Snooki Is Pregnant? Another Reason To Block The Blunt Amendment

snooki pregnant 2012

We made the same face when we found out she was knocked up -- and that our reproductive rights may be knocked down. | Source:

Snooki is pregnant? It looks like the Mayans may have been on to something about the world ending in 2012!

The pint-sized Jersey Shore starlet is expected to make an official announcement any minute. Rumor has it that Snooki denied her pregnancy early on in hopes of a big magazine payday, but it’s possible that just this once, girlfriend wanted some privacy–who knows, right?!

On a network that showcase not only her own antics, but those of the Sixteen and Pregnant variety, a pregnant Snooki has some strong implications for the rest of society–and becomes, at least to us thinking girls, a walking (er, stumbling) ad against the Blunt Amendment.

Scratching your head and saying, “What is the Blunt Amendment?” No worries, girl. I’ve got you covered. It’s a bill that conservative politicians are trying to push through that would give all bosses–including yours!–the right to refuse health coverage for things like birth control. That’s right. If your boss doesn’t believe in birth control for religious or “moral” reasons, they could keep it from being covered on your insurance if the Blunt Amendment passes.

Many people are already wishing Snooki had used birth control and not gotten pregnant (mini-bumpits for baby guidettes, anyone?)–but what if she hadn’t had access to birth control this whole time? What if her boss at that T-shirt stand or whatever said, “Oh, I don’t believe in birth control, so Snooki can’t have it, either!” I can’t even imagine the damage to the gene pool if Snooki couldn’t afford the pill. (Then again, imagine the Maury marathons trying to figure out which juicehead was the father!)

But to be serious, this is a serious issue. Many girls don’t use birth control because they can’t afford it. Ideally, if a girl wasn’t ready for a baby and couldn’t afford contraception, she wouldn’t have sex. But let’s be real: this isn’t an ideal world, and condoms can fail.

Why shouldn’t young women be able to make the best choices for themselves without someone else’s religion or “morals” standing in their way? Isn’t it worse to get pregnant and not want the kid? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to us.

snooki pregnant 2012 blunt amendment

These may be a lot more expensive if the Blunt Amendment passes. | Source:

The passing of the Blunt Amendment would severely limit women’s health–and lead to a lot more girls like Snooki getting pregnant. A pregnant Snooki worries us (what kind of mom will she be?! I mean, even she says she’s not a role model!) but here’s hoping she chose to get pregnant, as is her right, instead of getting knocked up accidentally–like so many women will if this stupid Blunt Amendment passes.

Do you agree with or oppose the Blunt Amendment? What do you think of Snooki being pregnant? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Mary

    That is not fair to the women, seriously. Not all girls are on birth control because they are trying to not get pregnant, for some it is other medical issues. Some girls are irregular and birth control helps fix that. Its not her fault, its not anything that she can control. So why should her boss be able to control it? The cost for everything now is so expensive, I think that employers should want to help their employee’s, not make things worse.

  • Rebekah

    Im christian so really my response is you shouldent have sex till your married.It is more special when you found the right one.Dont fall into the game of sex cause all its going to do is cause you trouble.

  • Sabrina

    I use birth control to moderate my periods, not cause I actually need control against unwanted pregnancy.

    That being said, I respect people’s religions and I think birth control is a benefit, NOT A RIGHT. I pay for mine, and you can get it for fairly cheap if you look for the right brand from the right outlet. Your insurance may even pay for it. But no one should make anyone go against their own religion, faith, or morals in order to make YOUR life easier. It’s selfish. These are the same people who think handouts are great and that working is for chumps. What’s ridiculous is that we live in a country that says everyone should have birth control, and if that fails, well abortions are fine too. In fact, don’t like what gender your baby is gonna be? Fine, abort the baby and try again for the right gender. What a sick place.

  • Lindsey

    I got to one of the universities which is in the process of suing the Obama administration over this. I fully support my university’s decision and beliefs (if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be going here), and would just like to point out that there are a lot of other options for free birth control besides insurance companies. Free clinics are there for a reason people.

    • Lindsey

      BTW my university is suing the Obama administration because they do not accept his compromise on the issue– they don’t believe that employers should have to pay for their employees birth control.

      Again, free clinics are there for a reason.

  • josieminaj

    I dont agree with this stupid law trying too be passed & i hope it isnt . Likke seriously ? Everyone is saying they dont wanna see babies making babies . . so why take away the right of getting birth control ? People are stupid .

