I Can’t Believe He Said That

I hate him I hate him for asking can I finger youOf course when you first start dating someone new, there’s this rush and you just want to be really close to them all the time. It’s cute and flattering and fun when a guy shows how excited he is about you, but um, my first boyfriend went a little overboard a little too soon!

We were in high school and I’d only been dating him for a couple weeks. We’d just had our first kiss, and he called me that night to tell me how awesome it was. I was psyched and couldn’t stop thinking about kissing him again–that is, until he asked the most inappropriate question ever:

β€œSo, can I finger you next time?”

Woah-woah-woah! I quickly said, “Uh, NO?” and I could tell he was super embarrassed. I still don’t have any clue what he was thinking–I mean, I haven’t read any rule books that say kissing automatically leads to sticking your finger up me! I saw him again about a week later, and there was no more mention of my “down there” area. I think he got the hint!

What’s the worst thing a guy has said to you? Tell us in the comments!

You Won’t Believe What This Guy Said While Hooking Up–GROSS!

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  • indiangal

    my boyfrend and i hav been dating for 8 months now, and he wants to kiss me but i guess im not ready yet.
    He mentions this kissing stuff quite often and though even i want to (deep down sumwhere) but icant bring myself to do it….plz help what do i tell him?

    • Love4life

      You’ve been dating 8months and havent kissed? How old are you 9?

  • jay_2_sexy

    one day i was texting my boyfriend in class when i asked him if he wanted to meet me outside in the park. usually when we would meet, id sit on his lap nd we start making out nd it would lead to more things (not sex) nd i asked him does he love me he said yes. so the day i asked him if he wanted to just meet me so we could just maybe kiss a little and talk because i was on my period. he said and i quote ” oh nahh girl tell me when you off your period so we can get back to our dirty ways. talking is boring” i was so mad i need advice

    • Matilda

      He doesn’t love you! He just wants to get that v

  • Deri

    Hey everyone, umm I know that what I’m gna ask hasn’t really got anything to do with the topic, but I really really need help… My bf and I have been dating for nearly three years now and about nine months ago he told me he wasn’t over the girl he used to like , who is one of my friends, well was my friendship is nw ruined, but we’ve been fighting about for nine months now, I feel so hurt, I feel like I wasn’t good enough to get him over her, she prettier, thinner funnier and just I feel like she better than me, he said that when he told he liked her she ignored it and they continued being friends so he says he didn’t get closure on it, but eventually after all the stupid things that happen like him calling her testing and stuff… Basically he told her everything that’s been going on yesterday and she told him what I feel he already knew, that they couldn’t be more than friends… And that for him was closure… Its like he wanted another try…I’m on the verge of suicide because I’ve never felt good about myself and this just made it so much more worse … I’m sorry to bother you all, please I need help though… Thanks for reading…

  • Shannon

    I knew this one boy and after a while of dirty talking he said (and by direct quote) “I really want to lick your ass you”…. WHO EVEN FINDS THAT SEXY !!!

  • leighanne

    i seem to have guys ask for naked pics a lot and its really annoying cuz a lot of them r my good friends and it makes it weird when i c them in skool…….what can i say no but in a nice non-awkward way???

  • Gabby

    An awful pick up line.

  • Kelly

    The guy I liked for a long time were out on the golf course…. He and I were joking around and having fun when the subject of people we liked came up… We were laughing and joking about it when he asked me who I liked. I told him I couldn’t tell him. I then asked what he would say if I liked him. He said he would walk away and NEVER talk to me again. I replied good thing I dont like you…….. I went home and bawled…

    • Kellie

      Holy crap some people are a bit off aren’t they! Never mind love, better off finding that out sooner rather than later right? πŸ™‚

    • Obono

      I’M SO SORRY

  • Taylor

    Ever heard of twice bitten once shy? Seriously, the guy probably wasn’t racist just that he’d seen that happen to his brother many times. He’s being cautious. Yes, his comment was uncalled for and yes, it was rude. But, he was just stating what he’d learned from experience. And, maybe if you’d talked to him about it instead of just leaving like a ignorant child maybe you could have had a great relationship with the guy. You missed out and for that I’m sorry.

  • Madison

    Two guys at my school actually came up to me and were super rude. I was just sitting there trying to do my work and they are all like “Do you masturbate?” “Can we take turns making out with you?” “Do you swallow?” And no, i’m not the school bike. Far from it. I’m known as being a clean good girl so I was shocked. I told them “Get the fu*k away from me before I cut off your balls.” They got the hint XD.

    • Kellie

      Sounds like they were just trying to get a rise out of you πŸ™‚ Cockheads :S

  • Samantha

    My ex boyfriend would always ask me that! But he NEVER seemed to get a clue that that’s NOT my thing.. He used to go over to my house and when we would text the day before he went over he would always ask me the same question “So babe, when I go over to your house and I want to finger you, will you let me?” My answer never changed, it was always, “No, can we change the subject now?” :/ Boys are gross

  • CourtneyM17

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA that is just dumb. Seriously, no guy has the right to put any part of his body “down there” until you…tell him to XD What kind of question is that?

  • alexis

    u should have dumped him. Why will he ask that? Yal just met! Something is wrong with that boys mind. His dad needs to teach him better or his mother

    • alexis

      o yeah and in front of the whole school so that every gurl knows that he such a playa and trying to more likely go way way over the top…