Reader Hookup Confession: I Embarrassed Myself In Front Of My Crush – And My Whole Class

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I was in gym class behind, ahem, the cutest guy in my classroom. We were doing sit-ups and I was going up when, PFFFT. I totally farted, really loudly!

I was trying to play it off, but everyone heard. Everyone laughed, including my cute crush, and talked about me the rest of P.E. I hate P.E to this day.

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  • Amelie

    I was in my friend Nicholas’s room, and we were playing a racing vidio game (I was racing my car backwards btw) and I lost (unsurprising). It was the first time in ages that we’d seen each other since I left our school, and we were getting along really well. What happened was, when we finished the game, he told me it was ok that I lost and everything cause I was kinda upset. He gave me a hug, and I let out this huge fart that lasted for like 20 seconds. It was so embarrassing and smelt a bit (fortunately his room also smells but that’s because he is a boy and a teenager. no offense to boys) and I didn’t know what to say. He basically high fived me, and later did a huge fart, but that was probably to make me feel better. Even though it was gross it was kind of sweet of him I think/ We are still friends so it’s ok, we never metioned it again.

  • ashely

    I have two farting stories about farting in night we had chil and the beans were hot beans I ate alot of had Turkey and beans and ogins and sweet red made me super gassy at school the next day.I went to the bathroom 3 times that day to let all of my horrible gas out.I was on the toilet I popped and it was a lot of poop .it was stinky.then I farted like 20 smelled like the egg s I had that the way I was alone in the bathroom.and then I farted in bed all night long.I forget about to tell you that the girls that came in after me were having.I farted all night long my mom came in the morning and was covering her nose.and I said mom it was the children.

    • Evvan Howell

      how bad did it smell?

  • Monique

    I forget when. but I think in like the fourth grade, but it was the end of the day on Friday, and we were watching a movie. I have a tendency to push out my stomach for some reason, and a fart came out. I just sat there while everyone was saying “Who did that?” One boy said “Guys stop being so immature, everybody farts.” The boy sitting next to me stared straight at me. Nobody knew I farted except him. Then I accidently farted again quieter. Embarrassing but glad it was the end of the week so I could get two days for them to forget. That was the only time I’ve farted in school to this day.

  • Eleanor

    Well it was our first day after the summer vacations , I was sitting next to my crush , and then one of the most embarrassing thing happened I farted ( Really loudly ) and my crush was just staring me he was surprised and I just acted as if I just didn’t knew what happened and when I asked him what happened he is like nothing with a sly smile o his face * I think he told it to his friends * but it wasn’t my fault either I fart a lot

  • chasity

    I’m a gassy little girl who loves to fart alot and stinky and proudly announces that it will make you gag.. I fart in my boyfriend face .I stink up the room with stinky farts.I put my ads on my boyfriend face and farts.

  • Molly

    I’m a gassy girl who farts alot and proudly announces and its very stinky and I fart in public . I fart at school. Fart in the girls bathroom. One night my mom was making bushes baked beans. I forgot that beans make you gassy.and I went into the girls bathroom farting alot and it was very stinky and loud. Girls were like grossed out. I’m a gassy girl who farts alot and proudly like to smell my own stinky

    • Sir Farty Fartsalot

      you’re immature

  • Molly

    I’m a gassy girl who farts alot and proudly announces and its very stinky and I fart in public . I fart at school. Fart in the girls bathroom. One night my mom was making bushes baked beans. I forgot that beans make you gassy.and I went into the girls bathroom farting alot and it was very stinky and loud. Girls were like grossed out. I’m a gassy girl who farts alot and proudly like to smell my own stinky

  • Josephine

    I’m in seventh grade and this year I had a sewing class. My teacher is pretty nice but she got really angry at my class and made us sew our bags in silence for the day. Of course, today she did that. So as soon as we were moving and sewing silently, I sort of felt the need to go to the bathroom. If I don’t go right away, I fart a little. I was a little intimidated by the teacher so I decided to hold off. Then, I farted really loudly! Everyone knew it was me and looked and then burst out laughing even the teacher a bit. I blushed so red I bet I looked like a tomato and just looks down and resumed sewing. It wa so humiliating 🙁 please comment I tend to make retellings of my life long so tell me if you understood thx…

    • elle

      I totally understand the feeling. Nobody in my class except for my two project partners actually acknowledged the audible fart(and maybe my teacher) but it was an AP class so it’s a pretty big deal for me. I’m still pretty humiliated. Here’s a funny video for future tips on how to cover up a fart. I wish I saw this earlier.

