Poll: How Do You Spend Money?

Money Heels

Do you waste your money?

Even though we all know that we’re supposed to be responsible with our hard-earned money by putting it into savings accounts, let’s be honest: we’re not always so careful with our cash. With all of the cute clothes, fun makeup, awesome books and yummy food out in the world, spending money is just way too easy! Where are you spending your bills? Are you blowing your whole paycheck during one little shopping trip at the mall, or are you carefully saving for something amazing (like a car)? Fill out this poll and tell us how you spend money:


Tell us all about where you work and what your dream job is.

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  • kaye

    i saw the light when i turned 18 (still living with my parents) and they said “”CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’RE EIGHTEEN! TIME TO TAKE OVER YOUR FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES NAO!” oh you’ll see the good in saving your money then, haha.

  • shaquola

    man i wish i could have a little more cash. i want some new thangs.

  • Cindy

    I must LOVE somthing very much like to buy it,like some cute shoes,almost always Converse, or a adorkable shirt. But my last t2o pices were bought by my mom and I still feel a little shamefull ’cause she is kind of stuggling with money and all but she keeps saying that I deserve it and that she has enough money for herself. I can’t wait till I get a job, since here where I live you must be like 16-17 for your first job. Then, I’m not just gonna buy me clothes,also I want to buy my mom and sister pieces of a good brand.

  • parris


  • Bobbie

    $20 for a tee shirt?? never! $40 max for any type of clothes (like a jeans, a dress or shoes) and my last shopping trip was for a bass amp thus the over $100 bit.