What Exactly Is A Pap Smear? Do They Really Hurt?

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niaboo said:

Okay, so I’m trying my hardest to have the safest sex I can possibly have. I’ve got condoms and the pill, I just want to go to the doctor and get checked out. My ma and sis told me that a pap smear hurts… I want to get it, but I don’t want it to hurt or feel uncomfortable. I’m afraid to go get it but I’d rather get that then have something wrong.

Has anybody had a pap smear before?? How did it feel? How does it exactly work?


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  • angie marriah

    Hi want to go for a papsmear but I am so scared of pain I have 1 child but I am still so frightened

  • Lauren

    Had my first one today. It was definitely not as bad as my head had worked it up.
    It’s more awkward having someone down there.
    I tried to focus on my breathing because tensing the muscles makes it hurt. I made my breaths go into my chest. It took about 5 minutes. The doctor put the large opener thing in but it was covered with jelly do it skid in and then positioned it right before putting the swab thing in. That felt strange but no pain.
    I would suggest going to bathroom first because you may be tensing your muscles holding it in and make the Pap smear hurt.

  • Sarah

    Im nervous before a pap should you use the bathroom someone said to hold it

  • shannon

    I have to go get mine done and I had never had one done befor and im soo nervous bout it. Cause my mom and sister’s keep telling me stories about it. But I have to get it done even though my doctor is all up in my business. But we will see how my 1st exam goes

  • pamela

    Idk if they hurt. But i just found out im pregnant & i have never even had one before! So can someone please give me advice im so scared ! & i go to my first baby appointment today … :/ ohh lord

  • Neicy

    I never feel any pain when my doctor does one. All they are doing is swabbing (with a really big cotton swab, it’s odd) your cervix. I feel the swab a little but you shouldn’t feel any paint at all. Ofcourse it’s slightly akward at first but I’ve been getting full exams every 6 months for almost 4 years now (you have to when you’re on the pill) every year i get a pap and it honestly makes the process only 2 mins longer. If you have a doctor you’r comfortable with the weirdness will go away. Yes, someone is staring at your lady parts but you get used to it. Me and my gyn always talk about school or my tattoo while she’s doing the exam =p

  • Dreamer

    I don’t want to sound gross at all but will the girl juices flow while the Doctor is doing his or her’s job? Cause that could be really awkward. And do you HAVE to get them even if you’re a virgin?

    • Neicy

      It depends on your doctor. Mine makes me get them and I’m a virgin. It’s a cancer check so it honestly has very little to do with sexual activity. Now some studies are saying HPV (a sexually transmitied virus) causes all cervical cancers. Until the evidence is more concrete some doctors are still requiring paps.

  • pikachugirl

    it hurts a little but it depends on your physically body.Some feels hurts, some don’t. Just listen to the doctor and you’ll be okay then.

  • Jbol

    I have never heard of that in my life! Is it like something that keeps you even more protected from sex ? lolol .

    • Neicy

      Its a cervical cancer check

  • hollykim72


    Their So Gross and invasive!

    I had a nightmare about that sort of thing
    just the other night!

    no lie,i swear.


  • infinity

    what is it? WHat for? What happens??

  • PrincessAllison*

    No , Papsmears don’t really hurt . At first they are VERY awkard. But in the end you’ll be glad you got one . As long as you stay relaxed and listen to what they tell you to do youll be fine (:

  • Missfiction

    does it hurt?