  • elle

    I just farted in high school(sophomore: 15 years old) today while working on a project with some classmates and came here to cheer myself up. Worst thing is that all of my AP peers were there and my teacher who is like super OCD. I confessed it was me and laughed it off with one of my female project partner but the guy partner just looked kinda scared of me. I want to skip school tomorrow. But I can’t cause my mom. I’ll probably send out an email saying that I have the Norwalk virus so people feel bad and excuse my flatulence… I am totally doing that.

    • elle

      Me again. Same person from the comment above I stayed home after making my own fake vomit concoction of coffee and rotting bananas with a dab of cornflakes. Then I didn’t want to miss another day of school but I still didn’t want to stay home from school. So I thought I’ll make a faux bob to distract people from the fart. But I never do my hair so making a faux bob was pretty hopeless. Then I decided to cut my own hair so I did. Just finished it like less than an hour ago. I didn’t even tell my parents! Can’t wait to see their faces in the morning. It looks pretty good actually. I got my hair inspiration from college freshman Rory Gilmore. And I’m pretty sure this sudden hair change will distract everyone from my fart two days ago.

  • Steph

    Omg. Today in PE class, it was like 60 degrees. And there’s like 11 people in my PE class because so many dropped out. I’m a junior btw. And only three of us are girls. And we were outside on the field doing warm ups and running and when we were doing sit-ups my friend farted. She farted so loud! It was like 7 seconds and when she completed the sit-up her face expression was between humiliated and horrified. It was one of those really loud farts too like if your dad were to fart. Like one of those minus the smell. I’m sorry Z if you ever find this I just had to tell someone

  • Leah

    my class is so immature, that makes it so much worse. Anyway,
    I was sitting in my language arts class (seventh grade) and my
    teacher was talking about the Shakespeare play we were going
    to read. All if the sudden, I farted. It was so loud and gross, I was
    humiliated. I do not know if anyone knew it was me though. I really
    really hope they don’t. they all started cracking up and I had to joint
    them to cover it up. ughhhhh

    • courtney

      omg u cheered me up

  • abby

    oh god ok so i’m in 8th grade and on thursdays (today) we have study hall before electives. so i was sitting with four of my friends (at my school there’s only 107 junior high students and it’s only 8th and 7th and pretty much everyone is friends, but one of the guys was a 7th grader i didn’t know super well and the others were two of my guy friends and my girl friend) and our teacher makes it go completely silent except we were all whispering and i bent down to pick up my pencil case and just let out this short, completely stench free (thank god) but unfortunately very loud fart. and when i was sitting straight up in my chair there was no denying it was me and all of them were laughing so hard and i just couldn’t not because i laugh when i’m nervous so all of us were just dying, but one of the guys is really sweet and was like “don’t make fun of her guys. it happens to everyone.” but the worst part is that at the end of the period my friend rushes over and goes “did (my girl friend that was sitting with us) just fart?! because i could hear it all the way across the room!” and me and my guy friend were just dying and i couldn’t breathe to respond and thankfully she kind of just left. anyway. that was absolutely mortifying but i don’t think any of them will talk about it because they’re really nice and even if they did no one at my school would give me crap about it because we’re all way too cool for that bs. well i needed to comfort myself so i decided to look at others’ stories and it has helped a lot xD thanks y’all

  • Kay

    I was lying down in bed next to my boyfriend, and I was extremely gassy. It was “that time of the month” and I didn’t want to accidentally let one of my monstrous, bubbly farts rip. My stomach began to hurt, and cramps started to take over. Not able to hold it in anymore, the most bubbliest fart that has ever came out of me, caused the bed to shake slightly. My boyfriend was very understanding, thankfully. I asked him to leave, since mood swings were beginning to kick in, but he had asked why. I was forced to tell him and his cheeks turned pale, while he walked away and out the house. It was soooo embarrassing!

