The Girls of Pokemon–And Why We Heart Them!

Admit it: You watched, played, and maybe even collected cards for Pokemon. It’s cool — we did too, and we’re not ashamed! Part of what was so awesome about this particular anime phenomenon is just how many awesome girls took part in the show, and the fact that they all had actual personalities instead of just being the token females. These ladies literally schooled Ash and the gang on how it was done. We’ve rounded up our favorite pocket monster mamas for you to reminisce!




Dawn is always confident and always strives to do better than she did last time. She  also takes risks to protect and save her Pokemon — a lot like some dude named Ash that you may have heard of, but with more girl power. She’s wise, too: When she says “No need to worry,” she’s right. Worrying is wasted time!




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Dawn’s biggest rival, Ursula can be pretty annoying at times, but you have to admire her confidence and persistence — even if they sometimes come with a heaping side of denial. At least she keeps trying!




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Zoey is confident and always happy to help anyone else. However, she’s just as happy to whoop their behinds in competitions when she needs to. Sounds like a pretty perfect competitor’s attitude to us!





Elesa is a supermodel in addition to being a pretty tough Pokemon battler. And you can’t even hate her for it, because on top of that, she’s also smart and nice. Okay, so maybe you can hate her a little — but you still would totally hang out with her.




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May is both sensitive and spunky. When she’s not sparring off with her brother, Max, she’s getting creative with Pokeblock recipes or dishing out love advice. Don’t you want her to be your best friend?





We love Skyla because she’s a pilot in addition to a pretty worthy opponent in a Pokemon battle. That’s pretty fly. (See what we did there?!)




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Ash assumed at first glance that Iris was a Pokemon when he saw her fierce indigo hair poking out behind some bushes. Turns out, her fierce hair matches her confident, sassy attitude and wild nature.




Cynthia from Pokemon
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Cynthia rules because she’s so frickin’ wise. She cares  for all Pokemon — even the bad ones — and is even nice to jerks like Paul, who no one else can stand. Did we mention she’s usually on every champion list? Yeah, so there’s that too.




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Aside from kicking butt in Pokemon battles, Maylene just kicks butt in general, often unaware of her own strength. She’s also a competitive eater. Watch your back, Kobayashi!





Is she kind of a drama queen? Yes. Is she a bad guy? Yes. Is her voice shrill and annoying? Yes. Do we somehow love her anyway? Yes. Yes we do.




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C’mon, did you really think we’d forget Misty?! Despite her sisters scoffing at her dreams, Misty keeps truckin’ in her journey to become a master of water Pokemon — and she keeps the boys in line (especially the girl-crazy Brock). And really, her crush on Ash is too cute — and soooo relatable!


Were you into the Pokemon craze? Did we miss one of your favorite female characters? Who would win between Raichu and Charizard? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Abigail Watson

    I like Misty the best, mostly because she reminds me of me a little bit (except that while she likes the Bug-type Pokémon that are either cute or pretty, I like the Bug-types that aren’t those at all — with the exception of Pinsir, of course). 🙂

  • Derpy Hooves

    Gotta love Lyra!(I prefer in the game not the anime)

  • Potty

    Where is Serena

  • Francia Rose

    I think Serena is inlove with Ash…

    • Blue Rose

      That’s probably because she is lol

  • Infernapeblaze

    Well, I like Skyla,Candice,Cliar,Roxie,Elesa and Cynthia. They are the coolest girls from pokemon. I don’t like Misty because she is hot tempered,but I don’t hate her ether.

  • max


  • Axel

    Uhh, why is there no Candice???

  • Bondage

    Dawn and May please.

  • Sam

    I didn’t know Misty had a crush on Ash? lol

  • xbanana

    raichu would win. electric beats flying. not that anyone cares…

  • Catherine

    Misty doesn’t have a crush on Ash. It was the other way around.

  • richy
  • Trin

    You still need put more up cause you forget some like the ice gym girl from D’P’P area!

    • CheeseCat

      Yay Candice 😀

  • Anonymous


  • jacob

    I perfeer misty all the way even when i was a kid but how come it says misty has a crush on ash when there was no fealings shown for any of them in all the sesons
    but misty is the best and the hotest

    • Tricia

      There were a few hints throughout the series that implied that Misty liked Ash, but I don’t think they ever outright stated that she liked him in that way.