Flashback: 15 Old Skool School Supplies

Back when I was a kid, the most secretly exciting thing about a new school year was picking out new school supplies. Obviously I had to purchase a new Lisa Frank folder for every class, stickers to decorate my notebooks with, and fun erasers to look cool.

Just looking at these old school supplies makes me nostalgic, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to make you guys feel the same way. We’re not saying you can’t still buy some of these, but using them today just isn’t the same as when you used them as a kid – plus, they were way more popular back in the day! Check ‘em out and let us know what your favorite is:


Lisa Frank Everything
Lisa Frank Folders
Lisa Frank might be the best way to describe the ’90s. I wish I could describe the amount of Lisa Frank things I accumulated, but that would be impossible. The folders, notebooks, pencil cases and more made school much more colorful.


Mr. Sketch Scented Markers
Mr. Sketch Scented Markers
These were HUGE back when I was a kid. They were banned in my private school (which only made them cooler), and we used to secretly pass them around and take turns smelling them until class became much more enjoyable.


Lunch Boxes with Thermoses
90s Jurassic Park Lunch Box
Lunch boxes nowadays don’t even compare to the lunchbox/thermos sets of our childhood. Forget about boring brown paper bags – it was all about these plastic things.


Scented Erasers
Scented Erasers
Having a good eraser collection was only one of the coolest things you could do in school. And scented erasers not only got the job done, but they smelled delicious.


Yikes Pencils
Yikes Pencils
Who didn’t have Yikes pencils? They came in every different color imaginable, and the patterns were so cool. Why are pencils so boring now?


Gelly Roll Gell Pens
Gelly Roll Gell Pens
Forget the fact that you could barely see what you wrote after you wrote it – gell pens were freakin’ awesome. They were so colorful and so much more fun than a boring old black or blue pen.


Troll Pencil Toppers
Troll Pencil Toppers
Trolls were super popular back in the day, so putting them on your pencils as a cute (and creepy) little decoration was perfect. These little guys were adorably weird.


Geometers Ruler
Stenciled rulers were another thing that were all the rage. I don’t know if I got anything done in school just because I was too busy drawing with these.


Spacemaker Pencil Cases
90s Pencil Case
These colorful plastic pencil cases were a staple in every kids desk – they were pretty much the perfect hiding spot for small toys.


Crayola Crayons That Smelled Like Food
Crayola Magic Scent Crayons
There are still scented crayons out there, but Crayola discontinued the food-scented ones like “cherry” and “chocolate” because some parents said their kids wanted to eat them!


Trapper Keepers

You can’t talk about old school supplies without mentioning Trapper Keepers. Practically every kid had one. They were made with Velcro back then, so they were nice and loud in class.


Dizzy Doodler
Dizzy Doodler
This was a vibrating pen (seriously) that made everything you wrote come out decorated like little curly-q’s. So cool, so pointless.


Watch Calculator
Watch Calculator
Why use a regular calculator when you could use one that you could also wear on your wrist?


Gem Stickers
Gem Stickers
Colorful and funky stickers were huge back when I was a kid, and gem stickers could be seen decorating almost every girls’ notebooks.



Technically not a school supply, but let’s be honest: you were nothing without your hidden stash of Pogs.


Which of these was your favorite? What did we miss? Tell us in the comments!


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  1. avatar Lizzy says:

    I didn’t give up my Spacemaker until 8th grade. lol Lods of Lisa Frank. And your mom yelling at you because your nose was covered in marker from sniffing the scented ones.

    By far my favorite are gel pens. It was THE THING to have in middle school into high school.

