Who Is Sandra Fluke? She’s A Hero, Not A Slut!

Who Is Sandra Fluke--This is Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke was called a "slut" for speaking out about the health benefits of birth control. | Source: thegrio.com

The name Sandra Fluke has been floating around the media like crazy lately — and so has the word “slut,” thanks in part to the Blunt Amendment (more on that here), and mostly due to some disgusting, sexist comments from notorious radio personality Rush Limbaugh. For real–since he started his idiotic tirade, the word “slut” has been used in the media almost 600 percent more.  Classy, no?

There’s a lot more to Sandra than the slut-shaming Rush subjected her to. Here’s the skinny on Sandra Fluke and why she’s a girl we can get behind.

Sandra Fluke graduated from Cornell University in 2003 (smart!), after which she started work helping victims of domestic violence in a ton of ways–including founding her own coalition for their rights. Amazing!

Right now, Sandra Fluke is a law student and women’s rights activist at Georgetown University Law Center, where she focuses on issues surrounding domestic violence and human trafficking. How can anyone knock this girl? She’s a superstar!

Anyway, all the noise about her being a “slut” started last month when a conservative politician in California decided to hold a hearing over whether or not employers (meaning my boss and yours!) should be able to decide whether or not their employees could have affordable birth control. Sandra wanted to testify, but the dude in charge refused to let her. Interestingly? Not a single woman testified at this hearing, which is super odd considering we don’t know of any men who take Yaz or any other forms of birth control!

Sandra wouldn’t be silenced, though. She took action and spoke in front of the Democratic members of the House of Representatives (talk about gutsy!) about why she opposed the bill and why she was in favor of free contraception, including birth control pills.

She cited the fact that as a college student, contraception could cost up to $3,000 a year — and pointed out that without it, many women’s clinics wouldn’t be able to meet the demands and needs posed by women forced to go without them. In the long run, Fluke’s method is a lot cheaper than pre- and post-natal care, let alone caring for a child that was unintended and unplanned.

Sandra also pointed out an important factor that many opponents of free contraception overlook: Birth control pills are often prescribed for medical reasons. They are often used to treat hormonal imbalances, including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and are often prescribed to remedy irregular or overly heavy periods, as well as dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), endometriosis, and a slew of other health issues. that have nothing to do with how often or how much a girl gets laid.

Sandra Fluke viewed the issue as one of equal rights for women’s health, not as one of religious freedom. (After all, if someone doesn’t believe in birth control, they can simply avoid using it themselves, right? Let the higher power doing the judging later.)

For all that, we think she’s a hero to girls and women everywhere, but stupid Rush Limbaugh decided that her amazing bravery and smart arguments made her a “slut,” (which we already know is damaging) and said she has so much sex that she needs someone else to pay for her birth control pills. Oh, add to that his totally wacko demands to see videos of Sandra having sex. Really? Seriously?

sandra fluke rush limbaugh

Should someone like this really have a say in what goes on in your reproductive system? | Source: tokeofthetown.com

Thankfully, most of the public–including the sponsors who pay that jerk’s bills–disagree with Rush Limbaugh, or at least with the inflammatory language he used. Limbaugh himself has since apologized, though only after his advertisers pulled their spots. Does he not understand that no matter how much sex–if any–someone has, they only take one birth control pill a day?

We can’t wait to hear his reaction if and when the government ever petitions to stop covering Viagra. Pretty sure dude will have a serious freak out then!

How do you feel about Sandra Fluke? Do you agree with Sandra Fluke or with Rush Limbaugh? Do you fall somewhere in between? Have you ever had problems getting birth control? I want to know what you really think. Tell me in the comments!

If you think Sandra seems cool–check out more on her philosophy!

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  • lol?

    lol. So, you would rather pay for viagra then birth control? Understood. Bribes indeed.

  • Alyce

    The government covers Viagra, and they don’t want to support birth control pills?! Seriously?!

