The Complete Guide On How To Manicure Your Nails


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A professional manicure is one of life’s little luxuries, a (relatively) inexpensive treat, perfect for special events or days when you need a little extra pampering.

But when it comes to every day life, that $12 a week starts to add up. Save yourself the $50 a month and learn how to manicure your nails at home. Getting a professional-looking result may take a little practice, but this is one skill that will really pay off if you ever find yourself broke, bored, or needing to impress your friends or cool co-workers.
Here’s the scoop:

You’ll Need
o Nail Clippers
o Nail Polish remover
o Nail File
o Lotion or cuticle softner.
o Buffer
o Cuticle Pusher
o Cuticle Trimmer (optional)
o Bowl of warm water
o Nail polish
o Top Coat
o Base Coat

1. Remove all remaining nail polish. Trim your nails if necessary to the length you want. (When in doubt, the bolder the color you plan to paint them, the shorter the nail should be!)

2. Soak your hands for ten minutes in the bowl of warm water. Use this opportunity to meditate/try to move objects across the room using only your mind/watching the latest episode of Glee on Hulu.

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  • Nazgul K

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