Your Complete Guide To Online Dating


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There comes a time in every lady’s life when the dating pool she’s been swimming in feels impossibly small. Since our lives are getting more and more digital, looking for love online has become about as common as using Facebook or Google–just another way to find what you’re looking for in the online marketplace. Even though studies are suggesting that online dating websites, for all of their romantical formulas, may be not any better at matching people up than real-life happenstance, it’s worked for plenty of people. And hey, if nothing else, it’s a social experiment waiting to happen.

First of all, you must must MUST be at least eighteen years old to sign up for every online dating site out there. I hate to get all Mean Auntie Caitlin on y’all, but this is not negotiable! Two reasons: one, and most importantly, if you are under eighteen it can be crazy illegal bad news for you to get involved with someone older, and two . . . go read that first one again.

Okay. Are you with me? Let’s go!

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  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    I’ve used OKCupid a few times… I got a TON of messages from guys, and 99% of them all said the same thing. I actually met one of them IRL and we didn’t click, but are still friends on Facebook (he’s a pretty cool person, for the most part). Then I realized I’m not actually looking for a dude, but trying to find a bi or gay girl nearby on a free dating site is pretty tricky. I’ve got my account disabled indefinitely. Maybe I’ll try it again in 6 months or so if I haven’t met anyone IRL (I’ve got it set so that I can’t be seen by straight people, so at least if I do reactivate it I won’t be bombarded by the same generic message from those kinds of guys again). It’s really tough to figure out what to put on your profile though. I’ve rewritten it more than one when I was using the site. I don’t think there’s anything wrong or desperate about using online dating (let’s face it, most of us don’t want to be alone forever, and meeting people in real life can be tricky), but just be careful, and don’t feel afraid to ignore messages from people you have no interest in.

  • Almir

    do not do it!! i was on one and she was over 350 pounds. she tatolly lied to me about what she looked like and what she liked to do in her spare time. she told me that she was very active and loved to excersize. that was not the case. i felt uncomfortable when she immediatly leaned over to kiss me on the mouth after meeting her for 30 seconds. the worst experience of my life.

  • niaBoo

    i actually meet someone online he was super sexy lol we dated for a little. he actually went to my school years ago so he wasnt much of a stranger to people at my school. it didnt work out but it was fun finding someone online.

  • niaBoo

    @Assma how to did figure out that he did?? girl i would have been so mad lol how embarrassing for him lol.

  • Assma

    i dated a guy from facebook and he lied .. he showed me a pic of someone else.. and when we talked with webcams he always maked exuses.. he told me that he had no webcam !!! >.< i was so mad when i figured out that he did that !!!

  • Remy

    Ugh. My 14 year old brother has a girlfriend in Canada!!!!!! And he lives in California!!!!!! Shes also 16!!!!!!! He’s always locked in his room on his computer and doesn’t talk to his own family at all!!! He doesn’t play baseball anymore, even though he could play on varsity when he’s only a freshmen!!!!!!!! He’s not in AP anymore and has all D’s and one F!!!! I just want to throw his computer sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:[

  • Alli

    I wish they had safe teenaged sites where you could do this >:L

    • sammi

      Try myyearbook. ? I think it’s kinda a teen thing

  • Amy

    I haven’t taken on online dating, but I’m thinking about it when I get a little older and still haven’t found that someone. Anyways, I’m waiting because I need to make sure that guy isn’t right in front of my eyes. Also, I totes don’t want to give out my location! So not acceptable right now!

  • lyn

    i met my significant other on xbox live . we were practically on opposite sides of the world at that point. we ended up getting married and although certain circumstances have kept us apart (he’s in the military), we’ve always depended on the internet to keep in touch :)

    i know it’s an unconventional way to meet but i love him and i doubt i would have ever met him if it weren’t for the internet <3
    ……buuut sites that practically have you advertise yourself seem pretty desperate to me :/

  • Julia

    I never was on an online dating site, but I’ve dated online, and it sucks. Just don’t do it… it’s really dumb and pointless. Go out there and find yourself a real guy/girl :)