  2. avatar Marie says:

    Anybody remember Crazy Bones? The classic ones, not the new ones…

  3. avatar Anjuli says:

    OH AND POGS?!? Hahahahaha those were my absolute fave! I didn’t get the whole trading silly bands & Pokemon cards til I remembered pogs back in my day! My dad made me a steel pog “flipper” (? Don’t remember what the thicker ones were called) w/ my name engraved on it, was the coolest thing! Never really played the game but the collecting! Lol

  4. avatar Anjuli says:

    Pencils are SOOO boring now! My daughter’s teacher last year wouldn’t allow any cool eraser toppers, colorful erasers, pencils w/ cool designs on them cuz “they distracted the kids” PUH-LEEZE! The woman was just old and boring! Military-like even. Hopefully this year the new teacher will allow a lil personal flair! I’m going to decorated her pencil box w/ her so she’ll have a lil somethin somethin.
    Yes I also had the Lisa Frank folders, they were just so pretty! And ohmygosh the vibrating pen?!? Loved that!!! Still use gelly roll pens too, didn’t really get my own as a kid so now I’m stocking up! Thanks for the flashback!!!

  5. avatar Miranda says:

    I had: Lisa Frank stuff, lunch box with thermoses, scented erasers, yikes pencils, gelly roll pens, troll pencil topper, geometer, space maker pencil cases, and gem stickers!:D

  6. avatar TrendyNerdLuvMB says:

    I want those Yikes Pencils… they look pretty kool! 8^D

    -TrendyNerdLuvMB Out! 8^D

  7. avatar TrendyNerdLuvMB says:

    @ least one student HAD to have a Lisa Frank supply… students in our school STILL have Lisa Frank things…. and spacemakers??? pfft…we had those from K-2 grade!


    -TrendyNerdLuvMB Out! 8^D

  8. avatar Lory9596 says:

    I had plenty of scented erasers and uh.. Geometers :)) OH! I had a lunchbox and a thermos too x)) Well, I think everyone had one :D

  9. avatar nikole says:

    i had the lunchbox, and i had the spacemaker,, and the gel pens were the best i loved all of them is it weird that i’m freaking 25 and like hanging out on this website y’all are cool

  10. avatar Blue Eyed Wallflower says:

    My father has been rocking that Casio watch since it came out. It hasn’t changed its design since then. As for the Lisa Frank supplies, scented erasers, and gel pens, I still have those… and I will keep on buying ‘em.

  11. avatar Alli says:

    hahhahaa lol i had a surfer lisa frank folder and a candy girl notebook! and i still have my spacemaker from 3rd grade xD

  12. avatar stAr says:

    lisa frank was the shizzle!!! i used to think her designs were the most coolest thing. it brings back so many memories of me as a kid and how innocent i was… now im 20 and wish i could have done more things as a kid now that i am plagued with responsibilities. children enjoy your childhood because it’s only once.

  13. avatar katelyn <3 says:

    i love lisa frank!! still have some lisa frank stuff!! <3

  14. avatar Tracie says:

    OMG. This brings back so many memories. I’m almost positive I still have that orange scented eraser back at my parent’s house. Which I got at a book fair at my elementary school. Lisa frank was the best. Also had the vibrating pen and spacemaker pencil case! Miss gel pens the most.

  15. avatar ilikecats says:

    I named one of my pet pigs after those vibrating pens! His name was Squiggle Pig

  16. avatar Sydney says:

    i miss mr.sketch scented markers! do they still sell them?

    • avatar Ruby says:

      Actually you can still find them in most art stores,although they cost a bit more than they used to

  17. avatar GAMERCHICK101 says:

    what are pogs?

  18. avatar HerFace says:

    Am I the only one who used to make bookmarks by putting glue on the “spacemarker” part of the pencil box? And added marker ink to make designs?

    • avatar Blue Eyed Wallflower says:

      I remember doing that once! It was a really long time ago… at least ten years ago.

  19. avatar Missfiction says:


  20. avatar Wendy says:

    OMG I had ALL OF THESE as a kid!! For the longest time, my lunchbox was a New Kids on the Block lunchbox, it was the COOLEST!! And Lisa Frank? OMG what didn’t I have of hers!!

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