What Is A Cell Phone Jammer?

picture of a cell phone jammer

This can kill your reception! | Source: ShopKami.com

Imagine this: You’re in the mall, talking to that guy you like, and all of a sudden, your phone dies. Not because the signal went down, but because somebody else in the mall didn’t want to hear your phone call!

Recently, some guy in Philadelphia anonymously told local news station that he was using a “cell phone jammer” on public transportation so he could get some peace and quiet. Now, the question on almost everyone’s lips was: What is a cell phone jammer?

A cell phone jammer is a device used to block mobile devices from receiving signals from their base stations. Cell phone jammers were originally designed for law enforcement and military use, so they could block communication between terrorists and criminals. They’re pretty common in prisons as well, where cell phones (obviously) aren’t allowed for inmates. Once the public caught on to the technology, many people–especially employers–wanted to use it themselves, especially in large cities where it seems everyone is always on the phone.

But how does a cell phone jammer work? I mean, this sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie, right? Well, they use antennas to send radio waves in the same frequencies that cell phones use. This causes enough interference to make cell phones within the immediate area of a cell phone jammer (which can be anywhere from 12 feet to even five miles, depending on the type) useless. Newer devices are tiny and often disguised as a pack of cigarettes. And they may be just as bad for you as smoking! How so?

cell phone jammer that looks like cigarettes

Something illegal disguised as something harmful and gross. Sounds about right to us -- especially since they're both potentially deadly! | Source: ShopKami.com

On one hand, cell phone jammers in everyday life may seem like a pretty good idea: Who wants to sit next to someone on the train who’s yammering away to their doctor about the gross details of their last bowel movement? Wouldn’t you get more work done in the library or at your job if you stopped texting your best friend every two minutes? But when you stop and think about it, using a cell phone jammer is a dangerous idea.

Why? First off, they’re illegal in public places (though the FCC can waive the law for private use), because they can block emergency signals. The man on the bus in Philly probably didn’t think of what would happen if, heaven forbid, his bus were to crash and someone needed to call for help. If your boss used a cell phone jammer at your job and your store got robbed, it would not be a good situation!

How would you react if someone used a cell phone jammer on you? Do you think using a cell phone jammer could be beneficial, or that they should always be illegal? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Some jammers, like bomb jammers are hazardos to health. Someone exposed constantly to these devices can have serious health issues, only if the output ower of the devices are very high.
    Source: http://www.jammerspro.com/Bomb-jammers-are-hazardous-to-health-or-aren-t-they.htm

    Portable cell phone jammers have nearly zero effetcs to human health.

  • ken

    think of the jammers as mobile microwave senders too! that is it can be cancerous
    it uses the same waves

  • Leslie

    I think that if people would follow rules and be respectful of others, cell phone jammers would not be needed. One thing I hate is to pay 10 plus dollars to see a movie and someone in front of me is using their cellphone. If you are that important, don’t go to the movies.

  • surmall

    Signal Jammers can be Used to Enhance the Security for the Wireless industry changes very quickly these days

  • Tay

    cell phone jammers should stay illegal. there used to be a couple of cell phone jammers in my school(teachers had them) but now there isnt(probably cause of the gun scare at the mall of the bluffs a few years ago). they were a pain in the butt

  • Ashley

    They should be illegal! If you dint want to gear cell phone conversations, then wear headphones or ignore them! Cell phone hammers seem sooo dangerous!

    • David John Repischak

      [1]. There are THINGS you just DON’T talk about in public (where you can be OVERHEARD by others).

      That bears repeating: There are things you just don’t talk about in public!

      [2]. Secondly, when you ARE in public, please keep your VOICE DOWN. Not everyone needs to hear what you are saying – to the person you are talking to (next to you), or on the phone.

      If you’re discreet & keep your voice at level consistent with what “white people” teach their children is their “INDOOR” voice, NO ONE is gonna need earbuds. Trust me – it’s just common sense & decency.

      People seem to forget these two things when they are in the throes of public cellphone conversations.