  • Hannah

    This just happened a couple minutes ago actually, so I decided to look up these stories to make myself feel better x)… But anyway my dad just dropped me off at home and as I was walking up the stairs into my front door, I decided to let one out. And ya know how as you are walking and farting at the same time, it comes out like in little sections ahahahah. Anyway, I was doing that and little did I know there was my downstairs neighbor standing right in his doorstep smoking a cigarette. I just completely ignored the fact that he was standing there. gosh so embarrasing D: I hope I never see him again.

  • Anon

    Ok so when we were saying the pledge and everything was silent. My stomach started gurgling but I just ignored it. When the pledge ended everyone was talking so I decided to let my gas rip. Not a good idea. Right when my fart started it got dead silent. It was really long and bubbly. I tried to stop it but that only made it louder. Everyone stared at me as my butt rumbled. It lasted about 15 seconds. Everyone bursted out laughing and called me names like “gassy girl” and even as I was walking out my teacher snickered and said “That was nice one you ripped. I’d lay off the beans and broccoli kiddo” I was the last one out of the room so before I left I said back “Thanks. Here’s something else for ya” since I was still quit gassy I let it rip right in his face! It was a little embarrassing but worth it! So that fart lasted about 20 seconds. It was bad. Then the next day he said “Sorry I keep rubbing my eyes. Little miss gassy pants over can’t control her self!” That was humiliating cus then he talked about the little scene after class…

  • julie

    I had a lot of gas. N it was thx giving. I was with family. My stomach was bubbling n making noises. I leaned to the side n passed gas. It was exsermly bubbly n was 14 sec long. N it smelt like cheese. They laughed it off. But I was gassy as hell. I keep letting out short bubbly poots. They smet bad. But I dropped my spoon n bend down to pick it up I didn’t no my nephew was behind me. I grunted n farted a huge wet fart tat was 8 sec long. He started gagging n threw up on the floor because of my fart. So embaracing. But I was still gassy so I kept letting out long bubbly points.

    • Shela

      Ik Julie I was there. Lol u had a lot of gas. You were groaning and grunting. N u nrv said excuse me after u passed gas lol. U were in the bathroom farting n peeing. They smelllled bad asl. U accdently farted on my back wen I gave u a piggy back ride. Soooo gross doe it was so bubbly. But its not the first time u farted on me lol

    • Stax

      I would have loved to smell your gas 😉

      • Graham Kenny Earl


    • Jivin2001

      Do you realize that you just commented as six different girls? You suck at trolling.

  • Mary

    My boyfriend is a fart and burp machine I’m used to it now at this stage , he came to my parents for Christmas dinner this year we had a lovely huge dinner and an hour later when we were all relaxing in the sitting room he let two huge farts out that literally stuck the room out smelled so bad my mum and me had cover our mouths was funny to say the least we all laughed about it after , it shows he is comfortable around us to these things

    • Graham Kenny Earl

      great story

    • Amelie

      I require my boyfriend to be farty and burpy, just not too much.

  • heather

    i was in my radio class 3 boys 3 girls not including me and i was talking and i farted it was so embarrasing, i just said i t was my zip on my skirt. i dont know what it will be like in school tomorrow but well just have to wait and see. i cheered myself up by searching up other girls fart stories there pretty funny so im just gonna laugh it off 🙂

  • Rayne

    So I was taking a test in chemistry class and it was really quiet and I was gassy that day and my stomach started making noises. I tried to like press it in but it wouldn’t work. The teacher said that if we were done with our test, we could hand it in so I quickly got up (the first one) and while I was walking to her desk, I let out several toots, one for each step I was taking. I then quickly asked if I could go to the bathroom so I don’t know how the class reacted but I hope they don’t judge me >.<