I Don’t Drink Alcohol – Does That Make Me Uncool?

I Don't Drink

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Hi Heather,

I was just wondering… is it normal to feel stupid about not drinking? I’ll be a freshmen in high school next year, and most of my friends have had the occasional beer or shot of vodka, but I haven’t. Sometimes it makes me feel stupid when people look at me weirdly when I say I don’t drink. I want to be able to have fun, but at the same time I don’t want people to judge me if I haven’t had a drink. Should I let the pressure bother me? Will it get worse?

First things first: not drinking definitely doesn’t make you uncool. In fact, sticking to what you believe in, even though it’s different from what everyone else is doing, makes you super cool in my book.

To answer your question, no, you shouldn’t let the pressure bother you. That being said, dealing with peer pressure stinks and can definitely be pretty tough. I’m not going to lie, that pressure to drink will probably continue throughout high school.  What you have to keep in mind is that just because your friends are drinking and getting drunk doesn’t mean you have to be doing the same. You should never force yourself to do something just because your friends want you to do it – that will never make you happy.

Peer Pressure To Drink

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Plus, faking something just for approval is never the way to fit in. If people are going to judge you just because you’re not taking a shot of vodka, then those people aren’t your real friends. Real friends will accept you for who you are, and they won’t force you into doing things you’re not comfortable with. Ignore the people who act that way, and instead be proud of yourself for not giving in.

I’m sure you’ll figure out that you can absolutely still have a good time without drinking alcohol. Don’t feel like you can’t go to a party or hang with your friends just because you’re going to stay sober. As long as you relax, you can still have fun without worrying about getting in trouble or doing anything you’ll regret – not to mention you’ll be the only one waking up not feeling terrible due to a hangover.

In the end, just stick to your beliefs. If someone asks why you don’t drink, simply say you’re not into it, or feel free to ignore them all together. If someone is really bothering you about it, stop hanging around them – they’re not worth your time. In the end, I promise doing what you want will make you much happier.

take care,

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  • mook

    Smoke some weed.

  • MariSSa

    You can be the coolest person in school and not drink. If you’re friends are pressuring you to drink, maybe you shouldn’t be friends with them, find friends who will respect the fact you don’t wanna drink. I’m about to be a junior in high school and I haven’t drank alcohol yet, and don’t plan to til i’m 21, and my friends and bf respect my decision. Don’t worry gurl, you’re plenty cool being above the influence :))

  • Kate

    Thanks so much for your help girls 🙂 yes this was me who asked the question and I’m so glad i got this advice back! i now feel happy and anxious to get into grade 9 and I’m not worry about parties and drinking!

    • victoria

      hey girl, im going to be senior when school starts back in august and i havent drunk either. its hard sometimes but i got into a situation here recently and i had to stand up for what i believe in. my friends and i were at someones house and they started drinking and i left and i had to tell my mom why i was coming home at midnight. they got in trouble and it drastically changed my friendship with two of those three girls but im glad i stood my ground. its worth it.

  • synemyoa

    The first time I tried to drink anything alcoholic was last year (college-freshman). But I didn’t do it because of peer pressure, I was just really curious and wanted to know if I could actually handle some liquor- and found out I can’t! I only drank a glass of cassis with orange, and I got a headache! If that wasn’t a warning I shouldn’t drink, then I don’t know what is. After that, I’ve been to lots of drinking parties because my (two-year)older sister loves to party and drink… but I’ve stood up to myself and refused any offers of alcoholic drinks. Some tried to be really annoying about it, saying “I’m no fun” or “I’m missing out”… but I guess it’s thanks to my “Stop annoying me or else…” attitude that they’ve stopped bothering me when I bring out the cold looks and glares. XD Just be yourself and don’t let them tell you what to do. Doing something because you were pressured into it is waaaaaaaay “UN-cool-er” than not drinking! 🙂

  • jojo00

    hey girl, I’m in your situation. For a while I thought of giving in to the peer presure. I didn’t want to be weird! Then I started to think. If that people wanted me to do something I didn’t want to do, maybe they’re not my friends, right? Right! I started to surrond with people that really cared with me. And yeah, some of them drink and almost all have tried! But they accept me the way I am! Girl, don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life. You are the only owner of it. Enjoy it!

  • JadeSkellington

    There’s nothing wrong with not drinking. No, it does not ‘make you uncool’ (maybe some people will have thoughts like that, but who cares about them?) and you should not let the pressure get to you, because you most likely will regret it in the future. Always stand your ground and don’t let others’ influence you to do things you don’t feel comfortable about. So if you don’t want to drink, then don’t! Basically go with Heather’s advice. Stick to your beliefs and if your friends can’t accept you for not wanting to drink, then they clearly are not your real friends. Because true friends accept you for who you are.

  • Maggie

    I went through high school without ever having a drink. I am now nearing the end of my freshman year of college, still without ever having a drink! I have been to plenty of parties where people end up sloppily drunk, and I always feel extremely proud of my decision not to bow to peer pressure. One of my favorite things about myself is that I never choose to do something based on what other people think. Sticking to your own choices and beliefs is the coolest thing ever!

  • star

    this actually has me scared to bring my children into a world where middle schoolers are having sex and drinking. you’re still a kid.. i dont want my children to be influenced by peers just because they think its cool…. guess you gotta raise your kids right

    • Kate

      i appreciate your comment, and by the way i live in canada, so there is now middle school! And i try not to be influenced by my friend decisions but when i spend so much time from them, i can’t avoid being influenced. And i don’t think its a matter how you raise your kids, my parents raised me with good morals and my mom is a perfect example of a non-drinker. She has told me that she’ll support me with any decision i make. No matter how hard she can try to get me not to drink, she can’t stop me or my friends from influencing me. So i’ll make my own decision, she’ll support it if she knows I’m happy and safe.

  • Jane

    I’m 25, and I still don’t drink. A couple of people have questioned my decision over the years, but for the most part nobody really cares. I find that the ones who do are usually the ones who have started drinking to fit in and are confused when they realize that they didn’t have to in the first place.

  • Danielle Cartier

    Guess what? I’m almost 19 and I’ve never drank… not once. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. I think it’s people who can’t have fun without drinking alcohol that have a problem.

  • kaytothetee

    I used to party alot and “get wasted” in high school. Right after graduation, a sudden wave of maturity hit me. I don’t claim to be super grown up now, but I don’t drink at all anymore and I’ve honestly never EVER felt cooler. The mere look on people’s faces, when I tell them I don’t drink and my liver loves me now, makes me feel so good inside 🙂 Especially when the people show a negative reaction. I just feel like “wow. i feel sorry for your body. and for your self esteem, since you measure coolness with alcohol.” I’m seriously so proud to have the phase behind me :))