How Can I Get My Parents To Let Me Wear Makeup?

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Hi Heather,

My parents won’t let me wear any makeup! It’s not fair. All of my friends wear makeup, and I really want to start wearing it, but I don’t want to get in trouble. How can I get them to let me start wearing it? Please help!

I’m sure your parents have their reasons for why they don’t want you to wear makeup – and it probably has something to do with wanting to protect you because they love you. But I know, I know… you don’t really want to hear that. It’s true, parents can be super annoying sometimes, especially when they won’t let you do something that seems so simple to you. Luckily, there are some secrets to getting what you want from your parents. They can be tricky, but if they’re done right, you just might be able to start shopping at Sephora.

I’m assuming that you’ve already talked to your parents about this whole makeup issue since you know they don’t want you wearing it. But talk to them again, except maybe approach this a different way. Here are a few big no-no’s when trying to talk your parents into letting you do what you want: crying, whining, begging, screaming and arguing. I know how frustrating it can be, but you have to be as calm as possible so that they see you as more mature.

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When you talk to your parents, don’t start out by demanding to be allowed to wear makeup. Explain why you really want to wear makeup, but stay away from mentioning that all of your friends can wear it – that’s not going to convince them. Try to make a compromise. Pick one thing you really want to start wearing (eye shadow, foundation, lip gloss, whatever), and ask if you can start by just using that one product. It might not be exactly what you want, but starting small might make them feel less overwhelmed.

Offer to go shopping with them so they can help you pick it out – they’ll see that you’re really making an effort to make them part of this. If they say yes, then only wear that one product you agreed on for a while. After a few weeks, ask if you can move on to a new product, and so on.

And if they still say no? Don’t freak out. Say okay and walk away. Wait a few weeks and approach them again in the same way. Don’t sneak behind their backs and use makeup – they’ll probably find out, and then you’ll have no chance of convincing them to let you wear it.

The main thing is to appear as mature as possible, even when you don’t get your way. It stinks when your parents don’t let you do things, but sometimes that’s just the way it is, and there’s nothing you can do about it. One thing’s for sure, though, fighting with them is definitely never going to help.

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  • Tina

    i am 16 and last easter sunday i finially recieved my sacrement of catholic baptism at easter vigil.I wore the traditional,white,poofy,above the knees,baby girl style dress with a matching bonnet,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and wore the standard white cloth baptismal diaper and plastic pants and under shirt under the dress.After i was all dressed in the outfit,mom took some rose colored make up and applied it to my cheeks to ‘rosie’ them up and make me look cuter!I was the only girl there with ‘rosie cheeks’ and i felt a little weird.all of us who were baptized on easter sunday made our first communions a month later in may and all of us girls had to wear our cloth baptismal diaper and plastic pants under our communion dresses again,and mom rosied my cheeks up again!

    • Courtney D

      Tina-OMG-I am 15 and i too was baptized last easter sunday and had to wear the same baptism outfit as you did! [its required for all the girls at my parish] and i had some make up applied to my cheeks also to make them look “rosie”.a few other teen girls also had rosie cheeks! P.S.-How did you like wearing your cloth diaper and plastic pants under your dress?

  • Anamaria Oprishan

    My daughter is turning 13 and has started using some makeup. She usually uses lip gloss, and some times a Hard Candy eye shadow pencil on her top eyelids, near her eyelashes. It depends on your age, if you are only 10, don’t wear make-up. I would say 12+ is when you can start wearing make-up but not a lot. Make a deal with your parents, first show them that you know how to take care of your skin. Ask them that once you have reached that goal, you could start wearing clear lip gloss. At age 13, say you want to wear clear mascara or a light eye shadow. Earn that responsibility by maybe getting a really good grade on a test. Don’t start wearing eyeliner until maybe 15 tho, because you don’t want to look slutty(excuse language) at a young age. Even when you do start wearing eyeliner, start with brown, not black.

  • olivia

    Im 13 and at first my dad didnt let me wear mskeup hut when he left my mom let me so i wore any kimd of makeup.i wanted. Mascara,eye shadow,lipstick,foundation,blush,eyeliner,and i would wear fake lashes.
    I quit on the false lashes and the eyeshadow amd did simple makeup. Well i got in trouble recently and got it all tooken away. So whenever your parents let you wear makeup dont loose their trust because they can take that makeup away easily.

    • alyssa todsly

      You cant even spell right so im not one to argue with your parents

  • Emily

    I’m 13, my mum lets me wear a little bit of lipstick (I don’t do much on the lips, mostly eyes, black lippy is my favourite). I wear a lot of eye makeup (mostly black, REALLY thick eyeliner) but I only wear a little bit of mascara to school (but that is very rarely) , I get called gorgeous even without my makeup!
    I tend to stay away from foundation, blush, bronzers & that sort of stuff.
    I can date if I want to, but I enjoy being single, I can check out my fave celebs & not feel guilty 😉 (Roger Taylor, Brian May & that). If your mum wants you to stay away from that sort of stuff for now, it’s normal & she’s trying to protect you, a lot of girls in my school aren’t allowed to wear makeup a lot at 13-15, but even at 13 or older, you should be allowed some make up privileges, even a little bit of lip gloss! Hope this wasn’t too long for you!

