Debate Club: What Do you Do If You Hate Your BFF’s Boyfriend?

When You Hate Your Friend's Boyfriend

Ugh. What do you do now?! | Source:

Okay, so imagine your BFF starts dating a new dude that she can’t stop talking about. She’s dying for you to meet him, and you’re pretty excited to get to know the guy that she likes so much. You guys all hang out, and it only takes you a few hours to realize that you kind of… hate his guts. What the heck are you supposed to do now?

It’s one thing to hate your friend’s BF because he treats her badly. But it’s another thing when you hate him because he just isn’t the type of person you’d normally call a friend… and that makes things super awkward. How are you supposed to deal? The editors of Gurl all think different things, but we really want to know what you would do in this situation. Check out what we have to say and then tell us what you think.


Girl Not Speaking

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Julie Says: It’s None Of Your Business
Worse things have happened than an awesome girl dating a total lame-o. As long as this boo isn’t putting your girl in emotional or physical danger, their relationship really isn’t your business. So what if this guy only talks about his gluten allergy? Or this chick spends more time napping than awake? Your friend is happy! Just focus on your friend’s happiness and don’t let something temporary like a lame fling ruin the great friendship you and your girlfriend have.


Girl Talking On The Phone

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Jessica Says: Say Something Once, But That’s It
If my best friend asks me what I think of her ridiculously lame BF, I’m going to have to be a little honest with her. But if I just dislike him because of my own personal preferences, then I’ll only say something once and then let it go. If she’s really happy with him, then it doesn’t matter what I think… but at the same time, I don’t want her to feel like me and him are going to become BFFs too. She deserves to know the truth, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to shove it in her face all the time or avoid him completely.


Serena, Dan, Blair on Gossip Girl: Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Leighton Meester

Blair refused to hang with Dan when Serena dated him | Source: TalkingTV

Melanie Says: Feel Free To Avoid Him
When my friends date losers, I just avoid hanging out with them. I’ll still hang out with my friends, of course—but I try to plan “girl time” instead of couple time. That way I’m not tempted to say something mean about him or ruin her fun. It’s her business who she wants to date, but that doesn’t mean I have to spend time with him, too!


Who do you agree with? Have you ever been in this situation? Tell us in the comments.


How do you feel about relationship statuses on Facebook?

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  • Gummybear

    Yep just that my bestfriend’s boyfriend is horrible to me and her he lies to her and me but when I try to tell her she just screams at me “YOUR JUST JELOUS!” and I am so not jelous but I think I will take this info seriously

  • I

    i hate my frend right now cuz she no’s i like this guy when SHE IS GOIN OUT WITH HIM
    so she aint my friend anymore

  • Mrz. Lautner1

    My besties has a new bf, but you can tell that she is not happy with him. She asked me “what do i think of him?” But i hate him with a passion & I don’t want to loss my bff over him so what should I do???? :/

  • Gracie

    I’m in that situation right now. My bff has a bf that I CAN’T STAND! He’s always smelly and flirts with other girls. Plus, he got her grounded!! Any tips? How do I help my bestie get away from this loser?

  • mbarliey

    hey girls.. i was once in that situation.. things didn’t work out between me and the guy.. but t was for the best

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  • Heyheyhey

    I have been in this situation and he actually was causing my friend emotional harm. Emotional harm that needed months of therapy to recover from. And I had no qualms about opening my big mouth and telling her how awful he was and how she deserved so much more.

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  • Kim

    I for one wouldn’t say anything. Some of my friends kept telling and posting mean things about me and my bf on Facebook which made me very mad and we didn’t even last long. But I have to admit I have at one time tried to get my friend hook up with this other guy while she was dating this boy I believe about 5 years older then her. I did at one point say,” Please dump him and go out with that guy over there. I just don’t like the guy you are currently dating and I just don’t think you two are meant for each other.” Don’t be mean about it just be polite but if she thinks she’s “in love” with this guy then just stay quiet. Maybe he isn’t as bad as you think.

  • Missfiction

    sometimes i get jealous uz my friend has other friends and crushes and im not in the same state with her anymore and shes my only friend…… somtimes i get jealous and feel lonely…