How To Say No When You’re Not Into Him

learn how to say no to dudes like this3) Be grateful.
Of course you’re totally worth it, but start with a “thank you for asking me out.”

4) Never say “yes” if you mean “no.”
Sometimes with memories of “Good Girl Scout” badges ringing in our memories, our well-meaning, people-pleasing demons gets the best of us. A sympathy date won’t do anyone any favors. It’s better to be authentic. And when you say “no” please leave the pity out of your voice, young lady.

5) Keep it short, authentic and private.
Be kind, be genuine and keep it moving. You don’t need a Gettysburg Address to explain why you’re not interested. Also, don’t subject the person to public ridicule. That won’t make you any cooler.

Statistically, every no brings you closer to someone you’ll want to say yes to. So now that you know how to say no, here’s wishing you many happy rejections, rock star!

Do you think you know how to say no in a nicer way? Have you ever had to say no to a guy who liked you? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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  • Deisi

    Omg this boy stares at me but I said no know I. Have a feeling he might punch the boy I like for just rejected him the boy is not my take I like somebody who soooooo hot

    • L

      Wow your a jerk it know people who have been rejected so many times they thought of killing themselves in not saying the word but really u can’t just say yes the the kid

  • krysta

    I mean, before I said yes to him without thinking

  • krysta

    I should’ve gone here BEFORE I read stuff on gurl…what do I do if I’ve already said yes? I feel so horrible and I just want out, it’s only been three days! Aghhhhh :((

  • Brandon’s grl

    well there was this dude..his name was Monenchello.. and well we were at camp and he asked me out and of course me being co-dependent i wanted to say yes so i wouldnt hurt his feelings but didnt i said ill think about it

  • saylum

    Well, I’ve had three guys that like me the way I didn’t like them. They all asked me out, and I didn’t like any of them. The first one, Chris, I said yes to. Went on a few dates with him. He was so sweet but it just felt…wrong. With the second one, John, I waited until I thought I was ready and I went out with him. WRONG MOVE on my part. He’s always been like my brother. So it was SO awkward when he tried to kiss me or hold my hand. The third one, Robert, I said no to. Kindly and respectfully, no. And then I got with my current girlfriend. I’m bi.
    Well, I made the mistake of rooming with Robert, his little brother, and his cousin and his cousins fiancee this past weekend at an anime convention (ya, I’m that kind of nerd). He had broken his collar bone two weeks ago, and got totally territorial over me at the convention. He knows I’m not his to be territorial over! I told him “Robert, I’m not your girlfriend. Please don’t snap at every guy that comes near me. I know your in pain but I’m not yours to be this protective over.” He backed off. I got uncomfortable staying in a room full of people I didn’t know (especially when most of them were guys and we were in a small hotel room). I told him I was going to room with my friend Jessa three times Saturday. Every time I saw him I reminded him I was staying with Jessa and I told him over and over that she was an responsible adult and that she roomed alone and I wanted to stay with her. Well, at about four in the morning that Sunday after Jessa and my other friend Eetienne (he’s from south Africa and HOT) had gotten into the rave at the convention and were having a good time, Robert decides to call me when he KNOWS I’m in the rave and that I can’t hear him. So I hang up and text him, “Hey I’m in the rave, what did you want?” and he starts cussing and snapping at me “Get the f%$$#^ out here its f*&^&%ing important”. I told him not to snap at me. He said “get out here we’re leaving” and I told him “I’m staying with Jessa remember?” Then he started making me feel less than dirt saying, “Well I spent 200 dollars for you to sleep there one night” and “You just wanted a free ride didn’t you” when I am NOTHING like that. He was jealous that I didn’t want to sleep in the room with him. HE didn’t sleep there the night before and the 200 was for him, his brother, food AND me, not just me.
    When a guy is willing to do what Robert did to me, they are not boyfriend material. They aren’t friend material either. Earlier yesterday after I’d gotten home, he proposed that he would get him, his ex, and me another hotel room. I told him the night before that they made me uncomfortable. So I told him, “No thank you. I don’t want to room with you guys and I won’t put you out of anymore money so I’ll just find my own place to stay next year.” He snapped at me again. I ignored him.
    Turns out that when I left I accidentally left my prom dress (the con had a killer Ball. Yknow like the one in Cinderella) in the hotel room. So sense he lives near the hotel, I have to get him to get it back to me. After I get my dress back, I’m not going to talk to him anymore. No one needs that much drama and stress in their life.

    • maylor

      OMG! Guuurrrrrllll the SAME thing happen to me :O …….except it was the complete opposite

  • lexasweetheart

    i say just go out with him just once and than lay it down and tell him ” im only going to date you once and that is that” if he keeps asking you out tell him you are the last guy that i wwounld ever date and i have given you a chance to date and be grateful for that.

  • Love in French! ^~^

    This has helped me out soooo much! I’m actually dealing with the creepy jock who stares at me, but I don’t have any classes with him. However, I’ve kindly rejected him before but he keeps coming back and I’m starting to get annoyed and am so close to being the d-bag! That’s the last thing I want. Any advice if he still refuses to accept the fact that I’m not into him and he continues to ask me out?