Which Ryan Gosling Should Be Your Boyfriend?

ryan gosling and a cat at disneyland

I think this one is MY boyfriend! | Source: ryangoslingdisneylandcats.com

Okay, so obviously Ryan Gosling is your boyfriend–but the real question is which version of him do you want to smoocharoo with most? Mr. Gosling in The Notebook? Mr. Gosling in The Ides Of March? There are just too many versions of Ryan to choose from! Take this very scientific quiz to find out for sure which Ryan you’re most compatible with.

Get started right here!

What’s your favorite Ryan Gosling movie? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Blake

    I just wanna say, I am from the same city as Ryan Gosling. xD Burlington, ON, Canada. My mom’s friend saw him at the grocery store once and she freaked.