My First Time Having Sex

I did not have sex for the first time in a sexy bed like this!

I did not have sex for the first time in a sexy bed like this! | Source: undefined

So, here’s a story I don’t share that often–about my first time having sex!

My first boyfriend, Alexander, had an after school job on the ice cream truck. I went to an all girls school for middle school and high school, so I literally started dating the first cute guy who rolled through my block!

Alex was a hottie. Tall with caramel skin and a crooked smile. He seemed so much more interesting than the preppy guys that hung around my school.

My favorite thing about Alex was that he appreciated my need to take things super slow. He made me giddy even though we were just holding hands. When I was 16 we had our first kiss. It was at night outside my parents house just as I was about to rush in for curfew. He grabbed me and kissed me–with passion and tongue. It was intense.

After that, he started to tell me that whenever I was ready to have sex for the first time, he would be ready too. Then it was two months before my 18th birthday. We knew that once school ended it would be harder for me to sneak away to hang out.

He arranged for us to go to his grandmother’s house. She was out of town. He had sexy music playing already and roses for me when I got there. I was excited… and terrified. I asked him to turn off the lights and it was pitch black. I loved him so much.

Alex undressed me and then got on top of me and moved up and down a few times. Then he kissed me again. It felt good but I was waiting for something dramatic to happen. I wasn’t even sure he was inside. Then he turned on the lights and slid off the used condom. That’s it?! My first time was over before I really knew that it had started.

Are you still waiting to have sex? If you’ve already had sex, what was your first time like? Were you happy about it or was it kind of awkward like my first time having sex? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Parvat

    I hv nevr rly hd sex bt am planning to be4 th end of thc year bt am so scared

  • Babe

    I’m 15 and my friend is 17, he’s going 18 this year, and I’m going 16. We’ve been talking about having sex for my birthday, and I really want to, I’m just scared it hurts too much, or I become pregnant

  • Crystal

    Well I’m Crystal And im 16 I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and 2 months. We’ve never had and kind of sexuall intercorse besides kissing. He’s been such an amazing boyfriend and I couldn’t think of anyone better. He sends me long cute messages and things of that sort every day since we’ve started going out. On our 1year 3 month anniversary I wanna have sex but I’m just too scared. Im ready and ik everything about sex but I’m scared that it will hurt very badly. I love him and ik he loves me. We talked about having sex wen we first met and he said that whenever I was ready that he would be very careful and try not to hurt me. He said that wen I do choose to have sex he would support any decision I made no matter wat. And now I’m ready. I cherish my virginity with all I have and he knows I do. He respects me and loves me. I need help I dont know if I should give it up now or just wait a while longer and just let it happen wen it happens. HELP in just scared.

  • Dgirl

    My first time was…okay.I was 16and my bf was 19.He was trying to be “cool” so he said it was going to be quick before his famil came home…:/(shouldn’t have trusted him)Well, they cane home, he was still in there, and it was REAL fast.

  • crazygirl

    well i am 15 i turn 16 in two weeks i am so excited. i have this guy friend who i kindve like. he is 17 he is not a virgin he told me this. i however am. well i havnt had intercourse. a couple mounths back we were txting each other and somehow the topic of sex came up. we are both single but neither of us wants to get into a relationship right now he is my best guyfriend. he knows alot about me and my past. his sister also happens to be one of best friends and our moms are friends. anyways he wants to have a friends with beneifts relationship. i dont know how to feel about this. he so called volenteered to be my first and teach me tcniques for future boyfriends. so i dont know if he is being a asshole or if he is really trying to help me. but he is a guy right is he after the sex or me. if anyone has had these problems please help me bcause i dont know what to do.