  • Emily

    ITS YOUR BODY! if you don’t want to have kids, you should be allowed to make that choice. Sex is a normal human experience, you shouldn’t have it just to have kids. this is 2012! people should be allowed to make their own decisions, not have their boss make it for them. women have been working for years to be able to make their own decisions, don’t throw that all away because you don’t agree with birth control. YOU DON’T AGREE WITH BIRTH CONTROL YOU DON’T USE IT! don’t you dare take that right away from someone else. shouldn’t you be too busy making your own decisions to make other peoples?

  • Sarah A

    Here’s what I think. I think this is scary. While I agree it’s good to be able to not be forced to pay for somones contraceptives…if you’re an insurance company, then you’re getting paid to ensure a person’s well being. We’re not in an ideal world, girls have sex. The majority of us are not in the Middle East, where there’s secret police to make sure we keep our legs “crossed”; and even then, THAT doesn’t even work. If you’re paying to have your health taken care of by an insurance company, then they should be able to handle taking care of birth control, because being pregnant isn’t what most girls, especially young ones need, so by doing this they’re ensuring their clients’ well being (mental health counts too, you know). Here’s another thing, I’m religious, but I know if someone’s going to have sex, nothing I say will do anything to stop it. I can try to stop them by having a conversation with them, but ultimately, they’ll do what they want to. But you know what I can make sure to do as a buisness person, who is religious? Help ensure that another unplanned pregnancy is prevented. Because what child deserves a parent who struggles financially, who is mentally incapable of being a parent at that point in their life, or -God forbib- a parent who doesn’t WANT them? Regardless of what the Bible says, or what you believe, if you deny that person birthcontrol, and they can’t afford it, so they end up getting knocked up, that life that child recieves as a result is something you’ll know you could have helped prevent. And it’s true, that regardless the life that that child recieves is predominantly the parent’s fault, the thing is that you could have done something to prevent it, and you didn’t, simply because you believed that by refusing them contraceptives you’d somehow change your employee’s mind about being sexually active, or glorify God. How about you try and prevent the tragedy that is the unwanted child, and potentially save that child a world of pain? By taking account those could-be lives, in my opinion, you’re being a Christian, or Muslim, or Jew, or what ever the hell you are.

  • Beth

    why would someone even try to pass this???

    this is why i’m glad i live in the uk. free health care 🙂

  • BloodyTears

    I hope shes not pregnant,I dont really care about her Im just concered for the saftey of her child,she cant even walk for a whole day without falling how Is she gonna carry another body and I wouldent want someone to grow up to be like her #better moms on teen mom

  • Ashley

    @ Tracy and Cassie:
    Did it ever occur to you two that birth control is used for more than just preventing pregnancy?
    While widely used for that reason, doctors also prescribe it to girls/women with irregular or absent menstrual periods, menstrual cramps, acne, endometriosis, and for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Girls who are diagnosed with PCOS are often prescribed oral contraceptives to lower their hormone levels and regulate their menstrual periods.

    I am just one of about 175 million other women who suffer from endometriosis. I was diagnosed with this incurable autoimmune disease (that can cause infertility) when I was 19, but had suffered symptoms long before then of miserable cramps around my period as well as other symptoms. The doctor prescribed me birth control that I was on until my insurance quit covering it, and it would cost me $80 every 3 weeks, since I haven’t been on it, the symptoms have gotten worse. I barely even have a sex life with my fiance because I have been on my period since October with only a couple of days here or there of not bleeding, and will probably require another surgery soon to remove some of the scar tissue. I didn’t choose to be on birth control because I wanted to “open my legs” or “not be held accountable for my actions” I was prescribed it for a MEDICAL CONDITION.

    So what if one of you had a condition, let’s say, Tracy, you have an anxiety disorder, and Cassie, you have arthritis, one doctors prescribe anxiety drugs for, the other pain meds, well what if they passed a law where your boss could choose not to cover those meds because they don’t like that those kinds of drugs are used by addicts? It’s the same thing. If they pass this law, I can only imagine how many girls will be without the medicine that they need just because their boss “doesn’t agree with birth control”, not to mention if the girls don’t get the b/c, you have to get the expensive surgeries more often, and there’s the higher risk of infertility.

    Quit being close minded and judgmental.