  • Angered

    As for me : As mentioned above, birth control pills aren’t just for controlling birth. I have certain stomach issues, which cause extreme pain, cramping, and “restroom problems.” The extreme pain, plus the menstrual cramps, together, put me in so much pain I can barely move. I take birth control pills to help regulate my cycles and sort of lessen the pain. I’m a virgin, and I don’t plan on becoming sexually active until I’m married. I’m not from a very wealthy family, so without affordable medication, I’d be in some seriously painful business.

    As for Sandra Fluke : She’s an educated woman. She is an adult and she makes her own decisions, so why are they trying to take away her right to birth control? If she wants to have sex, let her have sex. If she wants to take precautionary measures for preventing pregnancy, don’t question it. She’s a grown woman. She’s mature, and she’s likely not hopping around bed-to-bed with whatever men she can find out there. If she gets pregnant and decides she’s not ready for a child yet, she may get an abortion. Oh, What’s that? They’re against abortion, also? So now she’d have to go through with the pregnancy, carry a baby that she doesn’t believe she’s ready for in her stomach for 9 months, and then give it up for adoption? In my opinion, she’d be a bit attached to the child after giving it LIFE. Basically what I’m saying here is, Her uterus, her choice.

    And as for Rush Limbaugh : I have never had much respect for that man. He is one of the most racist, sexist, overly-biased, rudest people I’ve ever seen. I heard the entire show where he was talking about Ms. Fluke, and I think it’s safe to say that me and the other “Feminazis” agree that this man is truly awful. I have relatives who listen to him, and even though they agree with some of the things he says, they do get super pee’d off at him. Limbaugh needs to shut up and think in another person’s perspective for once.

    • Adrienne

      But abortion isn’t about her uterus, it’s about the baby inside her uterus. If I own a house that is burning down and someone is in that house, would it be right to just continue to let it burn, because it is after all my house, my choice. Nobody should have to tell me what to do with my house, if I want it to burn down I should be allowed to let it burn down.

      As to birth control, why is birth control a right? It is definitely very nice, both for contraceptive and other health reasons, but a right? I don’t think so. Why should the government be forced to pay for it for you? And technically I would paying for it, as I’m a taxpayer.

      While I understand that birth control is very useful and some women like yourself use it to lessen pain and regulate cycles, I am very against te government giving away for free. News flash: nothing is free. NOTHING is free. Once more, nothing is free. Someone always has to pay for it, one way or another.

      As for this radio guy, I’ve heard the name but never heard him speak. However, he sounds like a conceited jerk. Don’t listen to him, not everyone who agrees with his views is as hateful as he is.

      • Fiona

        You sound pretty smart

  • rebekah

    this is for those girls who don’t think it’s right for themselves to have to pay for others birth control. Other people pay for the freeways that you drive on with their taxes, but that doesn’t mean they drive themselves. People pay for other children to go to school with their tax money, but they might not have a kid going to school. The people who are using birth control with the help of your tax money, have the taxes that other people pay to make it affordable, but what if they didn’t pay for the freeways or the schools because they didn’t use them, would you be okay with paying for that yourselves?

  • eteam

    It seems that women in this country aren’t as dumb as the political class and media class think. They realise this is government power issue, not a who used a potty word last issue, and not a women’s rights issue. Women had access to birth control last year, and they will next year. The Democratic party thinks bribing women with a new entitlement — “free” birth control — is a winning issue.

    When you buy your own insurance, or buy your own birth control, you trade off benefits against cost. When the government tells you what insurance benefits must be offered — big surprise! — you end up over-spending for stuff you don’t need or want. When an unelected politician tells you that other people will be paying for your birth control, women will overspend (using other people’s money) on BC brands and products which they wouldn’t pay for themselves.

    Bribery to women voters.
    Bribery to the drug industry!! (we’re talking 10s of billions)
    and tough luck if your business is *affordable* BC — your market is gone!

    Is this a pretty sight? Is this where women want USA headed? If this goes through, there will be lots more — just like this — headed our way.