  • Emma

    I’m 14 and my sister is 15, my mum has always let us wear whatever we want, makeup wise, so I now where foundation, blusher, bronzer, mascara, powder, eyeliner etc. but my sister has never really worn as much as me and her skin is beautiful and glowing. I feel like where I started wearing make up from a young age it has really ruined my skin so I where more makeup to cover it which just ruins my skin more. It’s like a vicious circle. I really wish I had never started wearing so much makeup 🙁

  • VAMPSrule

    Im allowed to wear eye makeup at the weekends (just not foundation/blusher etc) but i want to start wearing it to school now aswell. Im in secondary school in year 7 and i think im ready to wear some eye makeup on a regular basis. I respect my mums decision about me not wearing foundation or putting anything directly on my face because she doesnt want me to ruin my skin at a young age. However i just dont see why she will not allow me to wear any make up to school. All of my friends wear it and i really want to just enhance my eyes. It To be honest with you, i really like wearing it because it just makes me feel and look so pretty which my friends have told me outside of school. Somebody pleaseeee give me some adviceee! Thanks xxx

  • girlgirl411

    i’m 16 and i still never wear a full face, some base, clear mascara and some lip gloss does the trick. just the simple stuff, let your inner beauty shine. makeup only enhances your features, but too much makes you look bad. only use the easy stuff

  • girlgirl411

    you are pretty without, but if you have to, tell your mom why and only wear it if you need some minor stuff, like some base to cover a bad zit or uneven skin tone. If you think your eyes are too small, (i do) put on a little eyeliner (natural tones), but ask your mom first, if you have a good reason, it may work.

  • Alexis Barbero

    I’m 13 and when I was 12 I never wered make up. Maybe alittle but noone really noticed it. So I wen’t to a sleep over with a girl thats now I don’t like. She did my makeup. My eyeliner (that I never heared of intill that very moment.) I had Eyeshadow and I was like I look hot. Then I started wereing to much and my mom yelled at me. So i lessen down a bit on the eyeshadow..Then in 2012 I became emo/goth i Started wereing Really Dark makeup and I started wereing all black. Meanwhile I was depressed and I cutted and I was Sucidal and I tryed to commit sucide. I regret doing that. I got help so…its all good now. But if you do start wereing makeup don’t over do it. Be yourself and don’t over do it. Even if you 26…….Your perfect the way you are! ~Alexis Barbero xx Hope this comment helped<33

    • Gretta

      I really want to throw a dictionary in your face

      • August

        I laughed so hard when I read that. X’D
        I agree.

      • Katie


  • Caroline

    Well I really want to weare make up nothin seriouce just mascara and eyeliner …onec I weared makeup and show my mom and she said take that off u look like a clown she made me sad…wen I got my eyebrows done I told her I was gonna get them done then after I got them she said who told u to take them offf and I was like u are never protective y are u trying to be now when my older sister got her eyebrows done in 5th grade and I’m in 8 she began to shave in 3 or 4 grade

  • Nicole

    My parents said I’m not allowed to date or wear makeup until I’m 16!!! And Im in junior high and my school has a dance for EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING!!! What can I do?!?!?!? I’m not allowed to date or wear make up,how am I gonna go to the dance?!?? And all my friends can!! So I have no one to dance with!!! Help!!!!

    • brie

      Okay I’m 13 and tomorrow i will be in 8th grade (junior high) we have alot of dances too. When i was 11 my mom let me curl my eyelashes because i asked her if i could buy the eyelash curler. The summer i turned 11 she actually let me dye my hair big shocker !When i turned 12 she let me wear mascara and some lipstick along with the lip-gloss i had been wearing since i was in 2nd grade or so. when i entered 7th grade (my 1st year of junior high) she let me wear brown eye shadows concealer and a month later foundation (even though i had already been) and blush one more month after that finally when i turned 13 she started letting me wear eyeliner and a bigger variety of eye shadows. It was small steps but it was worth it. I love and respect my parents very much even though i don’t always agree with them. To be honest people say i wear to much so i have been trying to cut down. I know i am beautiful but i still love makeup. Now not everyone your age wears makeup trust me i know that. But maybe you can make some compromises. YOU have to BUY YOUR OWN makeup because it is not a necessity. Maybe if you ask her if you can just practice in the house for a little while she will maybe agree.
      Now dating is a whole different story when you feel you should start dating, go for it, your mom cannot stop you. But DO NOT go further then touching, making out, foreplay,oral sex and manual intercourse (fingers). Just don’t do anything until you are really ready. and always be protected.

  • shantel pollock

    mabbie who ever this person is wan’t to make sure you know how to use make up properly. sometime you can be called names if you wear make up as well. just remeber she only want to keep you safe 🙂

  • Remy

    She said I can’t wear makeup until I’m 16!!!!!!! She has never been the protective type. Why is she being protective right now??????

    • brooklyn

      she PROBABLY doesnt like u to grow up so try at 14.