Reader Hookup Confession: I Embarrassed Myself In Front Of My Crush – And My Whole Class

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

I was in gym class behind, ahem, the cutest guy in my classroom. We were doing sit-ups and I was going up when, PFFFT. I totally farted, really loudly!

I was trying to play it off, but everyone heard. Everyone laughed, including my cute crush, and talked about me the rest of P.E. I hate P.E to this day.

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  1. avatarHannah says:

    This just happened a couple minutes ago actually, so I decided to look up these stories to make myself feel better x)… But anyway my dad just dropped me off at home and as I was walking up the stairs into my front door, I decided to let one out. And ya know how as you are walking and farting at the same time, it comes out like in little sections ahahahah. Anyway, I was doing that and little did I know there was my downstairs neighbor standing right in his doorstep smoking a cigarette. I just completely ignored the fact that he was standing there. gosh so embarrasing D: I hope I never see him again.

  2. avatarAnon says:

    Ok so when we were saying the pledge and everything was silent. My stomach started gurgling but I just ignored it. When the pledge ended everyone was talking so I decided to let my gas rip. Not a good idea. Right when my fart started it got dead silent. It was really long and bubbly. I tried to stop it but that only made it louder. Everyone stared at me as my butt rumbled. It lasted about 15 seconds. Everyone bursted out laughing and called me names like “gassy girl” and even as I was walking out my teacher snickered and said “That was nice one you ripped. I’d lay off the beans and broccoli kiddo” I was the last one out of the room so before I left I said back “Thanks. Here’s something else for ya” since I was still quit gassy I let it rip right in his face! It was a little embarrassing but worth it! So that fart lasted about 20 seconds. It was bad. Then the next day he said “Sorry I keep rubbing my eyes. Little miss gassy pants over can’t control her self!” That was humiliating cus then he talked about the little scene after class…

  3. avatarjulie says:

    I had a lot of gas. N it was thx giving. I was with family. My stomach was bubbling n making noises. I leaned to the side n passed gas. It was exsermly bubbly n was 14 sec long. N it smelt like cheese. They laughed it off. But I was gassy as hell. I keep letting out short bubbly poots. They smet bad. But I dropped my spoon n bend down to pick it up I didn’t no my nephew was behind me. I grunted n farted a huge wet fart tat was 8 sec long. He started gagging n threw up on the floor because of my fart. So embaracing. But I was still gassy so I kept letting out long bubbly points.

    • avatarShela says:

      Ik Julie I was there. Lol u had a lot of gas. You were groaning and grunting. N u nrv said excuse me after u passed gas lol. U were in the bathroom farting n peeing. They smelllled bad asl. U accdently farted on my back wen I gave u a piggy back ride. Soooo gross doe it was so bubbly. But its not the first time u farted on me lol

    • avatarStax says:

      I would have loved to smell your gas ;)

  4. avatarMary says:

    My boyfriend is a fart and burp machine I’m used to it now at this stage , he came to my parents for Christmas dinner this year we had a lovely huge dinner and an hour later when we were all relaxing in the sitting room he let two huge farts out that literally stuck the room out smelled so bad my mum and me had cover our mouths was funny to say the least we all laughed about it after , it shows he is comfortable around us to these things

  5. avatarheather says:

    i was in my radio class 3 boys 3 girls not including me and i was talking and i farted it was so embarrasing, i just said i t was my zip on my skirt. i dont know what it will be like in school tomorrow but well just have to wait and see. i cheered myself up by searching up other girls fart stories there pretty funny so im just gonna laugh it off :)

  6. avatarRayne says:

    So I was taking a test in chemistry class and it was really quiet and I was gassy that day and my stomach started making noises. I tried to like press it in but it wouldn’t work. The teacher said that if we were done with our test, we could hand it in so I quickly got up (the first one) and while I was walking to her desk, I let out several toots, one for each step I was taking. I then quickly asked if I could go to the bathroom so I don’t know how the class reacted but I hope they don’t judge me >.<

  7. avatarmina says:

    At school i was supet gassy. N i let out two silent one n then a huge bubbly fart busted outta me. N every one was gagging. I started aplojizing wen i farted a blassy fart tat embaracing lasted 9sec

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