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A beloved fictional character from Boy Meets World, nobody brought the combination of smarts and sass to the TGIF lineup like Topanga Lawrence. Even though the show was pretty formulaic—somewhere between afterschool special and coming of age, with a laugh track that went “ooooh” every time someone smooched—-Topanga broke the pretty-yet-vacant girlfriend caricature of early nineties sitcoms with her no-nonsense bookishness and earth mother wisdom (seriously, I think early on in the show they had her in tie-dye, toting crystals around and burning sage or something).

She also grew up with us. Who knew when the show started that Danielle Fishel, the actress who played Topanga, would grow into such a gorgeous (and curvy!) young woman–but it wasn’t Topanga’s way to use her body to get what she wanted–and that set the tone for so many of us watching the show. My favorite quote from her basically says it all, “I’m a damsel, but not the distressed kind, one who’s totally calm and in complete control of her own destiny.”

Half of what must be the longest-lasting teenage relationship ever featured on prime time, Topanga and Cory (the Boy part of …Meets World) were friends above all else, and when she proposed to him during their high school graduation, it was a sweet reinforcement for everyone who believes in going for what you want, regardless of gender norms.

Did you love Boy Meets World? Do you love Topanga Lawrence as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Jadabear

    I love Topanga and Cory they were soooo cute!!!! <3 The way they always knew they were meant to be together and how they wouldn't let anything get in the way of that I loved it!!!

  • Not an idiot

    <3 her