Christina Hendricks’ Phone Hacked–How To Prevent Your Own Private Pics From Leaking!

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks got hacked -- and her photos showed a lot more than this dress! | Source:

Poor Christina Hendricks! As if the scrutiny on her body wasn’t bad enough, now she had her cell phone hacked — and with it, some compromising photos released. Yikes! Seriously, first cell phone jammers, now this?!

Obviously, Christina Hendricks isn’t the first celeb to get hacked. Just in the last few months, Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson and now both Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn have had potentially humiliating, obviously private images leaked to the public. It’s scary knowing that at any moment, someone can access your private messages, pictures, and emails. Part of why Christina Hendricks and other famous faces are a target is just that: Because they’re famous. But hackers don’t always discriminate based on how many Twitter followers you have, so it’s good to know how to protect yourself. Here are ways to prevent becoming the next Christina Hendricks — at least in terms of getting hacked! (We fully endorse becoming the next Christina Hendricks in terms of proud va-va-va-voom.)

*The best and easiest possible way to prevent being hacked is to have all of your accounts password protected — and it’s important to make sure your passwords are difficult to guess. (Remember a few years ago when Paris Hilton got hacked because her password was “tinkerbell?” Maybe Christina Hendricks used “MadMen.”) Never use your name or anything obvious for a password!

Christina Hendricks

Olivia Munn got hacked, too. For a self-proclaimed geek, we thought she'd know better how to protect herself! | Source:

*Change your passwords regularly. This can be a pain in the butt (who can remember all that?!), but it absolutely helps, even if it’s just making a letter lowercase or uppercase or adding an extra number to the end.

*Never use the same password for more than one account. We know, we know, it’s annoying! But it’s safe.

*Turn off your WiFi, GPS, and BlueTooth devices when you’re not using them. Having them open allows others to see them, and hackers can use them to access the rest of your data.

*Actually, maybe avoid BlueTooth in general. While it comes in handy for hands free situations like driving, most hacking is done via BlueTooth devices! (Plus, they make you look like you’re talking to yourself.)

*Turn off your phone! If you’re not using it (like when you’re driving, asleep, or say, in class — right?!), this not only saves the battery life, but also potentially your privacy. Perhaps Christina Hendricks may have had more luck if she shut her phone down during filming.

*Keep your phone updated! You know those downloads that you get periodically? While they can be annoying to sit and wait through, they

christina hendricks blake

We'd frown too if someone hacked into our iPhone! | Source:

contain new blocks against hackers, so they’re worth it!

*Think twice about sending naked pictures to anyone. Because as Christina Hendricks now knows, if they can get out, they will.

Have you or a friend ever had your cell phone hacked like Christina Hendricks? Do you have any password or security tips? Let us know in the comments!

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