that you only text him. Casually say hey and ask about homework or something simple like that then wait awhile to talk to you chances are once you start talking to him in person you wont always have to engage the conversation

    • Gicelle

      Definately talk to him! I’ve had crushes on guys that I didn’t know very well, but then when I got to know them I didn’t even like them any more! You definately want to know if you guys click before you start daydreaming about someone.

  • Heather

    K, so a few weeks ago, i told my crush i liked him, and he told me that he liked me back 😀 worthy and all, but now he’s gone MIA and hasn’t contacted me ANYWHERE (fb, text, Skype anything) for 3 weeks. should I be worried?

    • Jenna

      Omg yes! Find out what’s up. <3

    • Gicelle

      he shouldn’t leave you all high and dry like that. Sounds really immature. You have the right to know what’s up.

  • ellen

    I have this crush on this amazing guy. i met him during the summer holidays and found out that he lives really near to me. we don’t go to the same school, but we hang out a lot and text everyday. when we’re just chilling out he’ll lay down and put his head on my lap or hold my hand, but i don’t know if this means anything. see i found out that he has a girlfriend a couple of days ago, and i was so upset. i still have a huge crush on him, but now i can’t act on it! what should i do please?

    • chinycseoul3

      Let him know. It seems to me that he likes you, or did like you. So let him know, but dont force anything. Good luck, girl 😀 <3

    • Gicelle

      Um, yeah it sounds like he likes you…because he has to know that his actions are going to be interpretted by you that way. But he shouldn’t be acting like that if he has a girlfriend…