How You Talk Shapes The World: Girl Speak We Love

they are speaking in teen girl slang

“Everybody totes copies our amazeballs words.” | Source: Tumblr

It’s said that William Shakespeare coined over 1,500 words in his plays and sonnets, and in the past 500 years, no other person has come even close to adding that many words to the dictionary.

But Shakespeare better watch out, because in 2012, an entire generation of girls seems to be gunning after his word coinage record.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, when it comes to coining new turns of phrase, teenage girls and young women (like you, duh!) are leading the pack. Okay, so we’re not quite at 1,500, but with the prevalence of a universal pop culture and a faster-than-ever exchange of ideas over the internet, girls are adding words to the dictionary–and changing the ways even people in power speak–at an impressive rate.

In honor of this ongoing achievement, here are five of our favorite bits of girl slang. The next time your mom tells you to “speak English,” send her this link!

Totes (adj.)—Short for “totally,” implies “duh!”
Example: “ I am totes going to The Hunger Games opening night. What, you thought I wasn’t?”

Cray-Cray (adj.)—More than crazy, especially popular among fashion girls
Example: “Did you see that new Ke$ha video where she has snails crawling on her face? Girl has gone cray-cray.”

Amazeballs (adj.)–Out of this world, blow your face off fantastic
Example: “Um, did you try this cookie dough? It’s amazeballs.”

Asshat (noun)–Someone who has made so much more than an ass of themselves, it’s as if they’re wearing their assery as a hat.
Example: “Did you hear about Joe? Jennifer turned him down and now he’s talking trash about her for no reason. What an asshat.”

Forevs (noun): A very long time that seems like eternity, short for forever. Also used when referring to the store Forever 21 as simply, “Forevs.”
Example: “We were going to get fro-yo, but the line was like, forevs. Not worth it.”

What words are you and your friends saying all the time now? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jasmine

    we now use tun up meaning hype

  • 4evrmileyfan13


  • 4evrmileyfan13

    Actually, some of my friends n me (mostly me) have created our OWN words!!!!
    (friend’s name)ster
    Why aren’t THEY up there?

  • nat

    I heard cray-cray, totes & amazeballs! 😛

  • trinity

    My friends and i say thats cray meaning crazy. We dont use two thought

  • immadiva

    hahahaha yeah uh i use all of these words and them some, like obvi, and prolly. haha me and my friends make up things all the time like, rere-says and/or does somehting stupid or a big bag of douche instead of douche bag! haha love this

  • Jessica

    So, I have heard of only some of these, but most of them sound stupid anyway. But I’m going to have to start using amazeballs and asshat now. Those I can actually see myself using. My best friend and I come up with random words and phrases all the time, like assnoodle and telling people to go suck an anus. Also, instead of saying “that’s gay”, we like to say “that’s homosexual” just because it somehow seems more appropriate that way. (It clears up any confusion regarding the many connotations and meanings of the word gay because it’s more specific)

  • Laura

    I’ve heard ratchet. Which means like slutty, or filthy. Hahaha. The only reason I know is because it got written in my yearbook -.-

  • lisa brown


  • Ella

    I’ve heard of totes, amazeballs and forevs but I don’t use them.

  • Leah

    wheels [wheeling, wheeler] – to hit on or flirt with
    “emily has so many wheels for dylan”

    kills – sexual hookups
    “we went to a party last night and jack scored more kills than i could count”

  • unknowned

    rachid which is when someone is ugly or has something on thats ugly

  • Emily

    Uhh….My sister ( who’s 16 going on 17) and I have NEVER heard of these words until now. O_o
    and all the comments say that!

  • Emily

    I’ll tell you right now i have never heard any of those words and im only 15

  • likeicare96

    Legitamite! From Bree on YouTube, it’s like better that Legit

  • Cindy

    I don’t like ”cray-cray”,it sound a bit childish. Where I live we speak mainly spanish, and I have a friends that instead of saying the world butt of ass in english or spanish, she reffers it a ”behind” and it sounds very funny and even normal.

  • Sam

    HAHA i love the ASSHAT one!!

  • Krystal

    what girl do you know that says any of this….it makes girls sound like a bad teen chick flick….XP

    dumbest thing I’ve seen….yea

  • Kinsey

    Haha this is an old one but I’m bringing it back….. Groovy!

  • Missfiction

    William milkshake aint got nothin’ on us! I come up with new words everyday! Like aw-swag-some (awesome+swag) and i mi words everyday i could have made a dictionary by now!