X Factor Auditions Are On! Would You Rather Watch Glee?

x factor judge simon cowell judges auditions

Do you love this cranky dude? | Source: Tumblr

It’s true! X Factor auditions are happening right now all around the country. Besides the big city in-person auditions, you can upload an audition video to their site to be considered. Pretty cool, right?

But whether or not you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next big star, there’s one thing a ton of us have in common–loving a good song to sing along to on our favorite shows!

American Idol started the sing-along trend over a decade ago, and now X Factor has taken the theme even further, but then there are more traditional plot-driven shows like Glee that keep us singing along week after week.

Do you still watch Glee? Do you like the competition shows like X Factor better? If you had to choose between Glee and the X Factor, which one would you watch?

Most importantly, who do you love more–Simon or Mr. Schuester?

Tell us all about your favorite shows in the comments!

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  • Clare

    Definitely Glee <3333

  • swag62

    glee!!!!!!i love kurt 🙂

  • Lilly


  • Chantelle

    Neither, I like The Voice.

  • Moose

    Definitely glee. Darren criss<33

  • ArdenIsabel

    I love x factor. I never really got into glee. Simon has been one of my favorites since American Idol!! <3

  • Missfiction

    i was this close to auditioning for facter ! this close!!! so close! but i got sick and my mom wouldnt let me. 🙁

    • Lilli

      Trust me, you don’t want to audition for X Factor. I’m British, and it all started here. a friend of mine went for it, and while she was queing, they picked out all the ones that looked either really good or really bad. she didn’t even get to audition. shows like this aren’t what they appear. They choose you BEFORE you audition, and you have to sign a contract once you get on the show, to say that you won’t sign to any other ecord companies for two years, even if you don’t win. You’re also not allowed to talk about the show, and the contract. How do I know? That friend went on to work in the studios where it was shot.
      Trust me, there are better ways.