What Are Stretch Marks Doing On My Body? ACK!

what are stretch marks? these are stretch marks

Not my body but kinda similar! via webmd.com

When I was 13, I broke my ankle in a terrible horseback riding incident. I was laid up in bed for two weeks and, because fate wanted to compound my misery, those were the precise 14 days when my body decided to go through a growth spurt. I grew three inches and because I wasn’t up moving around (not that that would’ve helped that much) I developed a spate of vertical stretch marks on my hips. I was horrified. HORRIFIED. I mean, really. What are stretch marks doing messing up my body?

A few months later when summer rolled around, I stayed cloistered under a towel, petrified of putting on a swimsuit and letting the world see the red, angry streaks running down my hips. I felt like you could see them from space.  And when I did have to finally slip into a bikini, I walked like a frozen penguin with my arms glued to my sides to cover up the stretch marks. Smooth, Shallon. Real smooth.

Determined to get these ghastly things off my body, I did as much research as I could. Stretch marks form when there’s a rapid growth or weight gain. Pregnant women are the most common victims since their tummies grow so fast. Ditto with bodybuilders who add muscle super quickly.

Yup, LeAnn has 'em too! via celebitchy.com

I had felt like such a freak for having them on my hips, but I learned that they can pop up on your underarms, inner thighs, boobs, biceps and butt. Even super-skinny LeAnn Rimes has them on her backside and upper hips—who knew!

Unfortunately, there’s no cure, so don’t blow your money on creams or potions that promise to get rid of them. Over time they’ll fade into a silvery white, but they will never go away completely.

The best way to avoid them is to keep skin ultra moisturized, preferably with lotions that contain Gotu Kola extract and vitamin E, but plain ol’ Lubriderm will work wonders.

I won’t sit here and tell you that I’ve learned to love my stretch marks because I still hate them, but really, they’re no big—I kept trying to take a pic of mine but I can hardly see them anymore. I’m living proof that they won’t ALWAYS look so red and noticeable–trust me. Plus, almost every single girl has at least one stretch mark somewhere on her otherwise awesome bod. Guys do too! So don’t stress about people pointing and judging because chances are, they’ve got a few of their own!


Do you have stretch marks? Have you tried to hide them or are you okay with them now? Tell me in the comments!

Now, tell me–would you date a shorter guy?

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  • Janja Kukec

    Well…. I was always a chubby kid, and the first time I got stretch marks was at the end of the 4th grade, on my hips… then, a year or two after, I got them, on my boobs, but they faded away, but these still stay red to this day, and have spread on my stomach and shoulders and inner thighs… But I don’t really feel that discouraged about it, I mean, it’s literally like a little timeline of what you’ve been through, just like some scars and stuff, because you literally start with a blank canvas, and over the years you see it getting full of memories and traits that create your story… And that’s BEAUTIFUL!

  • Roxy

    So, freshman year in college I gained approximately 25 lbs. I used to weigh 115 lbs. Summer 2011 and by Spring 2012 I weighed 140 lbs. By mid-Spring 2012 I started getting red stretch marks on my inner thighs. During puberty, I had the same red stretch marks on my butt, but those faded to silver quite quickly. However, once my inner thigh red stretch marks started coming out I became very self conscious with my body weight and figure. During the summer, I found myself restricted to wearing certain clothes and the more I hid them, the more red stretch marks I got on my hips and now waist. This experience changed my life completely. I started to become a sour patch with all my friends, in particular with my roommate. I fell for a boy that Summer and became motivated to lose weight and so I lost a lot of weight almost restored my weight to 115 lbs. Over time, the red started fading and I began to feel happier again and covered up some purple streaks that were left with makeup. However, I guess I began to feel comfortable with my boyfriend, I stopped exercising as often and regained all the stretch marks I had and perhaps even more! My experience with stretch marks has been very roller coaster like. As you might have guessed, once I regained them, I left my boyfriend because I felt he wouldn’t be able to look at me the same way and I was right, when I showed them to him, he treated me differently and I was not going to tolerate that. I have gotten fractional laser surgery on my stretch marks, which is very painful when treatment is done all over my thigh, waist and hips. Today, I try to eat healthier, drink lots of water, exercise frequently and moisturize my stretch marks at least twice a day with bio oil, cocoa butter, exfoliate 2 times a week and apply me derma every night before bed. I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING FOR TREATMENT, I HAVE PUSHED AWAY PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT ME, I AM DRIVING MY MOTHER CRAZY AND I AM NOT EMOTIONALLY WELL. HELP???

