How Much Do You Really Know About Your Vagina?


How well do you know your body? | Source:

It’s your body, but how much do you really know about it? If you think you know a thing or two (or want to learn more!) take this fun quiz all about your vagina.

If you get all seven questions right, you’ll earn the title of Down There Diva on our site, and major props from all of us!

Take the quiz–good luck!

What do you want to know about your body? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Skylinn

    I cant make myself orgasm. Like by myself. I have tried rubbing it and fingering myself and it feels really good, but i dont know if i orgasmed or not, How can i tell?

    • Alosha Ayinde

      Try using a vibrator on your clitoris. It’s actually the only thing that works for me. I can’t even orgasm during sex. Don’t worry though, it’s not unheard of. You’ll know when it’s happening because it’s starts as an indescribable sensation, and then your vagina will start contracting.

  • X

    how do you do the quiz??

  • Alexis

    I need more ways to help me get my vagina more wet on my own.
    Please help me

    • j


    • Mercury Helium

      You have to be turn on first & feel hornee