Debate Club: Should You Date Someone You Work With?

Dating A Coworker

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Dating someone you work with can be super tricky – not just for you and your boo, but also for your co-workers and boss. What if you two break up but still have to see each other every single day? What if you get in a fight while you’re working and cause tons of drama? Or what if your lovey-doveyness makes all of the people you work with uncomfortable? These questions are exactly why some companies don’t allow co-workers to date, ever.

But everyone has different opinions on at-work relationships, including the editors of Gurl. Read what we think and then let us know: is dating someone you work with ever a good idea?


Jim and Pam The Office

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Julie Says: There’s Nothing Wrong With It
Work is where you spend a whole lot of your time. Of course you might meet someone you dig. If you’re responsible about it and you’re not your boo’s boss (or the other way around), it really shouldn’t be a problem. Sure, there’s a chance you’ll get hurt and have to see each other a bunch, but that’s a risk you take with almost anyone you date who isn’t a total stranger. Plus, I really dig the idea of earning a few bucks an hour while you fall in love!



Dating A Coworker

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Melanie Says: It’s Okay For Some People
I’ve mainly just worked with girls (shocker: not many dudes work for women’s or teen magazines and blogs!), and since I date guys, I haven’t really been put in this situation too often. That said, I have a friend who’s dating a coworker, and they’re really happy. Personally, though, I like that my career and relationships are kept in separate worlds—it makes life more interesting!




At Work Relationships

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Jessica Says: It’s A Terrible Idea
Judging from my own personal experience dating three different dudes I’ve worked with, I can tell you that dating a co-worker is pretty much a horrible idea. Sure, in the beginning it’s great to have them around all the time, and to know all of the same people. But after a while, it’s just too much. And then when things go bad in the relationship, it’s so much harder to get through it knowing you have to work with that person. Plus, as hard as you might try to hide the drama from your co-workers, it always gets out. Take it from me: it’s uncomfortable, awkward and should be avoided whenever possible.


Who do you agree with? Have you ever dated a co-worker? Did it work out? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Jessica

    Very bad idea!!! first of all you talk to your friend about her or him all the time so you know they secrets second TRUST will be lost forever!! can you seriously handle the situation? next if you date him or her behind your friends back then you are no bodys friend you are betraying not just your friend but your self as the code you broke will brake further then just trust there is nothing sweet about betraying anyone just because you want what he or she had before now on the other hand you may want to keep your friendship but maybe the person you are dating now is still hurt and will most likely want revenge he or she will do anything for you to believe on them once you do eventually he or she will dump you since you probably was nothing but a tool to hurt your friend for braking up with him or her in the most hurtful way at the end your stupid choise will leave you with neither one and you will regret it so be smart and walk from tentation or be stupid and get on it society it’s hard would you be able to walk with your head up? do you think anyone knowing what you did will trust you I know I won’t.

  • kiyah

    NO ! I’ve had this happen to me with my first love actually.Less than 2 weeks after our break up my ex kissed my best friend. Even though I told her I was fine with it the truth was It really hurt to have to watch my bestfriend and first love together! P.S it sucks!

  • Sunnie

    i’m actually currently dating my co-worker now. so far so good, but who knows what will happen a few months down the line. i’m usual not the type to mix my personal life w/ my work or school life, but this time i’m breaking my rules. i say do it. date him/her. just understand the consequences of mixing business w/ pleasure & think is he/she REALLY worth it?

  • Shana

    I’m already working and I’ve been dating a person who works with me called John recently we have been going into my office and kissing and having sex so YES I DO LOVE DATING A PERSON WHO I WORK WITH IT’S LOVELY!!!We are NEVER going to break up!

    • Sunnie

      i don’t think you’re being realistic…

  • serah ivery

    I have a rule and its “Dont date someone you work with unless one of you would be willing to quit your job after the break up.”

  • Tiffany

    I have recently date/ hooked up with a co worker.. and it is very awkward. I started out liking him with intentions to date, but it never turned into anything more than a hook up, and i realized thats all it would ever be. Now when we work together it seems like we are both walking on egg shells.. I will never do something like this again.. I am just taking it as a lesson learned.

  • Megan

    I didn’t technically date a guy I worked with, but we hung out for about three months and maybe a few kisses were slipped in near the end, but he got really clingy and weird and the feelings just weren’t mutual. Now at work it’s a little awkward and I really wish I hadn’t done what I did. I don’t suggest getting involved with someone you work with… unless your names are Jim and Pam!

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  • Rebecca

    I haven’t actually started dating a coworker, however me and my boyfriend started to work at the same job. I think it actually helps our relationship because one time we actually got into an arguement at work. When we get into arguments we usually move away from each other or go home but we couldn’t do that at work because we were working haha. So, in about 15 minutes we stopped ignoring each other because we realized how dumb and humorous the situation was. Then, he basically came up to me and said I’m sorry I overreacted babe and I was like its ok I did too. The rest of the day we were joking and laughing with my other coworkers. I was really glad we both were at work The time of the arguement because if we weren’t, the argument would have escalated for sure.