    • Jim Smith

      Dear Roxy, as this was posted over three years ago, i have no illusion this will ever get to you, what you’re doing right how, where you are in life right now, etc, but for whatever it’s worth, in 9-10 cases, I find stretch marks to actually be quite the turn-on. Yup! Maybe that makes me some kind of perv, or at least, have a different view of what turns most people on. But nevertheless, what I can tell you is that I’m not alone with this, dare I say, “fetish.” And if I were you, I’d stop being so down on yourself! I’m sure you’re a beautiful woman who’s being waayyyyy too hard on herself!

      And if you would like my professional opinion, i welcome you to send me/respond with some “neck down” pics of yourself. I’ll be happy to give you my honest opinion!

      Take care!!

  • Kaylonnie

    I had Them Ever Since I Was In 6th Grade Which Alway Upset Me But Now Im in 8th .They Are On My Breast and Side of My Thigh But Now They Are Starting to Fade Away .

  • Meghan

    I am full off them, and I hate them so much, I got them on my boobs,bum,back off knees,arms and belly, my life is literally ruined I won’t even let my boyfriend see them 🙁 I don’t know how I’m gonna even live with the things…

    • lindsey

      The !Oh honey. Let me start by saying I got pregnant when I was 19. I was tiny. I got up to my eighth month of pregnancy without a mark and whoom! I literally woke up one morning and I was covered. Boobs butt inner thighs and even on the back of my calves. I left my babies father a couple of years later. That’s another story. I thought not other man would ever be able to see me naked. I got married to a wonderful man and was scared to death he would run when he saw me naked. He tells me everyday I’m beautiful and has me believing it! He made me realize It’s not just what’s on the outside that count. I know it sounds so cliche but it s true. I am beautiful regardless of What anyone says. I’m not saying I wear a bikini anymore because I don’t. But I wear really cute bathing suits that are still incredibly flattering. I also have a very outgoing personality and people tend to like your personality more than looks. Even “beautiful” celebrities get dumped. Look at whats inside. We are all going to get old any way. Lol.

      • lindsey

        Oh and BTW I used to be like a stick. Now I have sexy curves in all the right places. My husband aIways has a field day grabbing and getting handfuls of this and that. Lol. Also when a man is looking down at you when you making love, and looks you from head to toe and says”I am so blessed. My God you are so beautiful.” While making love, It’s hot. Especially when you can see the truth burning in his eyes. I could go on and on. And my husband is extremely attractive. Only a loser would turn away a woman because of something like stretch marks.

  • Wolf1406

    I have them on my legs and hips too. They are horrible. I am the only one in the group I hang around with that has them! They have ruined my life as a teenager. I cant go swimming with my friends or wear shorts not even in my own house. I hate them so much. Any tips on how to not care about them :-/ x

    • Jess

      use medical crystals 🙂

  • Erica

    i hav them on my arms inner thighs breasts hips nd now behind my knees… needless to say im still in jeans despite the 100oF heat waves

  • nikky909

    I have strech marks on my boobs, hips, inner thighs and bum, there not very pretty lets all be honest but i use boi oil on them which helps them go less red and more white:) i have scars on my face and i use it for those aswell, aparantly its also good with un-even skin tone, my surgeon told me the key is to massage it in not to just dollop it on, just a tip for anyone with streches or scars or anything else!!:)

  • M

    I am 93 pounds & have stretch marks on my stomach. When I sit down I have rolls. Please help!