    Even if a girl wanted to be on b/c to keep from getting pregnant, isn’t that the responsible thing to do? Instead of popping out babies they don’t want and won’t take care of? It’s people like ya’ll that make women feel terrible about decisions they have to make when it comes to their life, body, and reproductive system. This is 2012, not very many people save themselves for marriage anymore. Schools and parents need to quit preaching abstinence, and start talking preventatives. I’d rather see a responsible girl taking preventatives then all of the teen pregnancies, or the women out there who just pop out babies for welfare checks, or have babies they don’t even want so they end up neglected, abused or dead.
    You’re so against b/c, but I can only imagine what your opinion would be on abortion. So what would you suggest as a solution for these women who want to protect themselves from pregnancy? Because, lets face it, 1) things happen. and 2) The “abstinence program” obvioously isn’t working.

    • Mikah

      Amen, sister.

    • Ashley86

      Thank you for this post. I am 17 years old and I am on bc.
      I got on depo because 1) I did not want to have a baby while in HS and 2) depo gets rid of cramping and periods completely. I think if you want to be safe by getting on bc then there’s nothing wrong with that. There are very few people in the world who wait until marriage to have sex and if you’re not going to wait you need to be safe. I don’t feel terrible because I’m on bc because I know it’s the responsible thing to do. Of course, I don’t sleep around, I am in a relationship and we have been together over a year and he’s the only guy I’ve been with sexually. I just want to be safe so I don’t get pregnant while I’m in HS.
      I do not have a job because my mother feels school is more important than work. Once I finish school next year I am getting a job then going to college after a year long break. My step father’s job benefits includes bc. For depo, the office visits to obtain your prescription and the birth control injections range from $50 to $200; follow up visits for additional injections are usually between $20 to $40. The cost for your quarterly injection ranges between $30 and $75. Since his work place covers it we only have to pay $20 each visit. This helps out a lot because there are ten people in my family (not all kids, we have relatives that stay with us too) and it costs a lot for us to do anything. Saving that money because his benefits cover it helps, and I don’t think that should be taken away.

  • missunderstood

    i think snookie would make a good mom if you really think a bout it because no one would want to smush a girl with a kid so when she gives up that then she would spend more time with her kid

  • Liz

    I totally disagree with Cassie and Tracey. It just sounds like your stuck up about sex. I have a boyfriend and if this stupid amendment passed I wouldn’t be able to have sex with him ever because we wouldn’t even be able to use condoms because I’m allergic to them. So i have sex with one person. Birth control has nothing to do with ” keep your legs closed and you wouldn’t need it” think about how many women are in marriages who just don’t want kids yet and want to make love??? Sex IS A CHOICE and this is America. We should get the right to choose birth control or not. It’s not right to force people to be one way or the other just because ppl like Cassie and Tracey don’t like it!

  • Lizzie

    The only things that should be in our vaginas are:




  • Cassie

    i think this ammendment isnt a bad idea at all. you are a grown woman and know what can happen when you have sex. it is no one else but your responsibility to get your own birth control. if you can’t afford it, don’t have sex. it’s that simply ladies. go open some books instead of your legs. 🙂

    • Tracy

      I agree. I’m a business owner and insurance costs a fortune and costs more for every benefit you tack on.

      It’s not my responsibility, or any other business owner’s, to pay for employee’s birth control if we don’t want to. That’s called a BENEFIT which is exactly as stated, a benefit, not an entitlement.

      Here’s a thought. How bout people start being accountable for their OWN actions and learn how to pay their own way, just like I had to with the rest of my generation and generations before me. We’ll all be better off because of it.

      • ocroak

        As a business owner, I am sure you are aware of the cost of prenatal care, delivery of a newborn and well-child physician appointments. Not to mention if the infant is ill at birth and needs to be admitted into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
        All this cost versus the cost of birth control.

    • SUSHS

      i dont agree cassie….thats too narrow-minded for me

  • Missfiction

    People are hateful! Snooki is prego so lets all make fun of her! haha! SO MEAN. i dont know snooki personally but she said she wants to have kids and the whole world laughs at her! hateful and mean! she seems like a nice person so everybody just needs to stop being such a$$es! i was on a website and read something about how she was pregnant and i read some comments some times and i cant even explain how hateful, mean and nasty some of them were! poor snooki i hope everybody stops making fun of her for growing a living thing in her freakin belly… i mean come on everybody! almost every woman has a baby. God.

    • Missfiction

      and about the blunt amendment is stupid! This is america and we should have the right to choose not or bosses CUZ ITS OUR FREAKIN VAG! we should be able to choose. dumbbutts!

    • lilclover

      No not almost EVERY woman. And for the opinion of people are hateful, think about it, she’s on a worldwide televised “real” life show. EVERYONE is open to have an opinion about her life and lack of responsibility she shows, she put it out there for everyone to watch and agree with or criticize. If she didn’t want public backlash, she shouldn’t have been on a show that allows for it.