How To Be A Good Ex-Girlfriend (Not A Scary One!)

good ex-girlfriend tattoos are funny

Another ex-girlfriend on his list? | Source: Tumblr

You were the girlfriend but now you’re the ex. And it is time to make that joker pay, right? Wrong.

No matter how your relationship came to an end, it is over. This is not the time for you to become the ex-GF from hell. Taking the high road means a happier and healthier life for you. Put that grenade away. Living well is truly the best revenge.

Here’s how to be a good ex-girlfriend (even if he doesn’t deserve it!):

CUT social media connections.
He was not just the love of your life. He was your Facebook friend, your Tumblr buddy, your favorite re-tweeter and your main Pinterest. When a relationship is over it is time to un-friend and un-follow. The temptation to e-stalk is too great if you’re receiving daily Instagram photos of every date your ex goes on.

GIVE yourself closure.

She is not a good ex-girlfriend

Don't do this. Don't. No. | Source: Tumblr

Yeah, I know. Those 323 text messages are just your plea for closure. You think that you need to understand what exactly went wrong before you can move on. You want to hear your ex explain why what happened happened.

Here’s the deal. The only place where we’re guaranteed closure is in the movies. Your ex owes you nothing. Move on.

RELEASE family ties.
His sisters are in your phone’s Top 5 circle and you love his mom’s peach cobbler. They are as broken up about your break up as you are. Unfortunately, part of life sometimes means stepping away. When you break up with someone it often means breaking up with their family as well.

RESPECT his new relationships.
We don’t have to like the fact that our exes find someone new to love, but we should respect it. Life goes on. Sure, sometimes it seems like an ex BF can rebound while we’re still licking our wounds but the pain will pass.

DON’T stalk under any circumstance!
The number one rule for being a good ex-girlfriend is thou shalt not stalk. It’s over. Move forward and be awesome. You don’t wanna be that ex that everyone crosses the street to avoid.

Relationships will come and go. If you’re always looking back you can’t see your amazing future!

Did you recently go through a breakup? Do you think he deserves your respect still? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Marie

    oh how i wish my husband’s ex can read this! a selfish, inconsiderate fool until now!

  • Leigh

    About the whole he’s moving one while youre still licking your wounds? Well I was unofficially dating this guy and he suddenly stopped talking to me and started talking to another girl. I know now that hes a player and he left me because he realized I was gonna try to take things slow, but it still hurts, especially since I have to see him and the new girl together all the time and we have a few mutual friends. Any suggestions as to how I can deal with this?

    • Faith Thomas

      I went through the same thing with my ex-BF who I was with for a year. He said that it would take a long time for him to get over me, but a mutual friend of ours would tell me about the different girls he was trying to talk to. Then when he got a new GF, he always went out his to make sure I saw them two together. I know that it does hurt and all, but once you start thinking all the good things you have without him things will become easier. When I first broke up with my ex I was depressed for 3 months and the only way I became happier was by playing sports, focusing on school and my friends more, and for that mutual friend who would tell me everything he did, we are no longer close friends anymore. I’m not saying that you and ex can’t have mutual friends, but make sure they aren’t sharing all of your ex’s business with you if you’re trying to get over him. Trust me it will only make things worse. I have to see my ex everyday before and after school because we both play sports. When we broke I started going to practice 10 later than I normally used to until I could see him without any feelings rushing back to me. The best thing you can do is try to avoid the places where you know he’s going to be. I see him with his new girlfriend all the time and all I can do is smile because I know he’s just trying to make me jealous. Yeah seeing him with another person does hurt, but knowing that I wasn’t a bad girlfriend I have no reason to let him see me hurting. All you really can do is show him that you’re just fine without him(you haven’t died since you guys broken up) and know that there’s someone out there who will want to take things as slow as you want to.

  • Kate

    I can’t stop looking up his twitter account. I unfollowed him and even blocked him. I happen to know his twitter url by memory and since he doesn’t have his tweets protected I am able to read everything he posts. I know this sounds sad, I’m pathetic for e-stalking him but it’s inevitable. What is worse he tweets every single detail of his life (something he did not do when we were together), he tweets things that I used to say, he tweets things about music and books I recommended him to read and listen to (and I know for a fact he has neither read them at all). It’s like his ‘twitter personality’ reflects things I told him to do and think about and he gets all this attention for being someone he is not. It really pisses me off.

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  • Aubrey Lynn

    I went through this just a few weeks ago.. Its hard to move on! Especially when he rubs all his new “beautiful’ girlfriends in my face and talks to my friends about me! Any advice?

  • AJC

    Can I still talk to his friends if we are friends to after we break up?? because I texted one of his friends that I am friends with to, and he like freaked out on me about it.

    • Aubrey Lynn

      Yes! he has no right to be mad about it, He’s your friend to! As long as you keep the breakup drama out of your friendship, and there’s nobody being used, i think its completley fine

  • shaylalee

    p\People always said for me to find the right guy and i did not know how then my friends called me a slut then i stopped dating now i am with a real sweet guy it was always hard for me because i was always moving because my mom does not like to be in the same place for a while.

  • Rachel

    Also, get involved in something (artistic, athletic, academic….whatever.) to get your mind off of him. It’s a great way to make new friends and meet a lot of people.

  • Marlena

    ive never had a break up cause i recently got my first boyfriend and so i know im screwwed later on hahaha