Confession: I Blew Up The Coffee Machine At Work

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In college, I was an intern at The Daily Buzz, a nationally syndicated television morning show. This internship was different than most because the hours were crazy! I had to get into the office by 4AM and I would intern until about 9AM twice per week. The show was live so it was important that the interns were on time and as awake as we could possibly be (for 4AM)!

At this particular internship I learned everything and anything about a morning show; how it’s produced, written, shot, and wrapped each day. My fellow interns and I were in charge of scripts, new segments, brainstorming show ideas, working with the editors, producers, and the staff in the control room. It was really cool and I definitely did not want to screw anything up.

One day, I was asked by a show producer to make coffee for the guests that would be arriving in the green room. I remember thinking, “easy enough.” I was wrong (to say the least).

I remember walking into the break room where the coffee machine was and pressing the largest button I could find on the machine assuming that was the ON button.

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I was wrong.

Water starting spraying everywhere and wouldn’t stop. I messed around with other buttons, hoping it would power off. No luck. Water started to flood the floor of the break room. Helplessly, I ran out into the hallway and looked for someone to help me, knowing I probably looked like an idiot. The only person I found was one of the anchors on the show, and he came running down the hallway to save me!

Even the star of the show knew how to work the coffee machine–-a seemingly “menial” task but something I definitely needed to know.

I may have blown up the coffee machine at my internship but it was still one of the most beneficial experiences of my life. I’m glad I learned to take even the tiniest tasks seriously. Now, I actually help other girls find amazing internships for a living, and I will NEVER make a mistake when it comes to making coffee again!

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