    But never mind all that… let’s just focus on the slut word. That’s the *really* important issue, right? Women reading this website are only concerned about naughty words and insults, and their own selfish, short-term interests. They don’t worry their pretty little heads with *complicated* stuff like cost of health care and government intrusion into private lives and corrupt government cronyism…. right?

    I’m amazed how people who make a big show of ‘defending women’ are so blatantly selling women short and showing such disrespect toward women.


  • juliagrace

    Jesus. Men can be such jerks sometimes.

  • MEl

    Really if you cant afford condoms from planned parenthood.. Which are free..you are too stupid and should not go to law school..and if you have to spend $1000 a year on safe sex you might be a slut..just saying this is a crock of sh–… I do not want double pay for people who cant have a drink without sucking a —-..we are already paying for planned abortion parenthood with free condoms for all…and your in law school and dont know this? Maybe thats why are president is so stupid ..he went to law school like everyone else in the government..overeducated morons, how do they fill the gas tanks in there cars? Thats right they dont elitest snobs..good luck America

    • GC

      Thank you! If someone does not have enough money to pay for contraceptives, then why have sex at all? Why should we pay so that people could have sex…. It is unfair. Especially because some girls think they can have sex with out any consequences…. which is BS. Rush Limbaugh was saying that she wanted hard-working Americans to pay for her having sex, and I don’t know if it’s just me but that seems absurd. Definition of a slut-
      Slut or slattern is a term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous.
      I am a girl, non-republican.

    • Animal Lover


    • Lisa

      Wow, are you even kidding me? Birth Control pills are used for OTHER REASONS THAN CONTRACEPTION, dumbass. Next time you talk about something you have no idea about, do all of us a favor and shut your mouth.

  • Get ur heads out of the sand

    So you have a verified activist who is also striving for insurance backed gender reassignment “Not that there is anything wrong with that”. How far does this go…. I guess NAMBLA isn’t off-topic either; they are next on the menu….After that animals…. Where do you people draw the line?…… End of days…

  • Risa

    Ok, talk about being judgemental there, Missfiction. I’m a republican & just because I believe in God doesn’t mean I think Rush was right. So knock it off. Rush should’ve kept it shut. By far I agree with Sandra. That girl has some guts. I think way too many people jump to conclusions & this girl needs more props.

  • Starchief

    Have no issue with what all you “gurls” do with your body. Do have issue with you expecting me to pay for it.

    • Adrienne

      Thank you. Nothing is free.

  • Neicy

    Ofcourse all woman on birth control are sluts! I’m a 20 year old virgin on the pill (since I was 17) for hormonal reasons but yup, I’m a slut. (Rolls eyes) These repulicans need to get their noses out of the bible and into some reaserch. Even if a girl is a “slut” (I do not agree with that word) who cares?! Maybe he’s bitter because he’s not getting laid.

    • Adrienne

      Not all Republicans are like this. As a Republican, I am just as repulse by his hateful words as everyone else.

      I’m not saying you are a slut for being on the pill. But I don’t want to pay for it, whether its for sex or health reasons. I don’t see anyone paying for glucosamine pills I take for health reasons. It’s the same thing. I pay for my medication, to pay for yours. That’s life.

  • Missfiction

    CRAZY! THESE FOOLS DONT HAVE A SAY IN WHAT OUR REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM DOES!!!!!!!! AWFUL!!! to all the women who are reading this and have good paying jobs but are not allowed to have birth control or whatever im so sorry for you! AWFUL PEOPLE THINKING THEY CAN CONTROL WHAT WE DECIDE TO DO WITH OUR GOD GIVEN BODIES! AWFUL A-HOLES!

    • Missfiction

      go sandra fluke go!!!! yeah!!!!

    • sam garcia

      Who are these women who have good paying jobs but are not allowed to have birth control? Are you completely illiterate? $tup!d $lut!

      • Adrienne

        Sam Garcia, seriously?? Wow I agreed with your statements into you started insulting people. Lets all try to be a little NICER, trust me it goes a long ways.