My First Time Sleeping At A Guy’s House

Sleeping With A Guy

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Truth: My first sleepover with a dude was very recently, and honestly? It was kind of terrifying and awkward.

For all of my teenage life, I had wondered what sleeping with a guy was really like. I mean, how did girls wake up in the morning and kiss their boyfriends without brushing their teeth first? The whole idea totally freaked me out. Sure, I wanted to spend the night cuddling with my high school boyfriend, but what if I snored? What if I talked in my sleep or, even worse, OMG, what if I DROOLED?

Luckily, my parents were super strict and wouldn’t let us alone for a night together our entire relationship, so I had nothing to worry about. And when we broke up, I just avoided it with other guys entirely. So, when I entered my first Adult Relationship and was asked to sleep over, I had years of pent up nerves and anxiety to deal with.

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This guy and I had been on a few dates, and I was no where near ready to be seen looking like a hot mess in front of him. I am not one of those girls who wakes up with great hair and cute sleepy eyes (is anyone? Please say no). Since I’m practically blind, I wear glasses at night, which he hadn’t seen me in yet. According to friends, I snore; and I usually lay in one position all night long, leaving me with very attractive red spots on random parts of my body, usually my cheek.

But when he asked me to sleepover, I knew I couldn’t keep running away from my fear. Plus, I was totally into him! So I took a deep breath, said yes, and acted like it was no big deal. Like, duh, I sleep at guy’s houses all the time. I’m a pro.

Once we were ready to go to bed, I attempted to fall asleep, and obviously that didn’t happen. I refused to wear my glasses, and I’m pretty sure I woke up a minimum of 80 times, all while my dude slept peacefully beside me. It was pathetic.

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At 7 AM, I made a trip to the bathroom. Remember that scene in Bridesmaids where Kristen Wiig’s character wakes up and does her makeup, then pretends to have just woken up looking perfect? Yeah, that was me. I touched up my makeup, getting rid of any evidence of dark under-eye circles and smeared mascara. I gargled about six cups of mouthwash, brushed my hair and even put a little lipgloss on! Oh, and since I had slept with my contacts on, I had to change them because my eyes were literally burning out of my skull. I mean, really.

But in the morning, I realized that this guy didn’t seem to care about how “perfect” I looked. He opened his eyes, smiled a huge smile and kissed me. He didn’t care about his morning breath or the fact that his hair was all rumpled. He obviously hadn’t woken up at the crack of dawn to prepare himself for the morning.

Honestly, it took a while for that revelation to change things. I have to admit that I did that stupid little routine for at least five months after that first night. But finally, I started feeling more comfortable and actually sleeping. And, hey, I might still wake up and down half a bottle of mouthwash, but at least I’m not destroying my eyes or skin anymore by sleeping in contacts and makeup. It’s progress.

Was your first time sleeping with a guy this awkward? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Cynder

    The worst thing about the first time I slept at my boyfriend’s house was probably the fact that my insomnia took place. That and his bed was noisy so I was afraid to move out of fear of waking him up. Other than that for the first time sleeping in the same bed as a guy it wasn’t awkward and I didn’t have a fear of talking iny sleep because knowing him he would talk back.

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  • Nikki

    This is so accurate to the first time I slept at my boyfriends house. I was so nervous because I knew I snored, drooled, and woke up with wild hair. But once you’re comfortable with a guy… They find these things cute. And it’s a perfect feeling that you can be yourself and not have to change just for their eyes so they don’t judge you. If the guy is your perfect guy then he isn’t going to love you less because drool is running down your face!

  • Jen

    Michael is right. I’m currently in a relationship with a very loving guy who I have been with for almost a year. We often have sleep overs and go on vacations together which all include sleeping in the same bed as each other. He is very kind and he really doesn’t care about the way I look in the morning. My hair is completely messed up, I have slight morning breath, and I’m half asleep, and for some guy reason he doesn’t care one bit. He kisses me when he wakes up, and he always tells me how beautiful I look. Stay calm, girls. I’m pretty sure guys have other things on their minds like how amazing we are.

  • janelle

    Omgggg glad I found this lool. I have the same fear. We’ve bn dating for a whike now, not official yet, but I csnt let him see me like that. No way in hell. Not even without a hint of makeup, BUT nie that ive read some of this n thr comments I feel a little better about “chillin out” more lol. No need to b perfect 24/7. Esp if it can be misinterpreted as fake.

  • ashish


  • Allison B

    And also why should you be afraid of morning breath or messy hair.. Its not like he has never had any of those before. Everyone does(or mostly) so own it with confidence

  • selena

    how old r u

  • Micheal Smith

    I am a guy. I don’t know how I ended up on this website…. I’m probably the only guy to ever have read this. But I just want to make this VERY CLEAR that guys don’t give a crap when they wake up. They are sleeping with you because they either love you or think you are really hot or amazing in some way. THATS THE WHOLE REASON THEY ARE SLEEPING NEXT TO YOU. When a guy wakes up, he’s tired and groggy, and there is a cute girl beside him. He doesn’t give a crap if you brushed your teeth or have make up. He’s sleeping next to you because he thinks you’re awesome in some way or in every way. So, he likes you a “hot mess” or all made up, it doesn’t matter at 8am… Honestly, what guys find attractive is a girl who isn’t afraid to be messy. Being prim all the time seems fake to most guys and its a huge turn off. But being confident in your own beauty, independent, and proud of who you are when you wake up regardless of drool, hair, w.e – thats what guys love. That kind of confidence will go a thousand times farther than any of the stuff it sounds like girls worry about it. The only thing is that if you have really bad breath, just don’t kiss with tongue or anything deep until you’ve brushed your teeth. That’s just gross, guy or girl. But what you look like when you wake up?? Relax… he’s sleeping next to you for a reason – he thinks you look great awake AND asleep.

    • Nadia

      Thanx so much Micheal.
      You helped me soooo much.