  • Nikki

    I had sex yesterday with my boyfriend. We were celebrating our 1 year anniversary. It wasnt planned, he wasnt expecting it to happen, but I brought condoms because I didn’t want the time to be right and no be able to because we didn’t have protection.
    We started off just making out and he was on top of me and then he took his shirt off then I took my dress off then he took his shorts off and eventually we were both naked (it wasnt the first time we had been together naked though, we had done everything already except vaginal sex) and between each piece of clothing we were kissing each other. His hands held my neck and face and mine were on his back. After kissing for a while, he gave me oral and I came and then he came back up and we kissed more and just grinded against each other and he came. Then we just laid together cooling off (it was hot and we were sweaty). We talked a little and just joked and laughed and after we cooled down we started kissing again and he got back on top of me. I paused for a second, getting up my courage, and then I told him I was ready. He looked into my eyes and kissed me. He was about to put himself in my but I said “want to use a condom” and he looked so defeated (because he didnt bring any) but I did bring some I told him where they were. I put it on him and then we started kissing again, him on top of me, and he held himself above me and asked if I was sure and I nodded and said “just go slow” and he said “I’ll go as slow as you need me to”. He started sliding in and every bit of it was breathtaking, it was this incredible full feeling. For a second he went too fast and I just grabbed his hips and said “slower” and he said sorry and kept going. Once he was in all the way we just stayed there for a second, he didnt want to hurt me. He slid back and then in again and without even thinking about I said “it feels so good”. He went in and out a few more times and then pulled out because he was coming (just an extra safety measure). That was it. I didnt come but that didnt matter to me, I got to experience it with the guy I love and to me it was perfect and I don’t regret it at all. Afterwards we just laid together, he had his arm around me and I rested my head on his chest. My leg was draped over his. I looked at him and said “I love you” and his response was “I love you more”. After we caught our breath we realized he was still wearing the condom, so we took it off, careful not to spill, and he kept asking if I was okay, and making sure he didnt hurt me and that I was okay with the fact the we just had sex. And I was. For me, it was perfect. I dont, nor will I ever, regret choosing to give him my virginity. And I have his. Oh, and we’re both 16 by the way. So thats my story.

    • Alexis

      So perfect!! Omg!

  • monalisa

    Sex is great I guess bt shouldn’t we wait till we r married or at the age 18 gosh! Its here forever u kno!

  • Neo

    Well mu first time was with my boyfriend Crystal i was a virgin that time,he called me to his parents house and he told me he want to have sex i was suprised then i said yes then he kissed me n i enjoyed it n he knew i was a virgin he was gentle n he put it in…it hurts so much then in few minetes i started to enjoy we lasted 30min in bed it was sooo amazing

  • My name is unimportant

    Well my story was from a week ago actually. I’m 15, and my boyfriend and I got carried away, and to be honest I was curious and eager. I regret it and haven’t told anyone, I think I’m too young and it was stupid of me.

  • kgaugelo

    I’m 13 years old and I really love my boyfriend so I thinking of breaking my virginity can you please tip what to do couz I’m still young

    • unknown

      DONT DO IT
      Wait till your older,you have to value your virginity

  • Marvin orr

    My first time was with this girl name chanel i was a virgan she was not she showed me wat too do

  • Hopefully

    My first time actually just happened.. It was with my current boyfriend,
    Josh. I snuck him into my house through my backdoor.
    It was below 0 degrees. He walked 30 minutes t see me, only
    For a bit<3 we want to my basement, and made out,
    And grinded ontop of eachother for a bit. It honestly wasn't
    Bad at all. I love him. I knew that. He didn't think anything would happen,
    Because he knew I didn't want to have sex for a very long time.
    But knowing that he would walk in this weather to see me?
    It was the perfect time.. It hurt so bad when he put it in.. For the first minute it hurt
    But then it started to feel good.. He pulled out, to switch positions,
    But after that, he couldn't he get back in.:/ awkward. We tried a few times,
    But it wasn't going to fit. It was perfect though, aside from that.:p

  • india

    My first time was actually pretty amazing. The guy and I had dated once my freshman year of high school, then decided to be just friends. After a strange halloween makeout session our senior year (he had a girlfriend and we were both very drunk) we stopped hanging out. Then by chance I ran into him at orientation this year. We hit it off and after a few awkward dates he asked me to be his girlfriend. We loinist our virginity a mounth in and surprisingly with a lot of foreplay, some maroon 5, and a few candels we made love. And it was amazing. One tip however: girls, use a condom. Buying plan b is SOOO embaressing.

  • imperfection

    Well I planned to have sex with this guy I’m ready and all but he is dating my friend and she says that she is gonna break up with him soon but she never did. I had started dating him first we were on an off relationship but I want him back now. I am still a virgin and he is too, I really think that he could be the one. I had looked into all the things that can happen while having sex and I really think I’m ready. I am going to tell her about all the things that happened between he and I all the messages and so on. But now that I really think about it nobody liked him with her they all said me and him should be together even his own mom and sister said that.