Flashback: 20 Snack Foods From The ’90s We Love

Is it just me, or was snack food just so much more fun back when we were kids? The ’90s offered up some of the best candy and junky snacks a person could ask for. And, yeah, maybe they weren’t as healthy as some of today’s options, but that didn’t really seem to matter so much back then.

Check out some of these snacks that are definitely going to make you feel totally nostalgic. Thankfully, you can still buy some of these today, but a lot of them are rarely seen on store shelves or have been discontinued all together… major sad face. Which one was your childhood fave? Oh, and who else is starving right now?

Wonder Balls
Wonder Ball Candy
The theme song for these was totally addicting: “Oh, I wonder, wonder, what’s in a Wonder Ball!”. Don’t act like you’re not singing it to yourself right now. Oh, and these amazing little candies came with a surprise candy inside, plus a sticker. Does it get much better?


Baby Bottle Pop
Baby Bottle Pop
Another addicting theme song, another amazing candy. Who cared that they were really, really awkward to eat? They were so cute!


Crystal Pepsi

This clear Pepsi was only around for a year before it was unfortunately discontinued. Who agrees they should bring it back?!


Spice Girls Lollipops
Spice Girls Lollipops
I know I’m not the only one who was obsessed with these. I guess they’re technically called Chupa Chups, but I just think of them as Spice Girls lollipops. My friends and I used to fight over who had the most stickers and eat a million of them while watching the Spice Girls Movie. So ’90s.


Fruit Gushers
These. Were. Amazing. There are kind of no other words. They were the ultimate lunchbox snack.



This was the coolest soda you could ever drink. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to discontinue this?


Tart n Tinys

Delicious little candies that were both sour and kind of sweet. Sadly, you can’t buy them anymore. Why, Wonka, why?!


Here’s a question: how come there was always more cookies than frosting? That was so annoying! And who else used to make Dunkaroo sandwiches? These were the best.


Jello Pudding Pops

One of my favorite frozen treats back in the day, these were even better than Fudgesicles and regular ice cream. They were so yummy!


Caramel Apple Pops
Caramel Apple Pops
As I told one of my best friends, these were my jam back in the day. Seriously, I was obsessed with them. Caramel over a delicious apple lollipop… how could you not love them?


Push Pops
Push Pops
Aw, Push Pops! I’ll be honest, these were kind of annoying to eat, but they were also pretty much the coolest way to eat a lollipop.


Handi Snacks
Handi Snacks
These were another super delicious lunchbox staple. That ‘real’ cheese couldn’t possibly be healthy, but those things don’t matter when you’re a kid.


Who knew eating yogurt could be so easy when you don’t have to use a spoon! And so… gross. I don’t know about you, but these squeezable yogurts kind of freaked me out. They were pretty good frozen, though.



Um… best juices ever? I think so. Except for the tops of them – they were so hard to get off.


French Toast Crunch
French Toast Crunch Cereal
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is pretty good, but it is NOTHING compared to French Toast Crunch. Nothing. The day these were discontinued was a very sad day. I mean, tiny little mini french toasts? How does it get better than that?


Ouch! Bubble Gum
Ouch Bubble Gum
Like I said, candy in the ’90s just seemed so much more fun. Like gum that looked like fun band-aids.


Ecto Cooler
Hi-C Ecto-Cooler
Okay maybe I lied before… these Hi-C juice boxes might have been the best juices ever. Especially the Ecto-Cooler flavor – slime!


Count Chocula
Count Chocula Cereal
Another cereal that can never be replaced. Count Chocula had chocolate marshmallows shaped like ghosts. Does anything more really need to be said?



Airheads are officially one of the best candies ever. And the Mystery flavor was so much fun!


Bubble Tape
Bubble Tape Gum
Gum was seriously amazing back in the ’90s. Let’s be honest. This gum had almost no flavor, but it was just so much fun to play with that it didn’t really matter.


Which was your favorite? What did we miss? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Emily

    You realize
    Baby bottle pops
    bubble gum tape
    Hi C
    Air heads
    Handi snacks
    STILL EXIST… so only less than half of these dont…

  • Jet

    About 4/5 of the things on this list are still being made… I see them all the time. o -o

  • Tommy

    We still have most of this stuff in Canada, I bought a box of Dunkaroos about an hour ago at Walmart.

  • Sophie

    Funny, where i live we have: Bubble tape, Baby bottle pop and push pops

  • adriana

    Is it weird that in Canada we pretty much still have all of these? like I take fruit gushers to school every other day and i know for a fact that my friend has boxes full of dunkaroos. all I’m saying is if you want baby bottle pops and kinder eggs(wonderballs) come to Canada

  • Robert

    Go gurts push pops, dunkaroos and bubba bubba bubble tape still exist in australia

  • charlotte

    Well all of these are obviously still stocked either with a diffrenet name or a diffrent look excepted a few.

  • tom

    you can almost get everything in europe πŸ˜€

  • Georgia

    We still have most of these in Australia :’)

  • Andrej

    Surge soda and hubba bubba still in Slovenia πŸ˜€

  • angel

    they still make most of these though…

  • malorie

    i loved the jello pudding pops. they were so good i couldnt live without them. who else?

  • jessica

    anyone else remember the blue custard that tasted like bubblegum? been trying to find the name of it.

    • KD

      Omg yum! It was the bubba bubba squeeze pop stuff! πŸ˜€

  • Melissa

    They actually still make most of these. Dunkaroos you can get from Dollar General. Gushers you can get from nearly any grocery store. Baby bottle pops you can get most places but I see tons of them at a store called five below
    Same with the push pops. Handi-snacks, And the OUch bandaids. Chupa Chups you can get at the dollar store or on amazon. The caramel apple pops you can find them by the boat load at Dollar Tree.

  • Tim

    Count Chocula still exists

    • malorie

      i know!!! so good right

  • Alan

    we still have the surge soda here in norway πŸ™‚

  • Scandinavian

    I drank Surge in Norway last summer. It’s called Urge there and the Urge Intense energy drink is also fucking yummy!

  • Justin

    they have ‘duknaroos’ at the dollar store near my house, 50 bucks if you want some.

  • Karen

    A lot of these are actually still around. Airheads, push pops, Ouch! Bubble gum (It’s no longer shaped like a band-aid, but it has the same flavors) and a few others…

  • Whitney

    Very cute blog..thanks for linking to my website πŸ™‚