    • camille

      How tall are you? 93 pounds is small! I weigh 127. Plus, everyone has some fat. If you didn’t, that would be very unhealthy. I have stretch marks on my stomach as well, but my doctor says thats from gaining muscle.

  • Finding_Me

    I have stretch marks on my butt and I used to be so insecure about them. I learned that cute bathing suit shorts will cover them right up, but over the past year or so I’ve started to just wear my regular bikini bottoms, and stop stressing over them. I also have them on my calves, but I don’t give a care about those ones.


    hey i have streachmarks on my boobs hips and innerthigh! my bf says he dosent mind them at all they mean your curvy in all the right places! soo dont be ashamed no i dont like them but i have to live with them. i use to be so desprate about them i developed eating dissorders (im still only eating 400 calories a day) but i beat bullimia cuz i thought tht i had streachmarks meant i was a “fatty” but my bf changed all that for me! <3

  • lotsoflove

    i have them on the back of my both my knees, my hips and my boobs but i couldnt care less i used to hide them and be really embarassed but there is nothing i can do so whats the point!?! if i ever meet a guy who has a problem he can get lost hes not worth it…

  • Lila

    I have them and I don’t give a flying rat’s butt about them!

  • charl

    I have stretch marks on my sides and my thighs& bottom are full of them! I am embarrassed about them but I know there’s nothing I can do. This summer I have promised myself that I WILL wear shorts, I’m not suffering just because of peoples opinion:) to all girls who are paranoid about them, don’t worry! My boyfriend says they don’t bother him at all and my friends that are boys all said that their nothing to be ashamed of! Chin up girlies we all have the same problem atleast we are not alone on this one! 🙂

  • Megan

    I have em on my inner boobs. They somewhat bother me, but the guys don’t care. They just stare.

  • Debbie

    I would never be able to love myself, when all my friends are in tank tops i have to be the one with a t shirt. I have stretch marks on my shoulders, arms, lower back, stomach, knees, and thighs. I hate it when people compliment me on my face and how pretty not knowing how ugly and disgusting I am in the inside.

    • Finding_Me

      Sweetie, you better put some shorts on and a tank top, and go out there and rock your body!

  • Rain

    I love my body but have stretch marks on my lower hips an a little on my upper thigh and like you I also dislike them :/ but what I like to do when swimsuit season rolls around is look for a really cute bikini that have little shorts for bottoms, that way there all covered and I feel confident and beautiful

  • Kayla

    I’ve got a few that are on my inner thighs…I used to be embarrassed also to go in a bikini because of them but they have faded…or I guess “lightened” over time that now I am comfortable with how they look. Why hate my own body when its all just natural? I do have a few tiny ones on my boobs also but those I’m cool with 🙂

    • Shallon

      I think boob stretch marks are totally fine–they means your boobs grew! 🙂

      • Kayla

        Exactly :p and I don’t mind that haha!

  • jessjayhatch

    i hate my stretch marks i have them on my knees , butt , inner thighs , underarms and breast. they are horrible! i have tried everything to try and get rid of them

  • Missfiction

    i have lines on my breasts they arent stretch marks but they are like veins underneath my skin stretching out to my nipple? what are they? im embarassed to ask my mom

    • sydney

      they are stretch marks… i gottem too

      • Amr

        i used the cocunut beuttr formula stuff for pregnant women faithfully everyday about 2-3 times a day and i got to say that it didn’t really work, but i guess it depends on the person maybe. anyways, u still look good after having the baby, and honestly i don’t c any stretch marks on u.

  • Lori

    its always funny to realize what different things people get upset about when it comes to their bodies. I have stretch marks mostly across the tops of my boobs but I never thought much of them. my body still looks good to me and if I ever meet a guy who has a problem with them, then he can hit the door cuz hes an idiot…