Painted Cats: 20 Pictures You Won’t Believe

painted cats

This was not Photoshopped! | Source:

When we first heard about painted cats we expected a few bad dye jobs, but we weren’t even close to the level of actual artistry that happens when people get into painting cats! I know what you’re thinking: are the same people who bread their cats the ones who paint them? We don’t have the scientific evidence to prove this yet, but we have a sneaking suspicion. Of all the ridiculously crazythings people do to their kitties this has to be the craziest. Some of the cat painters say their cats love it, and that the paint brush feels like they’re being petted. Any way you look at it, though, these cats are looking pretty wild!

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  1. avatar frank stallone says:

    the writer of the article used the wrong “bread.” Use “bred” instead.

  2. avatar Aiku says:

    Here’s the book that they are all in. All photoshopped.

  3. avatar josh says:

    i am suddenly reminded of Alice in wonder land

  4. avatar Lame says:

    There is such thing as vegetable based dye for pets. Not abuse. But probably not comfortable

  5. avatar FDG says:

    Speaking as a professional groomer: Yes cats can sit still for this. Yes it is possible to do some of this artistry on a cat as I have seen it on both cats and dogs. Yes, a number of the photos are photoshopped, easy to tell. No it isn’t animal abuse, often the dyes used are natural with no chemicals. It’s not like they’re being held down, restrained and tortured. Cats are cats, they like the attention no matter how it comes.

  6. avatar Hates Animal Abuse says:

    It’s awful! I know most of them are photoshopped, but the real ones, awful! It’s animal abuse!

  7. avatar Gatherer says:

    OMG those cats are looking so cool and this pikachu cat is so cute I have to cry hehe I have it already as by phone background :D

  8. avatar Critic says:

    Nice photoshop work!

  9. avatar Jen says:

    Has to be photoshopped

  10. avatar AnnaHistoria says:

    I’m pretty sure most of these are photoshopped… I know for a fact at least the Pikachu one is.

  11. avatar No says:

    Half of them actually are photoshopped.

  12. avatar CptnObvious says:

    Umm, photoshop?

  13. avatar Shronkitty says:

    I have had cats all of my life and i would like to know how the artists got the cats to sit long enough for the perfect painting? Love them – the painting – but not sure the cats do.

    • avatar Philipp says:

      the cats surely not do it. i have to say that the paintings arent bad but i feel sorry for the cats. watch again on the pikachu cat you can see how bad the cat is feeling.

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